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Name:  Jameson O'Hara

Jameson O'Hara

Gender:  Male

God Parent:  Apate, Nemesis, Eris

Mortal Parent:  Kevin O'Hara

Appearance:  Jameson has straight brown hair that he really couldn’t care less about.  It’s uncommon for him to look at it before he leaves his cabin in the morning, let alone brush it.  His nose is just a little too big for his face.  It’s a feature that is accentuated by his small, light brown eyes and thin lips.  Considering the fact that Jameson has such a hard time even determining if everything he sees at camp is even real, he smiles more than one would expect.  He has never been particularly tall and only stands about five feet three inches.  But its five foot three of pretty much just skin and bones.  Jameson hasn’t had real food in ages.  And he doesn’t see the point on eating any more boarding school or hospital food than absolutely necessary.  Jameson uses his clothing to underline the differences between himself and his father.  Where Kevin O’Hara insists upon always wearing fancy schmancy suits and ties, Jameson picks his wardrobe to be comfortable.  It consists mainly of flannel shirts and jeans.  Jameson also almost completely refuses to wear shoes of any kind, so his boney feet are calloused  from walking around barefoot. 

Personality:  Despite being a child of the goddess of deception, Jameson has a whole lot of trouble distinguishing his imagination from reality.  This is rooted in father’s verbal abuse and the fact that it has been pounded into Jameson’s head for years that he is crazy and cannot trust anything he sees.  Therefore, he is an incredibly paranoid young man.  His recent experience with the Karpoi only exacerbated O’Hara’s almost indebilitating paranoia.  He is convinced that either all of Camp Half Blood is one of his delusions, or another monster attack is right around the corner. 

Jameson O’Hara is an adept puppeteer of people.  In his years at boarding schools, he realized the power of manipulation and taught himself the arts of ventriloquism and conversational hypnosis.  He has no shame in using people to get what he wants and is not only capable of bending peoples will and playing to their fears, but excited to do so.  In Jameson’s mind, the weak willed deserve to be damned to aid those who can manipulate them.

The guy has a serious soft spot by those who are mistreated by large groups and people who are thought to be insane.  As a victim of really bad bullying in the past and someone suffering what he believes is a severe form of schizophrenia, Jameson would not dream of harming any of these unfortunate people.  On his more benevolent days, he would even act as a vigilante, treating thugs who hurt such individuals to ferocious mind games and public humiliation.

Even though he thinks he’s mad as a hatter, Jameson knows that he is very intelligent.  He works tirelessly to improve his skills in manipulation and really anything he puts his mind to.  He loves to read and whittle in his free time.  He demands and expects perfection in himself and in his mind can only be stalled in his conquests by his mental illness and excruciating chronic headaches. History:  Kevin O’Hara was and still is the scumbag of the year.  He was working as a corporate bulldog attorney who defended clients whose products were obviously dangerous.  It was pretty much his job to convince judges and juries that these unsafe products were ok to use to keep his company from losing any money.  He was good at his job.  That had to be why Apate was attracted to him.  Only she could like such a treacherous snake and tricky kind of guy.  She posed as a law clerk and within a few days of knowing each other, O’Hara was cheating on his wife, Judy, with the disguised Apate.  It wasn’t long before they both realized that they had conceived a child.  In an attempt to hide his infidelity, Kevin pled with Apate to hide the baby or even kill him, but she refused.  Instead, she used her powers of manipulation to force O’Hara to swear on the River Styx that he would take care of his son.  So when Jameson finally arrived, his father begrudgingly let him into his home to protect his slithering little life. 

While Kevin O’Hara did keep his promise to Apate, he did so by doing the absolute minimum to care for his son.  Both Kevin and Judy were preoccupied with their mortal children, Shane and Patrick to really be supportive of Jameson.  Shane and Patrick quickly grew to be bigger and stronger than their younger half-brother and they took great pleasure in beating him up to “show him whose boss.”  Mr. and Mrs. O’Hara turned a blind eye to the physical attacks on Jameson and even added insult to injury by encouraging their sons to gang up on the scrawnier, illegitimate family member. It took a harsh warning from Apate that Kevin was failing to uphold his oath to rescue Jameson from the unsafe environment.  By the time Jameson was eight, he was shipped off to boarding school. 

In boarding school, Jameson learned the importance of manipulation and began to fine tune his ventriloquism, hypnosis, and persuasion skills.  He also took up whittling.  But it seemed like trouble always followed the poor kid.  From one school, he was caught stealing answers for a test and was expelled.  From another he hacked the computer system to eliminate another students records and accidentally ended up deleting his own files, resulting in his removal from the school.  But as quickly as he was kicked out of boarding schools, his father found more for him to attend.  But when Jameson was eleven, he transformed from just being a nuisance to his family to being a danger to himself and others. 

He was minding his own  business, studying in his dormitory and eating a bowl of cereal when he claimed he was attacked by a small group of corn goblins.  The Karpoi attempted to kill him, but he managed to avoid them by standing on a stack of books in the middle of the room.  When his roommate returned to the room, he said he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary except that the dorm had been trashed and a terrified Jameson was cowering on a tower of textbooks.  After that, everyone thought he was crazy.  He would see little critters, monsters, or just strange things at random times and worse yet, sometimes, people around him would witness items moving around and be very confused while in his company.  It didn’t take long for Kevin O’Hara to send Jameson not to another boarding school, but to the nearest mental hospital. 

Life in the loony bin was not good for Jameson.  He managed to convince himself that absolutely nothing was as he perceived it to be.  Everything is part of a grand illusion or worse yet, a dream.  Jameson became very paranoid and he would pretty much refuse to let anyone get near him for fear that they would be helping the little corn demons.  When a satyr protector came to Jameson’s asylum, he got more trouble from his charge than he did from any monsters.  Several times during the trip to Camp Half Blood, the satyr was forced to knock Jameson unconscious just to keep him from resisting.  Once he got to camp, he didn’t really get much better.  Jameson was forced to stay in the infirmary during the first few weeks of his time at camp because he was simply so unpredictable and afraid of just about anything that moves.  He had reacted badly to the news that the Greek gods are real and is adamant that everything is just happening inside his head.  In the last few days, Jameson has been released from the infirmary, but he has not been allowed to use any weapons for fear that he would get spooked and harm a satyr or another camper.  He has calmed down a little bit, but still honestly believes that camp and everyone in it are just figments of his imagination.

Weapons:  As of right now, Jameson is not allowed to train with real weapons.  He uses toy versions of real weapons for training excersizes.  he will use his powers to defend himself if he feels the need arises.

Peregrine12 (talk) 10:47, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

Why did Kevin send him to the hospital if he knew Jameson was a demigod and that the monsters were real?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

In Kevin's mind, there would be no reason for monsters to come after Jameson.  He is just a child and not one who is capable of doing any serious harm to anyone.  Besides, even if he knew that monsters exist, he wouldn't just accept that he couldn't see them and they were there.  Telling Jameson that he was crazy and sending him to a mental hospital was as good a way as any to keep any potential dangers away from Kevin and his family and appease concerned teachers and fellow students. 

Hope this helps explain Kevin O'Hara's motivations behind his actions.  :)

Peregrine12 (talk) 05:40, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

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