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Name: James Graecus

Gender: Male

God Parent: Iris

Current Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Michael Graecus

Appearance: Blonde hair, colour-changing eyes (If not allowed, dark blue), strong (but not like, OTT), handsome.

Can usually be found with his pet gecko, Gek, around his ear. (Only if Gek is passed)

Personality: Around new people, James is rather shy, however, once you get to know him he is very expressive and not afraid to speak his mind. Many people think he is a wimp, but in battle, he is not afraid to leap into combat, though he can be reckless. James isn’t usually stumped for monster facts like some other demigods because his father made him study his Greek mythology, so he knows about most monsters and gods.

History: In 1999 Michael was looking at a rainbow from the top of the Eiffel Tower on vacation when a woman slid up next to him and started talking with him. They got to know each other and suffice to say, 5 months later, James turned up on the doorstep of Michael's In the cradle was also an envelope containing a letter explaining the lady's identity as the goddess Iris.The letter also gave him instructions that when James began to manifest that they should move to Long Island, as well as telling him what was there. In the envelope, there was also 2 rings on a tag that read:

"These are for Jason. Give them to him on his fourth birthday. If he becomes the person I hope he does then he will find out how to use them."

Michael was skeptical at first, not because he didn't think there were Greek gods, he was clear-sighted, but because he couldn't believe a god would have any interest in him. He kept the rings in a wood box until James's fourth birthday. In the time between, Michael's interior decorating company went downhill to the point as a joke he would ask his three-year-old toddler to pick the colors. One time he gave the colors James chose a try and ended up with a 5-star review. He started asking Jason for the colors more until his company got out of debt and was at a reasonably steady rate of customers, meaning the company was at a level state of pay. 

On his 4th birthday, he was given the rings, and his father put them on him. As soon as they touched his skin they glowed, and then returned to their usual color. He went out into the backyard and clinked the rings together, transforming them into their real states as a shield and a sword. He screamed in shock and tried to shake them off, but they stayed on. He tried letting them go, but they just hovered in front of his hands. Eventually, once he'd calmed down, he told them to go away, and they turned back into rings. His father witnessed all this and realized that James's mother really was Iris.

The next day, when James went to school, he told his teacher about it. His teacher smiled and said was a good story, and went back to teaching the class. He then told some of his friends, but they laughed and said he was lying. That day, he told his father about their reactions his father warned him to never tell anyone about it because it was a secret.

The week after he moved them to a Long Island apartment, following Iris's directions. However, he did not tell James the reason for the move.

In the 4 years after that James spent most of his time training with his weapons and improving his strength. By the time he was 8 he was stronger than the average 10-year-old, and quicker too. On his 9th birthday, Iris sent him a gecko which he named Gek. He woke up in the middle of the night with Gek next to his pillow and was originally going to scream, but Gek curled up around his ear and bonded with him. James immediately felt reassured and went back to sleep. Iris also sent him a book of Greek mythology that he spent a year studying. When he was ten he finally worked out the identity of his mother, and that's when the monsters started coming.

At first, his scent was weak, and his first encounter with a monster was when he was 11, it was a lone telekhine. It was wielding a dagger. He raised himself into a guard position. It attempted to jump over his shield, to stab him in the face. Shifting his footing, he drove the blade through its chest. The telekhine's screams attracted his friends, and two more telekines came. One of them had a sword, and the other, a club. The one with the club tried to brain him, but he blocked with his shield, before spinning and kicking him in the side. The one with the sword hesitated, then started to attack James. After parrying it blows a few times he slammed the telekhine in the face with his shield.

Slowly his scent grew stronger, but so did he, and by the time he was 14 he had successfully fought off the rest of the telekhine pack, and two giant scorpions. When he finally met some foes he couldn't handle, a pack of hellhounds, he started wishing for help and he accidentally sent an Iris-message to camp. The people at camp showed him the way and he made it in the nick of time. Shirt smoldering, he collapsed when he crossed the border, a rainbow shining brightly above his head.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Rainbow Sword (Turns into ring when not in use),


Celestial Bronze Rainbow Sword (Not sure if its allowed, tell me if it's not)

Celestial Bronze Rainbow Shield (Turns into ring when not in use)

TheLordOfTime123 (talk) 15:21, January 23, 2017 (UTC)


Celestial Bronze Rainbow Shield (Again, not quite sure if this is allowed)


Hello there! Please have your claim finished before or on the 29th of January. If within that week you haven't finished it, this will be subjected to deletion. If you have any questions, please just contact me. Thank you!


Ive finished.

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The rings they turn into

Note: As stated in the comment above, this claim is no longer a WIP

Hellothere new user c: Welcome to the Wiki! Now on to my comments

  • Goddess' don't go through the same time length for pregnancies as mortal women. Instead they are only pregnant for about 4-5 months.
  • In my personal opinion, i find it a tad bit unrealistic that a 4-year-old was able to even hold up the shield and sword, much less that he would be able to train himself with the weapons and be better than as you put it "The average 12-year-old".
  • Can you please state the exact age he was attacked? I assume it was at the age of 10? but again I'm just assuming and can't be completely sure
  • Expanding on the first monster attack, how was he able to defeat 5 telkehines? Even if he did train by himself for years, he could only go so far in his training without help from anyone with actual experience. Even demigods with training straight from camp would have a hard time defeating that many monsters at once - even easy leveled monsters. just the amount would probably overwhelm one person.

For now i'll leave those note.

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Hey Musician, thanks for the feedback, ive sort of nerfed him a bit now, so it's only three telekhines, and I went into more detail.

I've also corrected the pregnancy period time and specified how old he was.

In regards to how he could hold them, part of the enchantment is the sword and shield grow with him, so it would have been a perfect balance, weight, size, for him. Hope that answers your comments.

TheLordOfTime123 (talk) 19:59, January 23, 2017 (UTC)

Hey There again c: 

  • What age did he get to camp? From the way you worded things i would assume 14 but, at the top of your claim it states that he is currently 17. Did he stay at camp for  years? if so then sadly that is not allowed. An unclaimed character can only be at camp, prior to being claimed, for a maximum of two weeks.
  • As stated on the monster encyclopedia, lesser chimera's roam around Greece - more specifically in the labyrinth of Crete. Unless James lives in Greece, the chances of him encountering a chimera would be very very slim.
  • I'm not sure if you have already stated it in your claim but, where does James live? I only ask because it seem as if james runs to camp while being attacked by the chimera and even if he lived in New York already, camp is still pretty deep in long island. Definitely not running distance especially with a monster running after you.

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In answer to your questions, I've edited it to explain the answer to all that stuff. However im not quite sure whether hellhounds hunt in packs or not, because it says that it is like a bloodhound so I'm not quite sure. Thanks again, TheLordOfTime123 (talk) 11:20, January 24, 2017 (UTC)

Note to Claimer: Hellhounds have no power over fire so his shirt wouldn't exactly be smoldering, unless he ran through a burning house or something. I realize this is probably just a part you left from the chimera attack and isn't really major enough to leave an actual comment and not claim this character. Just be sure to remove that part when making his page c:

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