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Name: Jaimee Summers

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent Dante

Godly Parent: Asteria, Hecate, Nemesis


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Personality She is very reserve and quite. She is not the type of person that goes to some random house just to party. She mostly just like to stay home, and read a book. She trust only few people in life, yet she still shows amazing kindness to other people when they need help.


Parents Meeting:

Dante was a son of Ares, best know for his strength and power. This might be the reason why Asteria fell for him. One day, a celebration was held in Toronto,Canada. Dante was so drunk that when Asteria came especially for him, he wasn't able to felt the Godly presence of her. They had time to chat, but Dante didn't remember those things due to intoxication. So after some time they decided to slept with each other that night

The next day, Dante woke up in his apartment, realizing he did something with a woman. But he doesn't have the slightest idea of who the girl is. He will soon realize that he had slept with a goddess, when a one starry night, Asteria came to her apartment and told everything, the night that they had spent, and the child that they share. ASteria left, leaving a girl to her father, who he will later named as Jaimee.

Early Childhood

Jaimee grew up in Toronto in his early childhood. She wasn't the usual kind that spends her entire time hanging out in malls, but instead she stayed up in their house, reading books or watching television. One reason maybe for this action was that she knows she was different, she doesn't really know how.

She had good grades and was easily one of the top students of her class even if she encounters some difficulties in her dyslexia. But she shows no interest in any physical activities. But even so she experience bullying and discrimination from other children of her age. Maybe it was because she did not socialize more with them, or maybe it was due to the fact that they envy her in some way. But what ever the reason is, she did not take this lightly. She started to be alone, always at a corner not trusting anybody.

Monster Attack

First Monster Attack

When she was 11 years old, she was returning home from school when a small hell hound suddenly appeared. She run for her life, a good thing is that she was near her house. Her father saw her from a distance. Within a few seconds, Dante saved her daughter using his sword. The monster turned to dust as Jaimee fainted to fright.

The next day, Dante decided to clear things up yo his daughter. He told her everything from him being a son of Ares, to her being a daughter of Asteria. This cause a negative effect on Jaimee for she kept spending more time alone. Her father decided to move out so that she can have a fresh start.

Other monster attack

So they moved to Houston cause some of Dante's relative lives there. Jaimee did not adopt that fast in the new environment. But the good thing is she found a fellow demigod,Leo, whom they save when he was attacked by a monster. They became great friend and that kept them from moving out again.

She had lots of monster attack over the years. Since the first one in Houston, there had been a variety of other attacks. When he was a harpy when she was 12 years old, a Telekhines on a beach when she was 13, a hell hound when she was 14 years of age a Giant Scorpion and a harpy on two separate occasion when she was 15 years old, and a harpy again when she was 16 years old. In all of this attack, Dante was there to protect her so this attacks did not bother Jaimee.

They could have gone to camp at any point with the monster attack. They do know that the camp exist. Dante himself has been their when he was a young adult. But it was Dante's arrogance that stop them from going. He has a 'I can protect my daughter, no need for camp attitude'. And he was able to do this in his daughters 16 year's of existence, every attack she faced, he was right their, until this one time.

When she was 17 years of age, Leonard and Jaimee where walking along going to school ( they go to the same school) when a duo of Scythian Dracanae suddenly confronted them. They quickly drew of their sword, and defended themselves. They had a hard time fighting the said monster. Leo took 1 of them, while the lady fought the last one. They were overwhelmed. Not having much grip of his sword, Leo lost his when the monster attack him in the arm.

So he was left, unarmed. Jaimee got a chance to stab the Scythian Dracanae in the thoracic region, and the monster disintegrated into dust, leaving just one more.

It was a tragic fate when one of the monster land an attack on Jaimee's abdominal region, making her collapses,and leaving Leo all alone. He saw what happened to his friend and so he needed what he need to do to protect her.

When the remaining monster was ready to pounce on Jaimee, Leo jump in and tried to push it away. He grasp his sword so that he can have a great attack on it. With one sword swing, the monster vanished to ash.

Leo search Dante, and told him what had happened. Dante's working place was just about a block away. They quickly went back to the alley where the fight occur. He drove her to the nearest hospital. Investigation was set to find out what happened to her. Leo lied to them that there was a group/gang that mugged them, and Jaimee refused to give them what they want. So they attack them and hit Jaimee. Dante was coincidentally walking in that same street, and was able to fend off the group. They did not question them any further.

Going to Camp

With the severe injury that Jaimee got from the previous attack, her dad had some doubts about weather he can protect her or not. Her daughter and Leo barely survive the attack. He had a sudden realization that he is not always there for them, his training may not be the proper one. Maybe camp was the best thing for them. With much thinking, he concluded that camp is the best solution.

When Jaimee was fully recover after a month, they went there way to camp.There was no attack the way to camp. Leonard decided to tag along so he too can learn what it means to be a demigod.

She was claimed by Asteria the moment she went to camp


a sword made up of Celestial Bronze given by her father

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Nice claim :) but then there are some points to improve:

1. Why was she bullied considering the fact that she was doing well in school? Maybe just add a sentence to support this detail.

2. 1 empousa = 3-5 demigods so with just Jaimee and Leo fighting together still isn't enough even though they had been fighting monsters for years when they haven't gone to camp yet to have real training. They could have died in that moment.

3. You mentioned something about "calling" so I assumed that Leo used a phone to do this. Kindly avoid using technology since they attract monsters like WHOA! They're here again. 

I guess, that's pretty much it for now :)

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  • If her father was a demigod it is likely she would be attacked earlier than the age of twelve.
  • Due to the presence of the extra demigod in the household, she may have more than four monster attacks in four years, maybe six or seven attacks.
  • In the last monster attack you've said a few times it was an empousa. Please fix these typos
  • Just a minor thing, but fatal means that it's a killing blow. Since Jaimee doesn't die, an attack is not likely to be "fatal".
  • How long did it take for Jaimee to recover from her injury?
  • She would be claimed by Asteria immediately after arriving at camp.

I'm so sorry for the long wait in getting this checked :/

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  • Youngest age for monster attacks of minor deity kids are 11 :) not 10

Almost there! Hopefully, the admins get to this although no guarantee that it will be approved immediately since they might see some flaws in it that I wasn't able to see

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Just a couple little things, based on the godparent choice she at least needs to have a minor case of ADHD/Dyslexia, but it could be one she could possibly be able to get around, and there's only 1 Orthrus which I don't know if it would attack her. Le SandboxI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie 

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