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Name: James Spall

Age: 13

Gender: male

God Parent: Poseidon, Athena, Notus

Mortal Parent: Ben Spall or Amy Spall

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes(grey if Athena), 1.7 meter,56kg
James Spall

personality: James is most of the time pretty relaxed and unpredictable. James can sarcastic most of the time when he is around people he doesn't really know. When people get to know him, he can be pretty friendly and a very nice person.

History:Amy was a marine biologist. She worked in a aquarium on the east coast of Australia. One day, she saw a tall dark haired, blue eyed man that was very interested with the dolphins. she approached, they started talking. Poseidon told Amy if they ever had any children she would have to take them to Camp Half-Blood after there first monster attack Soon they started dating, then a few months later James was born in Australia. James spent most his childhood either in the water, at school or with his mum at the aquarium. The first monster James had to fight was at the age of thirteen and was a hellhound.During the first few weeks of summer, James was going to the beach for a surf, then he saw a huge, black dog on the other side of road going through the rubbish. Then all of a sudden, the hellhound turned towards him and ran at him. So James chucked his surfboard in the bush and ran. The hellhound chased him all the way to the beach. James had to hid behind a sand dune to get away from it for a few seconds. When some of the sand sifted and he saw a pen in the dune. He grabbed it and wounded if it have any ink in it so he took the cap off and the pen turned into and sword. It said tsounámi on it and he some how he understood what it said. As soon as he uncapped the sword the hellhound came his way and his instinct kicked in and he swung the sword and cut the hellhound in half. When he cut the hellhound it turned into yellow dust. When he got home, he told his mum all about what just happened to him. His mum said nothing in till he finished his story and said "Pack your bag we are going on the first plane to New York". On the plane James asked why they are going to New York but the only thing she said is " Not here. I will tell you when we are there". When they arrived they rented a car and drove to Long Island where she told him he was a demigod and drop him off at camp half-blood

Weapons: sword called tsounámi (tsunami), can turn into a wallet

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This needs a lot of work, please read our guide to getting started before you continue with this history.

  Slay ~ Avin  (talk)  20:14,2/11/2015   0  

Ok, I really recomend you seriously take the time to read guide to getting started specifically the claiming section, where it explains what you need to have here. Until then, there isn't a claim I can check...

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hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say this is a huge improvement from the previous one thank you for taking the words of other claimer into account of your history :)

still there is still a few flaw before this is claim worthy

  • please elaborate on the personality at least 4 sentences please it is a requirement here (sorry)
  • please elaborate more on the early history prior to when he was 13 (like where he went to school how he was raised etc etc)
  • how did the mom know about camp? Is she a demigod? did poseidon told her about camp? please elaborate on that?

thats all the problem I see for now I hope you can do the changes :)

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 14:33, February 18, 2015 (UTC)

Okay. This took some time, and I'm sorry for that, but:

  • Hellhounds can track people anywhere, and will not stop until they either die, or kill their prey.
  • Change what the pen-sword does, but you can keep the name.
  • Balance this claim out into a few paragraphs, no one will work on it if it is just a huge lump.
  • A person can't just pick up a sword, with not aforementioned training, and "know" what to do.
  • You might want to try and add a few more weapons, 1 weapon will not stop everything.
  • On the way to camp, monsters WILL attack him, as their main job is to stop campers from getting to camp.

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