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Name:Jason Knight


Age: 14

God Parent:Poseidon, Ares, Hermes

Mortal Parent:Mary Elizabeth Knight (a mortal with True Sight)

Appearance:GI-style so-black-its-almost-blue hair, Pacific blue eyes, Tall, slim, defined muscles, tan, country boy/surfer drawl

Personality:determined, courageous, hard-headed, kind&compassionate, extremely moody, quick to fight, deep, loyal to the bone

History: Mary Elizabeth Knight was Captain in the Navy the day her life changed. A freak storm had blown her cruiser off course and into enemy waters. Her goal was to  navigate the ship just a few more miles back into friendlier seas, but the moment an enemy battleship came around a cliff, that plan changed. Mary and her crew were trapped: rocks on one side, shore on the other, and a battleship straight ahead. Their only choice was to fight. *some time later* Mary orders her sailors to take the lifeboats and get out of danger. Mary stays on the ship, despite her sailors' pleas, and covers them with what little firepower she has left. When they were safely away, Mary ran down to the emergency thingy that sends Morse code messages, requested an ASAP pick-up for her crew from their various spots, and then braced herself for death. The last things she remembered before blacking out were a wave of heat, stabbing pain, and the blissful coolness of the water. Then there was nothing.

Until the next morning. She awoke on a comfortable cot, with a very nice looking sailor kneeling by her side. With his muscled frame, black hair, and gorgeous eyes, he was her dream guy. He noticed she was awake, called out something in a different language, and then turned back and smiled. *fell in love here* He told her he'd been on a nearby fishing boat, and seen her valiant preformance on the ship. He said he'd seen her around a few times in Charleston, lifegaurding and teaching and on base. A woman came in, kindly-looking and elderly, and made Mary drink some tea thing. The man only left her side to do his business and get her food.A week or so later, when Mary was able to walk again on her own, she was able to dress as a civilian and get a plane back to the States.

Upon her arrival, she was transported to a military hospital, treated, evaluated, and given an update on her troops. *few weeks pass* Mary has received the Naval Medal of Honor, gone into the reserves, picked her locksmithing/swim instructing/ lifegaurding/marine biology teaching back up, and is dating the sailor who saved her from drowning. *... he takes her boating ... mushy stuff ... she gets pregnant ...*And nine months later, she had a beautiful baby boy she names Jason.The next day, after telling Mary about a safe place for their child on long island, and telling her who he really is, her man leaves for "deployment".

Jason grows up fairly easily; he's never really that curious about his dad. He has his mom and as far as he's concerned, she's enough. She has him enrolled in martial arts the moment he can run on his own. Nothing happens until he turns six. He and his mom are coming home from the beach, at night, on a back road, when there's this giant roar and a dragon flips their car into a ditch. Thankfully, it's a young, relatively stupid dragon that can't smell, and Jason and his mom are able to get out of the car and run to safety (aka the car mechanics shop just down the street). That's when Mary decides to send her son to live with his grandparents on their Texas ranch.

Jason doesn't like this arrangement, but he loves visiting the ranch and riding horses and his grandparents promise to continue his martial arts education.He doesn't like his stiff grandparents, though, and avoids them as much as he can, instead choosing to spend his days with the ranch hands and visiting cowboys who are stabling their horses  at the ranch. He learns a lot from them: barrel racing, cattle roping, guitar, etc. When he enters fifth grade, though, he i taken away from that welcoming atmosphere and sent to live in San Francisco during the school year, at a boys boarding scool his gret great great grandpa founded.

There, despite being Extremely dyslexic and ADHD, he excels both academically and athletically. He is captain of swimming, rowing, fencing, and tennis teams (fencing was more of a club, though), hold a fourth-degree dan rank, and has straight a's in all his classes. He has the nickname of 'Mako', after the mako shark, the fastest shark, since he is such a fast swimmer. His fencing buddies and opponents always have one comment after facing him. "He doesnt fight like a fencer." With a more 'slashy', swordfight-y style, Jason dominates. In his free time he hangs out with his friends, swims, and picks locks to get back in after some nightly escapades out into the city or the beach. (Oh! Bad Boy!)

But the school boasts of such high security. Jason admits that that is what he hates the most, which is why he and his friends sneak out. He avoids trouble every time, until, while heading back to school from a street prformace, he and his two besties run into some empousae. His buds can't see through the mist, so all they see is two really hot chicks, but (thank the gods) Jason sees the monsters for what they really are.

After, in the process of saving his friends, Jason gets himself effectively cornered. After a quick prayer to whichever deity he may/may not believe exists for some sort of weapon, he reaches under the dumpster next to him and LO AND BEHOLD! A SWORD! O, what luck shineth upon me today! Thank you, thank you! And so, Jason takes the oddly-engraved sword and takes the empousas by surprise, swiftly cutting their heads off. Meanwhile, his friends are staring at thim with utter amazement. Or maybe awe. Or both.

Jason keeps the sword, hiding it under his bed until he leaves directly from the school to his mom's place fro winter break. He tells her about everything. Except his freakish encounter. But, she still finds the sword. After a short verbal argument, which Mary wins, and an even quicker apology, Mary rushes her son to camp, sending word to his grandparents that he won't be returning for a while. Jason is 14 when he gets to camp.

Weapons: just his sword, which has a blue scabbard and hilt and a hurricane-like design on the blade. His mother tells him the weapon is a gift from his fater, but she still won't tell him who his father is. Jason named the sword Hurricane.

(no longer an WIP)

loyalty is everything (talk) 20:41, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

How did Jason know there would be something underneath the dumpster? (if you were cornered next to a dumpster an about to be eaten, wouldn't you check under there for something to defend yourself with too?~Jay Sea) A demigod wouldn't be able to easily kill monsters without prior training either.(he fences. fencing is basically a type of swordfighting. plus, it clearly says he fences more like a swordfighter, and he has a fourth-degree-dan black belt. he is capable. and its just a couple empousas, not like a drakon~Jay Sea) Also, how did Mary know about camp and is she clear-sighted?

Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Are you still going to work on this? (no~Jay Sea)

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

How did Jason and his mom getaway from the dragon? Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Well, I think it's fine already :)

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