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Name: Jake Anderson (Model: Liam Nikos)

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old (Born on July 16, 1999)

God Parent: Hermes/Ares/Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Josephine Anderson

Appearance: Jake has long dark-blonde hair slicked backed which revealed his wide forehead. His dark eyebrows are thick. His blue-gray eyes are not the same in size; the left one is bigger than the right one. He spend hours lifting barbels and practicing karate, which results to his muscular fitted body.

Personality: He is a messy person. He gets kicked out from every school he attended because of stealing things. Aside from his bad reputation, he likes to travel and discover new things. He is a mysterious and straight to the point person. He does not talk to his friends regarding his personal life. He does not befriend a person without a reason.


Parents' Meeting 16 years ago, somewhere in Boston US, at her late 20's, Josephine Anderson got a new job at a fast food chain as a waitress. She suddenly noticed that there was a man visiting back-and-forth in the fast food chain whom she fell inlove with. Not because he was good looking and all, but because of his mysterious aura. Josephine was into those types; silent but deadly. One day, she and the man got into a conversation. She found out that they had a lot in common and that the man was also into her. The man introduced himself as Jake. They met, they talked, they started going out and finally they made love.

The god spent weeks with Josephine but she still doesn't know who he really was. One day, Josephine was about to say she was pregnant but ended up telling Jake in a wrong time. Jake said he urgently need to go back to his hometown and left her with a pen. Josephine was confused where will she use this but Jake said it's for her safety. After that, Jake left her without even looking back. Josephine examined the pen and tried to uncap it. She was surprised when she saw that the pen turned into a spear with a Greek symbol on it. 9 months later, Josephine gave birth to a handsome child. She named it Jake in memory of his god parent whom she really missed.

Early Childhood As years passed, Jake started becoming stubborn. He started showing symptoms of having ADHD and so he was diagnosed when he was 7 years old. He was also diagnosed of dyslexia when he was 10 years old. He started stealing things in school which is the reason why her mother moved him school by school to avoid problems. He also starts a fight with anyone in every school bragging that he is stronger. He does not participate in class but instead he's drawing monsters on his notebook. His mother once asked him why he kept drawing monsters on his notebooks, he said that those monsters are following him everyday. His mom also questioned the half goat half man Jake drew, Jake told her that that thing appeared in his dreams often.

Jake's 11th Birthday (First Monster Attack) On Jake's 11th birthday, the first monster attacked occurred on his way home from school. When he got off the school bus, someone started chasing him. He didn't know at first that it was a monster because at first look, it was his English professor. Running away from his English professor took them to the woods. There, his professor changed into a hellhound. (He knew it was a hellhound because they had this trivia game about Greek Mythology.) He didn't know what to do then suddenly he remembered the pen his mom gave to him last night for his birthday present. He tried to uncap it  to see if it changes into something (like what he had seen in some movies). Jake was amazed for what his mom gave him. Stubborn as he is, he charged directly at the hellhound. The monster roared in fear and counterattacked Jake. Jake backed away from the monster and started running away from it. Jake then realized that he had angered the hellhound more. While running, someone shouted Jake's name, he then faced his left where he heard it.

He was shocked to see the alien goat (that's what he calls it) who appears in his dreams right before him. The alien goat corrected Jake that he is a satyr, not an alien goat. He then stopped running so did I. He started playing something on his reed pipe which I didn't recognized. As he played, vines started sprouting on the hellhound's feet and started strangling him. The satyr noticed me holding the spear, he then told me to stab the hellhound on its neck while it's still not able to move. I  charged at the monster and jumped then stabbed its neck using the spear. Then the hellhound disintegrated. The satyr told me that I was good and that he would bring me to Camp Half-Blood. I ask what that means, he said it is the only safe place for demigods like me.

I said to him that I don't believe in gods and I suspect him to be like one of those kidnappers or serial killers. The satyr laughed at me and explained why he's here. He said that once he'd found a half-blood, he would escort him or her to Camp Half-Blood. He explained things to me starting from the Titans to the demigods which I am one of. He warned me that starting now that I'm aware of me being a demigod, more and more monsters would hunt me unless I'll go to camp. I replied that I don't want to leave my mom not knowing where I was so I said to him that I'll come back to this very place when I'm 15. He said that he'll be in any place near me so that he'll be able to warn or protect me when he smell monsters.

3 Year Time Skip Honestly, I enjoyed my 3 years at school with the satyr disguised as a student to protect me from every monster. But, he said he'll be back at camp first to announce that he had found a demigod but sadly, he never came back. The satyr taught me skills on using the spear and trained me personally before he left. And, thank the gods my karate skills are still reliable for bringing down those ugly monsters. And, I've also talked to my mom about those demigod things. My mom told me I was ridiculous but I insisted on believing it. And somewhere inside me is eager to go to that place, Camp Half-Blood.

My birthday passed last week and now I'm 15. I promised myself before that when I turn at this age, I would now go to camp. Every night, I always dreamt of that satyr telling me to come now to the camp and that the other campers were excited for a new company. And now that I am here, *sighs* once again, chased by a hellhound. I spent my summer days practicing karate and also in fighting using a spear personally. I already knew some karate moves but I lost interest on it since 5th grade but now that maybe I need to learn karate, I pursued in learning it. Of course, the stories the satyr told me made me excited and want to kill more monsters. Well of course I've been chased by monsters between those years. I was able to beat them. And now that I am facing a monster again, I need to kill it or it would kill me.

Entering Camp I faced the monster and told him to sit. Silly me, of course he won't obey. I charged at its neck remembering what the satyr told me 3 years ago on how to beat the hellhound. But, its fangs blocked the way. I backed away thinking of a more reliable plan. I concentrated myself, suddenly I felt something in my gut. I felt power flowing around my body then I charged again at the hellhound. Stabbing him in its neck again and again until it disintegrated. I heard someone clapping behind the bushes, I was surprised to see the satyr again after 3 years. He said that I've changed from the last 3 years. Faster, skillful and stronger. I asked why he said that I was stronger than before, because I beat the monster without his help, he said. He once again asked me if I am now ready to enter camp, I said yes. Once I stepped inside the camp, a hologram glowed above my head. Different reactions heard from the campers. Once, I saw what was above my head. That was *insert god paren't name*'s symbol above me. And that only means one thing, he officially claimed me as his son.

Weapons: A pen when uncapped will change into a celestial bronze spear.   Ezghad (talk) 11:24, January 12, 2014 (UTC)


The god has no way to know if she'll actually bare him a child. So one he does't have to leave her right away and two there is no point in giving her a weapon and such until he's sure she has a child. Stabbing the hellhound in the eye would have killed him. There is no need for the second stabbing. It says he's 18 but this history only goes to 11, there is a huge time gap."Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" ~~ Float    Joker by NerdXV 13:50, January 12, 2014 (UTC)

I changed already parts of it. I hope it helped! :D Ezghad (talk) 10:47, January 14, 2014 (UTC)

Just an update by the way, I changed the model. Just tell me if it's already been used by someone. Ezghad (talk) 12:23, January 14, 2014 (UTC)
Oh, and another thing. I redid the history because the first one sucked. Haha. I even confused myself. So, is this okay? Ezghad (talk) 13:04, January 14, 2014 (UTC)

How did Deimos know she was pregnant when they like JUST had sex that night? There's nothing that suggests the Greek gods are all-knowing or psychic. In fact, the way Greek myths and the Percy Jackson books are written it would suggest quite the opposite. I might expect one of the gods or goddesses with a scope of the future, or prophecies to maybe know, but not Deimos, and not hours after they had sex.

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I already fixed it. Hope its okay! Just tell me if there's still something wrong. :) EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

Where did the mother got the dagger? Kindly state how exactly the mom got the dagger and gave it to Jake.

Chouettes-10The problem with some people... is that they exist! ☽Mathemagician☾

There I changed it. Are there anything else wrong? :3 EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

He hasn't left camp since the age 11?

Cloudsies Riri ye ye ye 10,486Cloudsies

No, no. He never came to camp when he was 11 of age. He pursued his studies with the satyr guarding him for only a couple of weeks and went back to camp. He trained himself personally for 3 years (including the school years). And, when he is 15, he went to camp along with the satyr. he went to camp all by himself. EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

What Ri meant was if he never left home for camo since 11? Also, as Hades as the first god parent choice, wouldn't he be attacked more frequently? And it's a danger. Remember what Reyna and Annabeth said? 15's largely close to 16 fending off by himself with a satyr -- it's not enough.

Chouettes-10The problem with some people... is that they exist! ☽Mathemagician☾

Oh, sorry about that. It was supposed to be Ares or Hephaestus only. Haven't changed it when I redid the history. And, the satyr didn't stay with Jake his whole years. The satyr left and went to camp after a couple of weeks with Jake to announce that he had found a demigod. While the satyr was away, Jake trained by himself all those years but still went to school. When he was 15 that's when he decided to come back to camp without the satyr proctecting him because he already trained for 3 years. Monsters often appear through those years and he can easily beat those monsters regarding that those monsters are really easy to beat. He isn't a son of one of the big 3, so hard to beat monster don't show up to him. EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

Then change the order of preference :) as for the training, did he went to a school for swordsfight or...? But still, Ares and Hephaestus children can attract a lot of monsters too.

Chouettes-10The problem with some people... is that they exist! ☽Mathemagician☾

Oh no, he didn't attent swordfighting school slash training. He just trained like as said above he is into karate. So, he trained karate as much as he don't like it because the satyr warned him that monster will appear and fight him now and then. He also is used in using the short dagger his mom gave him. He used it before to start a fight with delinquent people he doesn't know. He also used it in stealing things like scaring of people to give him the thing he wanted. And, he use the spear for fighting as said in the scene he fought the hellhound when he was 11 on the way to camp but hesitated to enter camp. EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

Better, though it will be the word of my colleagues that will be the final decision. ~Moodle: Vero Domine?!.

Six years old is waaaay to young to be diagnosed with ADHD. Most kids are hyper and inattentive at six. "Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" ~~ Float    Joker by NerdXV 15:37, January 19, 2014 (UTC)

Since 6 is too young, I made it 7. Any more errors? :D EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

I'd be a little more specific about the monster attacks between 12 and 15, you don't need a boat load cuz if you insinuate there were tons that's unrealistic he's survive them all without any real training. But being too vague leaves too much room for that as well.

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The satyr personally trained Jake before he left. Is is okay? Or, should I still change some of the history? EzghadHeartSig"If my life is going to mean anything,  I have to live it myself."  —EzEzghadHeartSig 

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