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Name: Jayce Allistrae

Gender: Male

God Parent: Astraeus

Mortal Parent: Lilly Allistrae

Jayce Allistrae

Jayce's Appearance

Personality:Jayce is shy, quiet and likes to hang around back. He is not really social and doesn't like talking about himself. He hates it when people compliments him because he feels awkward and uneasy and he doesn't live up to that compliment. He spends a lot of time online and doesn't have a lot of real life friends. Does well in school As and A-. Interested into science and astrology. He lives in Rochester near New York. 

History: Lilly Allistrae was a Space Scientist. She worked as an Astrophysicists, applying the laws of physics and chemistry to study the stars. During a Dinner Party, celebrating a newly found star S78-01 (idk if thats a real star) Astraeus arrived in a Mercedes-Benz, while Lilly was doing a speech. Astraeus took a seat at one of the tables, interested in what she was saying. Lilly was explaining what the S78-01 was made of, an astral body made of plasma and other forms of light. After her presentation/speech, Astraeus walked up to her in a suit as black as night. Astraeus treated her to a drink and they talked to till the end of the party.  

They dated for a month and a week, during those months Astraeus told her that he was a Titan like from greek myths and that he had to leave. He had duties to attend to and that he could never see her again. At first Lilly was not happy about this, but she accepted the fact that he had to leave. After 8 months of sadness, she gave birth to Jayce. Jayce was born on August 24th 2001. Lilly and Jayce lived in a Condo since Jayce was born. As a Child Jayce liked to play with toy spaceships and draw sketches of astronauts and aircrafts. At the age of 8 he had a friend named Joshua. Jayce and Joshua would play a lot space related games like asteroids and space invaders at the local arcade. Joshua was paralyzed from the hip down so he had to use a wheelchair but, was cable of doing anything. 

At the age of 13 Jayce discovered that Joshua and Lilly ( Jayce's Mother ) were discussing a few things about Jayce. Jayce hated that feeling of people of talking behind his back, but he pushed it aside. In a few months it was his birthday so he was excited. On his birthday August 24th 2015, his mother told him he was a Demigod from greek myth and that his father was the great Astraeus, Titan of Space and Dusk. As soon as Jayce heard this all of his questions were answered like how he liked space a lot. His mother also told him that he had to go to this camp for Demigods called Camp Half Blood. Jayce was about to protest when Joshua ran into the room. He told him that he was a saytr and that now that he knows that he his a demigod, monsters would start to hunt him down. Jayce couldnt argue against that. His mom gave him a Backpack full of clothes and a water bottle and taxi money to get to the camp. Joshua and Jayce ran out of the Condo, called a taxi and they were off to Camp Half-Blood. The Taxi Driver was quite a weird experince, because this was when Jayce met his first Mythological Being, the Gray Sisters. The Gray Sisters were quite spooky, they asked where were we going. Joshua told them, the camp for the children of the gods, the Sisters immediatly understood and drove. It was a bumpy ride, because we were practically going at the speed of light. Than I noticed something I'd heard that the Gray Sisters had no eyes. I looked at the rear view mirror, all three of them had no eyes except for one, in the left socket of the driver. I was a little spooked out about this, but calmed down later. 

The Taxi dropped them off at the edge of the forest at Long Island where the Camp was. Finally, Jayce thought, away from those creepy ladies. As soon as the thought ended, the 3 ladies immediatly turned to face him. We heard that they said before zooming off. Joshua patted me on the shoulder, They're always like that, now lets keep going. Jayce found this really annyoing cause he didn't like the woods, but he didn't complain. Joshua told him that the camp was just a couple of meters from here so we better start walking. While in the forest walking, Joshua kept jumping around like something was watching them, he was right. At the edge of his vision he saw a hellhound jump out of no where. Jayce started to freakout and grabbed a long hard stick and threw it at the hound. That gave Joshua some time to pull out his dagger and stab right in the back. The hound howled in pain but wouldn't back down, the hound faced Josh again. Josh did a quick look at Jayce, Jayce knew what he was thinking of. Jayce jumped on the back of the hound. The hound tried to shake him off, but Jayce's grip was strong. Josh tossed the dagger to Jayce. Jayce caught the dagger and pierced the nape of the hound causing it to howl in pain than die. Jayce returned the dagger to Joshua and they both entered the camp together. Jayce has been at the camp for around 2 weeks.


AstralEdge & Novalight

Weapons: Jayce carries around to Dual Baselards (bigger than dagger, smaller than shortswords) which were crafted and forged by a Hephaestus child, he named them AstralEdge and Novalight.      

(AstralEdge - yellow and black/Novalight - blue and green)

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I have to say in the ton of claims I've read yours is the first one to make me laugh so you got that going for you :) anyhow lets go and talk about more important stuff shall we?

  • I know weapons are no longer an issue on claims but please remember daggers are very hard weapon to use and attack with thus I advice (yes just advice as you have a right to listen or not) to change to maybe a sword?
  • How long have he been on camp?
  • I just notice this.. he took the cab? is this the gray sister cab? (sorry for being picky >,<)

Still this is all the problems I have with this good luck!

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