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Jay Robinson

Jay Robinson's Appearance

Name: Jay Robinson

Gender: Male

God Parent: Mnemosyne, Astraeus, Tyche

Mortal Parent: Matt Robinson

Appearance: Chinese-American, Black Hair, Dark Hazel Eyes, Short for his age.

Age When He Arrived at Camp: 12

Personality: He is very studious. He has a quiet personality, but people usually listen when he speaks.

History: Jay's father, a librarian, met Jay's mother, goddess of the written word at the library. They dated, and were about to be married when Jay's mom disappeared. Jay's father was heartbroken, but he cared well for the baby Mnemosyne had already had with him. When Jay was six, pit scorpions attacked him in his bedroom. He used his abilities to make the scorpions forget what they were doing and then smashed them.

Jay's father always was loving and compassionate to Jay. Jay didn't have any friends though, because of his naturally subdued personality. He was constantly bullied because of his shyness and because he read a lot. Jay was a good student, and was making good grades until his father suddenly died in a car accident. He was in the "care" of abusive foster parents for a few weeks, and during that time his grades declined, his effort decreased, and his already withdrawn personality turned into a reclusive state.

In this period his worst tormentor was shoving him in his locker when Jay snapped. His demigod battle instincts kicked in and he punched the bully until a teacher found him. Jay was in the worst point of his life so far, and when he came home his foster parents only made it worse. They told him to clean the fireplace and then kicked him, and he burned his hands on the hot coals.

Leaping at a chance to be out of their presence, he agreed to help sort through his dad's collections at his old house. While there, he found a book with his name engraved on it in ancient Greek, which he instantly understood. He found a note inside from his father that said that this notebook was a gift from his mother and that she wanted him to give it to their son. Just then, a kampe attacked him, having found him by his demigod scent. Somehow, he wrote sword in Greek letters in the notebook, and managed to subdue the beast long enough to escape, but still barely made it out alive.

By then it was night, and he hid in a dark corner of the library where his father had worked, as he had opened the door with a spare key his dad always left there. He fell asleep, and in his dream  his mother appeared, instructing him to go to Camp Half Blood. He rode hanging on to the back of a bus. Along the way, the kampe found him again as it had been following him, and Jay used the temporary forgetfullness technique to get to camp in time. He is 12.

Weapons: Journal and Pen

Goldendragon611 (talk) 15:09, April 6, 2013 (UTC)

This needs more history, and explain more about what happened during his childhood. And how did the minotaur find him, where was he when you said he was looking thorugh his dad's collection? >.<

Cloudsies Riri Where the clouds are swimming? 10,486Cloudsies

How did he survive without any prior monster attack or without having signs pointing to his being a demigod? Fighting the Minotuar would be hard, especially when a demigod has had no prior training. I'd also like to remind you that gods and goddesses cannot interfere with the lives of their children and so, they cannot directly tell their children to go to Camp, even through apparitions, as it is a form of direct interference. Dreams are, however, allowed. What age was he when he arrived at camp? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Since he had a serious leg injury, how was he able to walk, let alone climb and cling onto the back of a truck? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Looks good to me!

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