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Name: Jaimee D'andria

Age: 14
Jaimee D'andria


Gender: Female

God Parent: Eros, Morpheus, Hypnos

Mortal Parent: Angelica Snowe

Appearance: Jaimee has golden blond hair that frames her face perfectly.  Her eyes are bright blue.  She is caucasian and her face has soft features.

Personality: Jaimee is a kind, caring, loving and passionate girl.  Although she is a daughter of Eros, she was raised by a devoutly Christian mother and has a few... unique ideas concerning love, the pantheon, and the world in general.  She never flirts or tries to manipulate relationships.  She is always honest and open with everyone, especially her loved ones.

History: Angelica D’andria was a young artist when her husband, Mark, died in a tragic tornado accident, leaving her and her six year old son, Marcus, alone, homeless and devastated.  Angelica was forced to give up art for a while in order to support herself and Marcus, but a year later, her life was again stable enough for her to continue painting.  Her art beared testimony of her passion and love, and this attracted the attention of Eros.  Eros went to Angelica under the guise of a rich collector at a showcase for her work.  He offered to take her to dinner and before long he was full on courting her.  But Angelica never stayed the night, nor would she allow him to, for her faith would not allow her to have such a physical relationship with a man she wasn’t married to.  Eros became frustrated with her, and decided he would simply take what he wanted.  One night he put a potion in Angelicas coffee to intoxicate her, as she only rarely drank alcohol.  Eros had her for the night, and the next morning he left, leaving a note saying he was leaving her forever.

 Angelica was devastated.  She was absolutely inconsolable, until she discovered she was pregnant.  At this news she was filled with joy, and she decided to name her new daughter Jaimee.  Two weeks after the baby was born, Eros sent Angelica a letter explaining who he was and about CHB.  He also sent a gift for the child, a silver ornate ring, the metal shaped to look like two wings of a dove, with a single ruby placed between them.  Although she didn’t believe what Eros said in the letter, Angelica kept the ring for Jaimee since it was her only gift from her father.

The next few years staid quiet and peaceful for Jaimee and her family.  When Jaimee was four, her mother remarried a man named Isaiah Snowe. He also had a daughter, Ivory, who was in between the ages of Marcus and Jaimee.  Isaiah loved both Marcus and Jaimee as his own and never favoured any of the children over the others, and the family was happy.

After Jaimee had turned six, Isaiah took a job at a software company in Oklahoma City, and the whole family moved to a neighborhood called Rivendel.  She and her siblings were raised by faithful Christian parents, and all three were home schooled by Angelica.  

When she was eight, Jaimee discovered a love for drawing and begged her mother to teach her.  Soon Jaimee was making beautiful pieces along with her mother.  

On Jaimee’s twelfth birthday, she was attacked at her party by a harpy.  No one could figure out why a random ‘pigeon’ had attacked her, but her friends and family helped her fight it off by pelting it with rocks.  Later that day, Jaimee told her mother how strange the bird had looked.  For the first time Angelica wondered if what Eros had said in his letter had been true.  She told her daughter about what had happened between herself and Eros and gave her the ring from her father.  Jaimee was crushed to find out she was only half her brothers sister, but she was glad to know the truth about her family.  

Jaimee and her family lived in peace for another year, but when she was thirteen, she ran into a dracaenae on her way home from a friends house.  Jaimee looked at the ring her father had given her, but instead she found herself holding a silver longbow with a quiver full of bronze tipped arrows on her back.  With the monster coming closer, and not knowing what else to do, Jaimee took an arrow and strung the bow.  As the dracaenae got closer, she aimed and let the arrow loose.  It flew true and embedded itself in the dracaenae’s forehead. Jaimee ran home and told her mother what had happened.  They decided to send Crimson to New York and camp, where she would be safe.

Before she could begin getting ready for camp, a tornado formed near the city.  The family fled to safety, but when they returned, their home was destroyed.  It took them a year to finally get back on their feet as a family, and by then Jaimee had forgotten all about going to Camp Halfblood.  

Just after her fourteenth birthday, Jaimee was at the mall when a chimera attacked her.  She tried to fight back, and she even killed the killed the goat head with one of her arrows, but the monster was smart and managed to knock her bow from her hands.  Just as the monster was about to kill her, Jaimee heard strange music and vines suddenly sprung from the ground to wind around the chimera.  A young man with goats hooves instead of feet was playing a set of pipes and causing the vines to entangle around the monster.  Jaimee used the distraction to grab one of the arrows from her back.  She sprang at the monster and plunge the arrow deep into the lion's neck, reducing it to golden dust.

After that, man introduced himself as Greg and told her he was a satyr and had been following her to see if she were a demigod.  Jaimee brought the satyr home and her mother decided it was time to send her to camp.  Jaimee packed her backpack and left with Greg.  They got on a bus and went straight to New York together.  When they got off the bus, they walked the rest of the way.  Just before they made it to the border, a grown hellhound attacked them both.  Jaimee used her bow while Greg used his pipes to fight the monster.  Jaimee was able to shoot it in the eye, giving them time to make it to the border and cross safely.  Jaimee was claimed by her father just after she crossed into camp.

Weapons: Jaimie has a magic ring given to her by Eros, her father.  Her ring can change into a bow and full quiver of celestial bronze arrows in times of need.

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