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Name: Jasmine Winry St. Claire

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (DOB - 25 December, 1999)

God Parent: Hecate, Melinoe, or Cybele

Mortal Parent: Klaus St. Claire 

Jasmine SC 1.jpg

Appearance: Model - Aileen Belmonte

Jasmine SC 2.jpg

Personality: Jasmine is a very open, outgoing, and cheery girl. She has a very optimistic and upbeat attitude and loves to make others smile. Because of her Japanese upbringing, she can be quite strict about manners, respect, and how you should treat your elders. However, she never fails to be very energetic and is always spontaneous with her actions. Jasmine is also a hopeless romantic and is a very poetic person. She tends to fall for the romantic type, and as much as she hates to admit it, is a sucker for cheesy things. Jasmine is soft-spoken and always tries to be nice to everyone. Because of this, she tends to be somewhat aloof and oblivious--even weak-willed. Jasmine is also very bright. 

History: Klaus St. Claire was a demigod author, fresh out of college living in Amsterdam when he met Jasmine's mother. The goddess was posing under the name of Mirai Miyamoto, a young Japanese model touring the city. They met at a club late one night and clicked on the dance floor. He bought her a drink, which led to many drinks. They ditched the friends the came to the club with at the end of the night. Both adults heavily intoxicated, they stumbled into the apartment of Klaus. One thing led to another once again, and Jasmine was conceived that night. 

Klaus woke up in the morning and Mirai had already disappeared. He was quite disdainful of this, and cared very little about Mirai. After all, they had both been drunk and it was a one night stand that meant nothing to him. Klaus carried on and released his first novel that late fall. It was very successful, received much praise, and he had a bunch of profits from his book. Everything was smooth sailing until Christmas came. He had just finished hosting a Christmas dinner party in his home late one night when he heard a knock on his door. When he opened up the door, there was a swaddled infant on the steps. Bewildered, Klaus scooped her up. There was a piece of paper folded up and pinned onto her swaddle. Klaus took the baby inside and read the note. 

It was from Mirai, describing her true identity as the goddess of magic, Hecate. The note read that the baby was his from their night months ago. Klaus, being a son of Nyx, finally understood how his father must have felt when she had him. In the morning, he contacted his personal assistant, Suki. Suki was also a demigod, a daughter of Pandia. Klaus, unsure of what to do and knowing that Suki was a demigod as well, went to her for advice. Suki offered to help raise Jasmine, as long as Klaus could hire a new personal assistant in her absence. Klaus agreed, and Suki moved into Klaus' apartment. 

Jasmine was never told about her mother until her later years. She was always told that her mother had left Klaus when she was younger, which was to be fair partially true. She grew up quite normally, if not in a pampered and prim lifestyle. She had her own private tutor and was homeschooled. Jasmine was also taught to play the piano and violin and was taught English and Japanese at a young age. Thanks to her father being a widely acclaimed author, they were quite first class. As Jasmine aged and Suki had been taking care of her longer, Suki and Klaus grew romantically closer. The two got married when Jasmine was twelve, Jasmine fully accepting Suki as her mother. Suki, Jasmine, and Klaus were as close as any family could ever be. 

When Jasmine was thirteen (going on fourteen), the family was taking a trip to their vacation house in Canada in the late fall. Their house was in the forest, and Jasmine had gone off to explore. A hellhound had caught her scent and tracked her down. It had started to stalk her when she started to walk back to the house, and Suki got a very bad feeling all of a sudden. Following her premonition, she gathered up the celestial bronze bow and arrows she brought and went outside to check it out. Suki was just in time to hear Jasmine's scream and to see the hellhound tackle her down. Suki immediately took action and shot down the hellhound with a few arrows, it disintegrating into dust. Suki took a very freaked out Jasmine inside and explained what had happened to Klaus and Suki sat her down and explained everything--the truth about her mother being a goddess, them being demigods, and about camp. When asked about going to camp, Jasmine hesitated and replied that she wanted to wait a while before going. She was hesitant to be separated from her parents and was still freaked out about the whole Greek deity thing.

Klaus and Suki told Jasmine she could go when she had turned fifteen. Jasmine agreed. Miraculously and extremely lucky, only one monster attack happened between her fourteenth birthday and her fifteenth--a minor hellhound once again. But by that time, with training from Klaus, she could already defend herself pretty well with twin katanas. The weapons were a gift from Suki for her fourteenth birthday, and they morphed into a gold charm bracelet. Summer of 2014 came, Jasmine was fifteen, and she was ready to go to camp. Klaus and Suki accompanied her to New York on the flight and rented a car to drive her to Camp. Lucky for Jasmine, no monster attacks occured and Jasmine arrived at Camp safe and sound. She was claimed as a daughter of Hecate and welcomed into the Hecate Cabin.

Weapons: CB Twin katanas

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