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Name:Jake Blackwell

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Emily Blackwell

Appearance: wears black or grey, has black hair and brown eyes (almost black), always wears jeans, is never seen without his sweatshirt.

Personality: shy, very closed unless trusts the person explicitly. He does not make friends well but has a very large craving for romance. Has an unhealthy obsession with cats, Lo Mein, and writing (which is the thing his mom loved to do, and keeps him conected to her).

History: Parents: Since she was young, Emily Blackwell wanted to be a writer. She writes not to be famous or to have money but to release all the darkness of her past and her feelings at the present. The young Emily grew up in a broken home and when her dad remarried, her stepmom maltreated her. Without apparent reason, her stepmother would hit or yell at her and showers her with abuses when she commit small mistakes. The pain of bearing everything herself made her negative and desolate, but when she discovered the power of writing, she felt a bit more normal again and she started fitting in again.</p>

                At the age of 24, she already published best-selling novels with dark themes revolving around death, sickness and suffering. Her readers felt the genuineness of her pain but because she maintains a mysterious persona, no one knew where she drew her inspiration. One evening, during the release of her latest novel, a guy in black suit approached her. He possessed an air of regality and darkness, traits that drew the young novelist to the mysterious handsome man.

                The stranger told her that he was a huge fan and that he wants to get his copy signed. When Emily flipped the cover page, a note is tucked there. The note said that the guy’s name was Alejandro and when she glanced to look at him, he was smiling, the smile making his aura more mysterious. Drawn to the guy, she talked with him and, surprisingly, she didn’t feel awkward towards Alejandro, unlike the other guys she met.

                Everytime she will have an event, Alejandro would be there afterwards and they’ll have dinner together or just sit barefooted on balconies, staring at the stars above. Eventually, the attraction grew stronger and something happened between them, a night of sharing passions and desires.

                When she woke up in the morning, Alejandro was gone with no notes and no notice. On her next book event, she asked her best friend if she saw the guy in the black suit she was with. Her best friend shrugged, saying she didn’t remember her hanging out with a guy in suit.

                Confusion enveloped her. Her life became more complicated when she found out she was pregnant and so she wrote a new novel and she was able to finish it before she gave birth. During her pregnancy, she felt nothing but bitterness towards the child she’s carrying because she felt that its existence was a huge mistake. The next morning after she finished her novel, she noticed a note, similar to the one Alejandro showed her, on top of the manuscript. The note revealed that Alejandro was actually Hades, the god of the underworld. He apologized for not being there and that he couldn’t be there because he was forbidden to do so. He also revealed that he loved her and she should love the child all she can. Emily was dumbfounded, realizing that the child was no mistake but a fruit of love. When she gave birth to the child, she had severe hemorrhage after the delivery and the doctors were not able to save her. The child, whom Emily named Jake before she expired, was sent to the care of Emily’s Aunt Lucilla.

first monster attack: one day he was going into the woods like every other day. He went a bit too deep than he should have, but he wasn't thinking. That's when he heard the rustle. His heart started poundi and he froze, and tried to convinve himself it was a squirrel. That's when a hellhound bounded out of the brush and leapt towards him. He rolled out of the way just in time, and the hellhound sailed past and hit a tree. While it was dazed, he sprinted back to the house.

Family life: his aunt died when he was 8, and he was forced into a foster home in Connecticut. He loved writing and made a profit from the other kids who bought his stories, which he saved for a certain plan he had. He often stole a knife from the kitchen and went out into the woods behind the house to practice. he was often scared of the woods, and didn't go too deep. He stopped going in altogether when the monster attack happened.

Life on the road: armed with a silver knife and the clothes on his back and the money he saved up, he ran away at the age of 13, in late july. He hunted for his own food, and stole from markets. He slowly headed his way down south. His run away life abruptly ended a week after it started when he was attacked by a hellhound. He used his knife, to no avail. He managed to dodge the hound and dashed through the woods, coming upon a beach. He saw what looked like a campsite. He quickly sprinted towards it. The helhound burst out of the woods, and he tripped. "Stupid movie stereotypes" he thought. He cursed himself for being just like a horror movie character when the helhound hit some sort of wal and stopped.

Monster Attacks: the first "attack" was mentioned above in Family Life, and that was when he was 11. When he was twelve he had an encounter with a stymphalian bird who got separated from the flock. When he was 13 and on the run, he was attacked by a hellhound, mentioned in the paragraph above this.

As of current, he's been at camp for half a week. He has no friends and rarely talks to anyone. He spends a lot of time alone or practicing with his knives, which he obtained from the weapon shed. He was claimed the second night at camp at the Bonfire.

Weapons: dual hunting knives (one is silver, one is celestial bronze), his sweatshirt is a flexible and light breastplate, and he has a sword that is always on his back when he calls on it

Jake Blackwell (talk) 13:52, September 22, 2015 (UTC)


ok hey there jake looks like I got to check your claim soo lets start shall we??

  • Erebus isnt a cabin god soo I need to ask you to change sorry (he can be a Broken Covenant char but thats another issue
  • how did the parents meet? cause I know I told you to make it short but dont miss out on the important details like the parents meeting please
  • one demigod cant kill a lycon sorry (here's proof Lycon)
  • how was it possible that he lived on the road for so long?? like remember on the road means more monster to fight and not all are easy fights
  • there's this rule here where a character cant be on camp for more than 2 weeks as there's this metagaming thing. The metagaming is a coined term here where a character knows something he or she shouldn't you know? soo yeah change it please
  • how did he get the weapons?? please explain??

thats all the problem I see... for now hope to see you again :) Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

Alright, i fixed all of these issues :) Oh, and this is a problem with my misunderstanding, but how is more than 2 weeks metagaming?

Jake Blackwell (talk) 13:32, September 24, 2015 (UTC)

Hi Jake! I'll check your claim!

  • Okay,so having a first attack at the age of 15—turning 16, even—is too late, especially for a son of the Big Three. It should be between probably 11-12, though you can make it later with teh right explanation.
  • Staying at camp when still unclaimed for more than two weeks is considered metagaming, since the roleplay is also applying some real-life situations, there are other characters there around. Staying longer than that two weeks kinda destroys the routine of the life of the roleplaying area. (Also, I suggest you remove the part where he is a 'year-rounder'. Staying half a week would be good.)

So, yeah, those are things I've seen needed to be fixed. See you again!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

  • Please elaborate on the god parent and mortal parent meeting paragraph. You should include about how Hades and Emily fell in love, the conceiving of the child, and Hades' leaving.
  • From my knowledge, Hades creating a screen over Jake's house to nullify his demigod scent would be considered direct interference with the demigod's life.
    • Children of the big three gods must have their first monster attack between the ages of 8 to 11. The first monster attack needs to be described and explained, but any subsequent monster attacks can be simply stated/summarized.
  • Why had one of the hunters of Artemis knocked Jake out? The hunters of Artemis would probably explain to Jake the situation instead of using brute force.

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---GrieverEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever

Aloha Jake! Waving Animated Your claim's looking pretty dang awesome so far, and I just have one teensy suggestion about it:

  • If Jake got to camp when he was 13, and if he was bullied as a freshman at age 14, then it wouldn't have happened yet xD

Some things I really like about your claim are Jake's "movie stereotypes" quip and the way his parents met! But oh my galoshes death by hemorrhage DDDDDD:

That's it for now! Best of luck getting claimed!

  • Orphanages are no longer being used in the United States, they have been replaced by social services, adoption, and foster care.
  • The first monster attack is required to be describe/explained with some detail, so please expand on the hellhound encounter (the one in the family life paragraph).
  • A giant could refer to both a Laistrygonian or a Hyperborean Giant. Both are extremely difficult monsters for an untrained/semi-trained demigod and a satyr as they require at least 4 demigods and at least 5 demigods to kill respectively. So perhaps change it to a light difficult monster.
  • What happened after the satyr helped Jake during the monster encounter at the age of 12? Based on the history it seems that the satyr just left Jake to be, but a satyr wouldn't just leave a demigod since it is their main priority to bring demigods to camp.

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---GrieverEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever

Fixed :) Jake Blackwell (talk) 12:31, October 13, 2015 (UTC)

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