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Name: Jasmine Donphin

Gender: Female

God Parent: Zephyrus, Deimos or Hermes

Mortal Parent: Serenity Donphin

Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, when forgets contacts wears wide-brim black glasses. About 5'8, weighs about 135 lbs, looks very slim, tan skin tone, and a very healthy build for a female her age and size.

Personality: Very classy and elegant, enjoys springtime, enjoys music, can be very hypocritical at times. Gets annoyed easily by people who smash, chew with their mouth open, write their words incorrectly and say their words grammatically incorrect.

History: My mother was born into a small cottage during a bad famine, and a bad drought. She always said she was at least under 10 inches of water needed. Her family was very poor, and her mother left her at a young age and her father remarried a very rich and famous woman who let them move into a bigger house. My mother was forgotten by her father when he was distracted by all the money his new wife had.

When my mother got older and moved out, she got a job as a woman who would go to people's houses and plant seeds that would grow out to be pretty flowers during early Spring to mid-Spring, so kind of a landscape worker. She said it was a few days before the beginning of Spring, I think it was a Sunday. She knocked on the door and saw a man, a man that she could fall in love with at first sight.

He was wearing red and green drapes, and he had his hair combed back. "I'm Serenity." She said, shaking. "I'm Clark." He said, giving her a quick smirk, a smirk my mom said would follow her forever. They began dating, then BAM! I was born. My father left before I was born, and I never knew why, until later on in life. Before my father left, he wrote on a box that held a charm bracelet, that would soon be mine later on in life.

The note read: "Dear Serenity, Take care of our daughter. You may be wondering why I left. I am not Clark, nor will I ever be. I am (____). You may not know who that is, but it is the Greek god of (____). We exist, we leave before the child is born, we are everywhere, our children are everywhere. When she gets of age, and a strange tan male comes and asks to take her to "Camp", allow it, it is where she will be safe. Thank you, dear Serenity. Love, (____)."

My mom was speechless and hid the letter from me. She burned it when I was very young, she didn't want me to worry so much about the things that happened with her and (____). I still did when I got older, but not as much as she expected I would. I would say her expression after reading was "There is no expression to describe how I'm feeling." I get those times a lot.

I was about five when I started school, in kindergarten, I was a very very late bloomer, with ADHD and dyslexia, I never really understood why I went to school either, I mean, my mom was a pretty smart person, or I thought she was. The following years, first and second grade weren't any better. I was the lonely person, who enjoyed reading the big books about plants, even if I didn't understand.

Third and forth weren't any better either. I was more of the athletic person, and I was the only one in my grade who was left-handed, that wasn't a big problem though. I was about eleven during fifth grade, the age of the average person in my grade at my school. I was un-chaining my bike from the bike rack in the back of the school. I had my headphones on listening to one of my mom's favorite rock songs, she was very young when she had me.

I un-chained it and turned around to see two abnormal birds, like monster pelican-pigeon things. They began dive-bombing at me, and just then, the school bells to end the day rang. The birds bumped heads and began looking as if they had dropped acid. They dazed around and tried making eye contact with me. I held the charm bracelet my mom had given me for my birthday in my left hand, and out of nowhere, it became a Celestial bronze hatchet, which matched the same texture and color as the bird's beak!

I wasn't good with swinging at the time, but I used my best baseball batting skills and swung at the birds, they were disoriented, not very able to fly well. I jumped up, being very short at the time, and slashed at the bird, then POOF! Ashes fell atop my head, golden ash, and there was only one bird left, still disoriented by the loud rock music playing. I hopped up and threw the axe, which barely skimmed the bird's back feather, slowly turning it to ash as I retrieved the axe, then kept swinging.

The axe turned back into a charm bracelet as I hopped back atop on to my bike and rode home. I didn't tell my mom, because I didn't want to startle her, but I really should've, because she is always there for me. The next year was worse. We had taken a field trip to a ranch a few hours away from the school. I, being the stupid person as I am, left the group because I saw some unfamiliar orangey horses. But there mane wasn't the thing that was orange, they had flames instead of it's mane and it's tail, and it was charging right at me.

I clenched my bracelet, which was my good luck, and again, out of nowhere, it became a bronze axe. I held my eyes shut and held the axe out in front of me as the horse charged at me. I spun around in a 360 formation and waited for a fiery kick to my face, but it never happened. I opened my eyes and the horse jumped at me. I stuck up the axe and POOF! It became golden ash just like the birds did.

I told the teacher I was sick, and we ended the field trip a half an hour early. The next year wads my first year in middle school, and let me tell you, it was horrible! I remember the first day of December, we had a project due on the Greek gods and goddesses and I chose (____). I believed he needed something that would get him more popular. I got a B- on it. She said that it was the wrong choice for me, and what I want to do now is slap her across the face. But, the day ended, I was sad about the bad grade, and I decided to take the pathway through the woods instead of calling my mom to come pick me up.

It was dark when I was walking through the woods, until a burst of fire filled the passageway. A giant three-headed beast, which wasn't one animal, nor two animals, but three animals all in one, it was the chimera. It pounced at me, claws out. I rolled as quickly out of the way. It peered down at me behind the trunk of a tree. It began charging, busting through the tree trunk. I rolled out of the way and waited for him to charge at me. I pushed on the axe charm on my bracelet and the beast charged at me. The hatchet sliced through the chimera's head, then the sky was covered with golden ash. A few weeks after that, a new kid came to my school, his name was Olaf. He didn't live with parents, I think he said he lived with cousins or something.

But, I befriended him easily, and I think he was the only who came to my fourteenth birthday the following year. We had went on a scavenger hunt that day, which my mom had set up. We were walking around in the woods, and a large growl filled the air. A hound, with beady red eyes began chasing us. I pushed the axe charm down on the bracelet, and it became My Celestial Bronze axe. I turned around to meet eyes with the beast. "I got your back." Olaf said, ripping a chained necklace off him as it turned into a sword. I swung at, but missed. He swung at it and missed, again. I dodged one of its attacks and sliced open the abdomen of the hound as I lied on the ground in shock. Olaf picked be up from the ground.

We sprinted into my house and Olaf ran to my mother. "Now?" She asked. "Now." He said. We sprinted into the garage and my mom started the car. "Where are we going?" I asked my mother and Olaf. "I don't know." My mother said, following the instructions of Olaf. "STOP!" He yelled as we came to a brake. "I love you, son." She said as she kissed me. Olaf gripped my hand and we began running through thick woods. We came to a stone entrance. "What about my mother, what about everything!" I said, asking too many questions to keep up with. "Stop, slow down." He said, trying to calm me.

"This is Camp Half-Blood. This is where you'll be safe. Please hear me out. I brought you here, I am a satyr, half goat, half man. Please go." He said pointing inside. I gulped, but walked in under pressure, he pointed me towards a big blue house. "Go." He said. I walked through the stone gate, greetings, Camp Half-Blood

Current Age: 14 and 10 days

Weapons: The weapon that Jasmine uses most of the time is a Celestial Bronze hatchet, (or axe) that transforms from a charm bracelet which she can fit on her left wrist. (Which is her primary hand.) If she pushes down on the axe charm on her bracelet, it turns into her Celestial Bronze hatchet. Her hatchet's name is Tyfó̱nas. (Meaning Hurricane in Greek)

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  • Please sign your claim with your signature (4 ~'s or ~~~~).
  • What was Serenity's reaction the the letter that Zephyrus left her?
  • I doubt that an un-trained demigod would be able to defeat the monsters with such ease, especially since she had no help. The first one can be seen as a lucky break as the music disoriented the stymphalian birds giving her the chance to slay them. But with nothing to give her an advantage in the other monster encounters it wouldn't be that easy for her.
  • Chimeras have human intelligence and has high strength. It won't just pounce mindlessly at Jasmine; it will use punces but with maneuvers and strategies.
  • What's the requirement for the charm bracelet to be able to transform into a hatchet. It can't just do that purely by touching or holding it, as it would be dangerous.
    • In the history the hatchet was said to be made of bronze, please specify that it is made of Celestial Bronze as it is the only type of metal fatal to monsters and are generally used by demigods.
  • Despite their size, Hellhounds are quick and should be able to catch up to Olaf and Jasmine before they even get to her house.
  • After the Second Olympian War, Percy requested the gods to claim the child as soon as possible by the age of 13. Demigods are almost instantly claimed when they enter camp and there's no need for any unclaimed demigods to go to Hermes' Cabin anymore.

I think I got it all.

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How was she able to keep swinging the hatchet at the second bird if she threw the hatchet and missed?

Got it.

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I don't believe a simple scream or rock music is enough to disorient Stymphalian birds, something like bells or metal clanging together would do it though. To clear things up, the godly parent sent Olaf (the strange tan male mentioned in the letter) to protect Jasmine. Also, your character cannot have been at camp for any duration of time in the last 3 years as it is against wiki policy. Please end the claim as the character arrives at camp.

I got the Stymphalian Birds parts, but I'm not understanding any thing else really, I don't know how, or why we couldn't be at camp for the recent three years. I don't really want to have to rewrite her whole history because of one silly mistake. I don't really know how I would change that to fit the criteria of not being able to be at camp for the last 3 years. I tried my best, but I know there is still mistakes in there.

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Apart from a few grammatical errors, this claim is fine.

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