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Name: Jake Plante

Gender: Male

God Parent: Dionysus

Mortal Parent: Rhapsody Plante

Appearance: 5'7 brown hair , blue eyes, lean with some muscle, red nose, glasses

Personality: Fun and quirky, can always make someone smile, self doubting, anxious, sometimes shy but opens up easily

History: Born in New hampshire and moved to a small town with the hopes that he wouldnt be discovered in life, that was until he was attacked outside his home by a small flock of stymphalian birds he was able to deafeat them after the grass around his feet grew imensly and whiped the birds. His mother then confessed to him what he really was and sent him to camp knowing he'll be safe there

Weapons: Magic battle axe- a gift from his father the bracelets he where on his wirst both double as a fashion statement of a double bladed celestial bronze battle axe.


Hey there! I'm Flopfish3, a recently returned claim worker on the wiki, and I'll be helping you set up your character. There's a few more things you'll have to add in order to get Jake to wiki standards:

  • How did Rhapsody (cool name btw) and Dionysus meet, fall in love, etc. ?
  • What was Jake's early childhood like? About a paragraph total will do.
  • What/when was his first monster attack? For the monster, please choose one from the easy section here. Include a paragraph or two about this.
  • How old was he at the time of the attack?
  • How old was he when he got to camp?
  • How did he obtain his weaponry?


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