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Name: Jassy Klores

Gender: Female

God Parent: Themis, Athena, Eris

Mortal Parent: Luther Klores


Personality: Jassy does everything with a fair and clear fight. She doesn't take no for an answer and she will be forceful if she has to be.

History: Luther Klores was a judge in Long Island for the local court. He met Themis when he was doing a case where Themis was the lawyer. After the case was over, he took Themis out. They quickly fell for each other and had an affair. The next morning Themis was sitting on the edge of the bed. Themis told Luther everything and gave him the address for camp. She then left.

9 months later, a baby showed up on Luther's doorstep. He assumed it was his and Themis so he took the baby in and named her Jasmine Amber. The baby grew up and had a great child hood. Jassy was a very active girl, but she couldn't read very well. That's why at age 7, she was diagnosed with Dyslexia.

At age 10, the child met a friend. His name was Max. Max was a satyr on crutches. Max was a nice boy. He was short and he cared about his surroundings. She had another friend named Aldon Kasper, Aldon was a son of Themis. The 2 didn't know they were siblings. The 3 got along famously.

At age 12, the first monster attacked Aldon, Jassy and Max. It was a hellhound. Max killed it with his bronze knife and explained to the demigods. The next attack happened at age 15, it was an empousa. Max slit its neck with the bronze knife. That's when he explained to the parents of the demigods. Max got permission to bring the 2 to camp where they were both claimed by Themis. Aldon and Jassy went to the armory and got bows and arrows

Weapons: bow and arrows

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