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Name: Jane Morselle

Gender: Female

God Parent: Ares, Poseidon, Zephyrain

Mortal Parent: Rylie Novia Morselle-Mom



Personality: Quietly Violent, Rude, Smart but she doesn't like when people call her weird. She doesn't like talking or socializing. Never was really understood by anyone but her best friend Arsene Cray

History: Rylie Morselle was walking out of her job one cold night when she accidently bumped into a man. When she looked up she saw a man. A handsome man. A man with fiery eyes. He introduced himself as Aren. Rylie thought it was love at first sight. She gave him her number and walked away.

They texted incontiniously for the next week or so. One night Rylie and Ares had an affair which got her pregnant with Jane. The texting slowed down more than Rylie had hoped then one morning Ares didn't call or text. He had disappeared.

After Jane was born, Rylie hoped Ares would come back. Which he never did. Rylie was always sad. She didn't know why Ares left. But she was barely happy. She stayed strong for Jane. Jane wondered why her mom was always sad.

At the age of 11, Jane was sent to England because her mother no longer wanted to care for Jane. England is Where she grew up with her cousins and aunt Mary. She went to a private school in Cheshire. That's when she met Arsene Cray ~Daughter of Persephone~. Jane had a feeling something was not normal about Arsene. She just didn't know Arsene was protecting her.

Arsene ~Persephone, Huntress~

One January morning Arsene and Jane were waiting for the bus when a Harpie name Jacklynn attacked Jane. Jane was frightened. That's when Arsene pulled her bow out of her backpack and shot the Harpie. Arsene was a hunter of Artemis. She knew exactly what to do. She brought Jane to the airport and they flew to Long Island and looked for Rylie Morselle. They found her and told her what happened. Arsene told about Camp Half Blood and how she would bring Jane there.

Arsene, was sent on a quest to protect Jane until she was attacked. When Jane was attacked she knew what to do. She shot the Harpie. She had a lot of experince but she was afraid that she would possibly mess up. But she didn't. She helped Jane.

Arsene brought Jane to camp. Straight away Mr. D saw her eyes. He knew she was Ares child but he didn't tell her. On Janes next birthday she was claimed by Ares. She was moved to her cabin. She met all of her siblings but didn't talk to one

Weapons: Dagger, Bow and Arrow, Spear

Please sign this. The god parent leaves at birth, and wouldn't return. Why was Jane sent to England? Who exactly is Arsene, Jane's friend? If she was a hunter why was she with Jane and not with Artemis? 

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

Still what was Arsene doing there? And how did Jane know she was a hunter? 

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

A familiar glare in her eyes? How would that tell her that Asrene was a hunter? How does Jane even know about hunters in the first place?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

Hunters don't have silver hair and that still isn't a good enough reason. Jane doesn't even know she's a demigod, how could she know Artemis and her hunters were real?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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