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Name: Jason Rice

Gender: Male

God Parent:Eros/ Hades/ Ares(Pref:Eros)

Mortal Parent: Bell Rice

Appearance:He is extremly hot and fit. He has packs that are welll tanned and blue eyes. 

Personality: Jason is very romantic but also very sexual. He has never had sex before but always dreams about it. He is a gentleman but not always very understanding of situations. He is as straight as a board and would love a girl to do what he wants whenever.

History: Bell Rice had met Eros/Hades/Ares as she was a whore in the streets of New Yor. She had an erotic night but was soon to end as it was just a one night stand. He had left her a note and a box that she had shoved in her closet straight away, afraid of what she would read or find within it. 9 months later, she had a baby boy she named Jason. jason ahd rough time at school however handsome he may be. At school, he got into fights and would always get frustrated when he couldn't read or speel things. 

He loved his mom endlessly, however got teased as she was a whore and everyone knew it. Jason would got very angry indeed and ounch people. He tries to be understanding of situations but can barely concentrate on others. He had always had sexual desires on people in his class but would never do anything.

One day, he had started madly flirting with a new girl. She was hot and Jason could not resisit her pouty lips and huge breasts. He wanted to surge forward and grab them but he couldn't bring himself to do so in front of the class. Jason talked and talked until he couldn't resist the urge of kissing her. He tried to but she turned into a giant harpy. Jason screamed and shouted and ran into the bathroom. When he came out he had found a saytr standing above a pile of ash. He is confused but allows the saytr to take him home. His mother was in bed with another man, and was shocked to find Jason home. When he left, the saytr explained about Camp Half Blood and him being a demi-god. Straight away, she went into her closet and brought a letter. She gave it to Jason and made him promise that he would read when he arrived at camp. The Satyr took Jason to camp with much ease seeing as how close they were. When Jason read the letter he was safe at cam. It said, "Hello my son. At this time I take it you have made it to camp at a ripe age of 16 and ready to learn about your father. Well, I am the God Eros- *It goes on to explain about how he met Jason's moher*"

Weapons: He has a sword made from silver.

She still had the letter? What did it say? How old is Jason? And please sign this

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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