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James Beautrix



God Parent:


Mortal Parent:

Victoria Beautrix


younger sister - Amora Beautrix
Hephaestus Cabin

Current Age:

August 2nd, 2001


short brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin

Face claim:

Dominic Harrison


puts the hyper in ADHD, will never put down his tools unless there’s a good reason for him to, and is always happy


Born in London, England; Victoria Beautrix grew up herself as a demigod. She was a child of Aetna, and used her abilities during the Vietnam war after she moved to the United States. She met Hephaestus at a bar twenty years after the war ended and he was immediately entranced by her black locks and golden eyes. He invited Victoria up to his room and she initially declined, saying that she would rather get to know someone before going anywhere with them. After hours of both Hephaestus and Victoria talking, Hephaestus asked again, Victoria finally accepting his offer and making their way up to his room.
When Victoria found out she was pregnant, she knew the deal. Hephaestus couldn’t stay. He had told her who he was when she was in his hotel room. She had sworn on the River Styx to keep the child inside of her safe. So, she packed up her bags and moved to Dorchester. She took shelter with the homeless and soon their smells overpowered hers and the child inside of her. When she started feeling contractions, she had to go to the homeless shelter and give birth there, immediately moving to a small town outside of Dorchester and bought a house, always having strong incense burning to hide her identity. Victoria loved James, but unfortunately the incense wasn’t enough and she had to get a low-life boyfriend who was constantly drunk and on drugs. Hopefully his stench would cover their smells, and it did.
James grew up abused, unfortunately. But not by his mother, by his step-father. James was always tinkering with toys and that just made his step-father horribly angry. When James’ baby sister came along, the abuse fortunately slowed. Victoria had taught her children how to defend themselves at a young age, so that in case their combined smell got stronger then they could defend themselves. Victoria had given her son a Steel Bow and some Celestial Bronze arrows. Of course, James being a child of Hephaestus, he modified his bow and added some enhancements such as a hidden compartment so he could hide smoke bombs. Victoria had also given her son a 9” Celestial Bronze Dagger as well so he could defend himself against anything close-up.
Victoria had told both of her children of who their fathers were when Amora was eight, making James ten years old when he was told. Amora being a smart child, had her suspicions that her family wasn’t normal already. James couldn’t believe it at first, until Victoria had told him the story of how she and his father first met. Victoria also told her children about her being a demigod as well, but as soon as she mentioned who her mother was, a mild earthquake happened and Victoria smiled. “That was my mother saying hello,” She had told her children and given them both bracelets allowing them to contact each other and Victoria.
Their first monster attack came a month after they had found out they were demigods. James and Amora were walking home from school when a fire breathing horse attacked them. James always had his dagger on his belt, so he quickly grabbed it and set in motion to kill this monster. Amora pushed the button on her bracelet that would alert her mother as she grabbed snowballs and started hurling them at the horse. Fortunately, one of Amora’s snowballs got lodged in the horse’s mouth and stunned it. James had snuck up to the monster and slashed the horses throat after that, leaving it too late for their mother to come help when she came running up the street to see her two children and a slaughtered horse in the middle of the sidewalk. She took her children home and congratulated them, noting how it was their first monster attack and they defeated it without using any of their powers.
After what seemed to be the hundredth monster attack in seven years, Victoria decided it was time for her children to go camp. She luckily had remembered where Camp Half-Blood was and brought her children there, where James got claimed by Hephaestus as soon as he set foot inside of the camp.


bracelet that can contact his mother and sister (sort of technology but doesn’t use the same frequencies that phones use)
grandfather’s world war II army jacket
promise ring that his sister gave him, saying that they would always be together


self-modified steel bow
celestial bronze arrows
smoke bombs
9” celestial bronze dagger

Venomrunaway (talk) 13:50, February 14, 2019 (UTC)


You’ve got a great claim going so far! Just a few note I’d like to make

  • Celestial bronze is the only metal fatal to Greek monsters, therefore, the Steele dagger James used to defeat the the horse wouldn’t be plausible.
  • What age was James when he arrived at camp? Based of what I’m reading in your history, he arrived just before he was 13 and if that’s so then you must know that a character can not have been at camp for more then two weeks prior to being claimed. I say this only because I noticed his stated age at the top of the claim says 17.
  • on the same subject as the note before, if you’d still like for him to be 17 then you’d have to extend the history or, you can simply drop his age to match his history

That’s all for now and thank you for submits claim, hope to see you around!

MuseSig Why does it always rain the hardest,on the ones who deserve the sun

Hi, sorry about the delay in following up with your claim, it looks to be pretty good aside from a few things!

  • I think an earlier first monster attack might be warranted in this situation since James lives with two other other demigods (his sister and his mother whose scent is at its peak). Usually, a mortal's horrible body odor is good for masking a single demigod's scent (like with Percy), but any more demigods and it becomes exponentially less overpowering.
  • I love the creative use of the environment, but I'm not quite sure how a snowball would get stuck in a fire-breathing horse's mouth or how it would stop it from breathing fire from its nostril (any snow would probably melt instantly).

OhWellOh well, karma's a bitch! KMØKarma'sABitch

Hey, just a few things that I personally noticed, both pretty small.

  • Not to much of a deal (which means you don’t have to change it if you don’t want) but England never really fought in the Vietnam War so yeah
  • How does the bracelet his mother gave him work, cause of how I read it, it kind of sounds like a form of technology and with two or three demigods around, tech wouldn’t work so well

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Super sorry about that huge wait for an update! I noticed that other workers had already hopped on here and expected that this would've been taken care of in short order by one of them, but.... :( Very sorry about that. Regarding James's earlier comment, demigods don't actually interfere with technology, so the bracelet is fine. The only issue is that communication technology carries a bit of a risk since monsters can detect demigods when they broadcast their voices/use the internet/etc.. As long as you're aware of that danger, everything here checks out. Sorry again for the wait!

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