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Name: Jaydania 'Jayde' Mansfeild

Gender: Female

God Parent: Apollo, Notus, Zeus

Jayde 3

Jaydania's Appearance

Mortal Parent: Annaleise Mansfeild

Appearance: Jayde has a small build that she inherited from her mother, But she refuses to let that get in her way. If you look closely at her eyes you can sometimes see flecks of gold in them.

Current Age: 15


Jayde is typically known for her bubbly and kind personality, She tries her best to hide the emotions that could make others think badly of her (Anger, Jealousy, Irritation, etc.). She is also a very Curious person, always ending up poking her nose into someone else's business. With good intentions, although it doesn't always seem that way. While she faces Camp Halfblood's Challenges fearlessly, She feels that for a demigod her true fears are incredibly petty. A demigod being scared of the Dark and Thunderstorms, it's idiotic in her opinion. But when Jayde can't see the sun she feels like a piece of her is missing, because that's what reminds her that her father is always watching over her and will help in her time of need (she hopes). Jayde has always been drawn to the light, and when she was younger enjoys playing with shiny objects that could reflect the sun ray's that shined down on her.

Jayde's Fatal flaw is Curiosity 


Annaliese Masfeild was finishing up at the hospital like she did every day when a man with golden hair and tanned skin decided to whisk her heart away. He was just standing in the corner of the waiting room be he definitely stuck out like a sore thumb in amoungst the pale and sickly people that we're waiting for treatment. She carried on her way home pushing the man out of her mind, This was the first time they had seen each other.

The second time was at a local cafe, where she had been taken to by her friends for a poetry night. Which she found completely boring. Until her friends went on stage and a seat next to her was immediately taken by the stranger from the hospital, who introduced himself as Aaron; A man who was new to this town and was trying to find a job, Hence why he was at the hospital.

Eventually the two started a relationship, even going as far as to get their own house, Half a year later Aaron disappered suddenly leaving a pregnant Anna alone in their small cottage type house. In the next few months a baby girl was born, a girl with her mother's hair and kind eyes, but her father's skin. Her name was Jaydania. That day Anna went home as normal, but when she went to put her newborn child to sleep she noticed a sheet of paper on the dresser with a golden ring beside it.

My sweet Annaliese,

I'm Sorry that I left so suddenly, and i won't be coming back anytime soon ( For that I also apologise ). But i will be watching over you and our baby girl. I hope she like the ring, I thought it was befitting for the daughter of the Sun God. I warn you that our daughter isn't just a human, she will cause impossible events to unfold. So don't freak out when monsters attack, Just kidding. Kind of. On the back of this page is an address, and when the time is right take our daughter there, Look for the Pine Tree.

I will see you again my love, That I promise

- A

It was some kind of joke, Anna was sure of it. 


School was the only thing that Jayde ever really had problems with, She lived in a nice little cottage with her mother who still works at the Hospital, She had plenty of friends. But school going smoothly was out of the question. It wasn't that she was hated by anyone, okay so there were a few people she wasn't on good terms with, it was the fact that words wouldn't stay in the same spot for more than a few seconds before flying around the page. Thus making it very difficult to understand, Every word was a new puzzle she had to work out.

Jayde loved to play out on the beach in the sun with her mother or sitting in her bedroom writing poetry, something that she loves to do as you can write all of your feelings down onto a page and feel good about it. Another passtime is going to the mall with her group of friends, Although she was always home before Dusk. Jayde's bedroom walls we're lined with pictures of Flying horses or a girl that was part tree. anything and everything can be found on her walls or in her artbook.

Although she kept it a secret form her mother, Jaydes dreams were plagued with the most random scenario's. Sword fights, Monsters, Nymphs, Magic. She always had a thing for fantasy, Her head was always up on some cloud thinking up an imaginary adventure for her to journey on.

First Monster Attack ( Hellhound )

A 13 year old Jayde was walking home from school, taking a shortcut through the woods, Big mistake. As she made her way though the woods she felt like she was being watched, So she walked faster. As you do when you get the tingly feeling at the back of your neck. Out of nowhere came a Huge black dog came out of nowhere. Jayde's reaction was simple: Scream and get as far away as possible. But the car sized dog was fast and pinned her to the ground. all she wanted to do was wake up from this nightmare.

But this wasn't one of her dreams, as the thing roared in her face she looked to find something, anything that could save her. But the only thing surrounding her were trees. I'm so dead She thought to herself. She needed a weapon and fast, or that dog was going to rip her to shreds. She raised her hands to shield her face from the beast when her ring fell of of her finger, It was the only thing her father had left her. To her amazement as i the ring landed on the ground it turned into a large knife, a dagger.

As it snarled in her face, Jayde reached desperately for the weapon. Her hand curled around the hilt and she brought it up into its gut. The dog whined once then disappeared in a cloud of Golden dust. breathing heavily Jayde made her way home, dagger in hand, not quite believing what just happened. She ran into her room away from the prying eyes of her mother and set the Dagger onto her desk, watching it turn back into the golden ring that now had a small name engraved on it Agno Fota.

There was no point in telling anyone, the only outcome would be getting her into a mental hospital. So she kept quiet.

Second Monster Attack (Stymphalian Birds )

The next year Jayde was enjoying herself at a beach, soaking up the sunlight. That is until a pair of birds started to attack her. Their razor sharp beaks digging into her skin. There were only 2 of them, easy. . . or not. Jayde took off her ring, hoping it would turning into the gold coloured dagger. It did, thankfully. She swung it wildly knocking down one of the birds that ,like the dog, poofed away in in a flurry of golden dust that coated Jayde's hair. The last pigeon like bird flew at jayde with purpose, Seeming more determinend then the last. It was fast, extreamly fast, There was no way she'd be able to hit it by luck. Jayde took notice of the was it swooped onto her then up again, If she could raise her arm at the right moment the bird would fly right into it. As the bird rose and got ready for another attack Jayde pumped her hand into the air. With a cry the bird turned into gold dust. Jayde looked around carefully she noticed that nobody was sparing her a second glance, How could the not see the monstrous birds attacking her?

Jayde went home that day shrouded in her towel, hiding the cuts given to her by the birds. Her mother was working that day, so there was no problem getting in and patching herself up, she had always been good with the first aid kit. And Her mother wouldn't take notice if she wore long sleeved clothing, Thank goodness it's winter. She would raise no suspision. Retreating to her room she drew a picture of the birds while they were fresh in her mind. The dog from last year was pinned up onto her pin board, she wanted to keep track of these. although she didn't know why.

Third Monster Attack ( Fire-Breathing Horse )

Jayde and her mother were spending the day looking after their friends' horses together. They had travelled across to New York and wanted the pair to Horse-sit for them. Things were going smoothly, it was just over a year since the last attack on Jayde but she was still weary of everything. Jayde and Annaleise closed the gate to the last paddock then sat down together just to talk. It was these Mother-Daughter bonding moments that Jayde loved. But it was interrupted by a fireball landing beside them. As her mother screamed, Jayde groaned. She was completely over this. The horse that had kept its distance from the both of them now had a mane and tail of fire.

Jayde took off her ring, a thing she does to entertain herself now, and prepared her untrained self for battle against the horse. She pushed away the sound of her mothers screams and the normal horses' whinnies, focasing instead on dodging a flame being shot at her. Approaching the horse quickly she attempted to stab it in the side, But the horse kicked it's flaming hooves at her in defense. Jumping back from the attack, Jayde looked for a blind spot on the monster, But to no avail. Annaleise relised what she needed to do and bravley moved towards the horse, getting it's attention. Jayde took the chance and plunged her dagger into it's side. Coughing up gold monster dust she explained to her mother about the last few years as they sped home. Jayde knew that her mother would believe her, no one else could ever see the monsters. but for some reason her mum could. Her mother yelled at Jayde to pack her bags, so she did so even though it made no sense as to why she was doing this.

Annaleise, who couldn't believe that this was happening, dug in a drawer for the Card Aaron left her all the years ago. The address was still scrawled neatly on the back of the piece of paper. Annaleise and her daughter had a long trip ahead of them. To a place that might not even exist, But it was for her daughter that she'd do anything for. So she drove her 15 year old daughter to the unknown place.

They had been driving for a while now seemingly taking hours when Jayde saw a blur of colour out of the corner of her eye. Hurriedly she wound down the window and peeked out. To her shock there was some kind of Bird trailing them, But as it got closer Jayde realised she had a Womens head. Pushing her mother to drive faster she sized up the opponent. It was fast, fast enough to keep up with their car. And even from here she could see the razor sharp claws. This would definitely be a hard fight for Jayde, If she had to fight at all. Her mother had just started chanting words to herself "we're almost there" or "just a little further" so Jayde guessed they were almost there although she had no idea how her mother knew this. Then they passed a sign, it wasn't anything special. Old and worn, Jayde could barely read it. But squinting as they drove by she read heDlip wtrabyrSr vSiceer. Her mother translated it to Delphi Strawberry Services. Could this Camp Halfblood Anna have told her about have a cover name?

Jayde was thrown out of her thoughts when the bird/lady landed on the hood of their car. Anna slammed down the brakes in an attempt to throw it off, But it took to the skies yet again. Jayde jumped out of the car and got into a stance that would stabilise her. The winged lady dived down on Jayde leaving a gash on the 15 year old's stomach. Cringing Jayde realized that it relied on its wings more than anything else. She waited for the thing to swoop onto her again, then cut into one of the feathered wings. The women squarked and fell in a heap on the ground where Jayde thrust the Dagger into it's chest. Racing back to the car, she yelled at her awe-struck mother to drive. 

Anna couldn't believe that her daughter had that kind of strength inside of her. There was a large pine tree on a hill not far from here, she could see something golden curling around it. The pine tree reached far above the surrounding trees, Immediantly she knew that this is where her daughter had to go. Annaleise stopped the car and got out of it with her daughter. Knowing there wasn't much time before another monster turned up she hugged her daughter close saying her goodbyes. She didn't know when her daughter would return home, or even if she would, but she had a gut feeling that this place would be the safest place for her daughter to be in. Jayde gave her love to her mother then turned towards the hill and sprint towards it. There was no telling what would be beyond it, but felt like she was home.

Camp Halfblood, Halfblood hill, Farm road 3.141

Long Island, 11954

Agno Fota

Agno Fota (pure lights)


Unlike the majority of her other siblings she has trouble concentrating long enough to steady a bow, so she prefers to fight with either her Celestial Bronze Dagger Agno Fota (Pure Lights) or her Celestial Bronze Sword Lampsi (Shining) that she found in a majestic place . . . also known as the Weapons Shed of Camp Halfblood. 

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First off, I'd like to point out that please, as much as possible, edit the whole claim that it may sound good? By this, I meant there were a lot of typos and grammar errors which makes it quite hard to understand the entire history. Anyway, you might wanna add a few lines on the appearance section cuz you don't have the character's pic yet. Also, could you please add in detail in the history Jayde's first monster attack and the following attacks too? Like what happened after the first attack when she was nine then the following attacks until she was twelve.

Why did the mother didn't take Jayde immediately to camp if she knew that her father was Apollo? And it seems quite too absurd after doing research alone, Anna knew Aaron was the father. I mean, mortals would commonly believe that they're just myths. Chances of believing would be like three in a half million. Some reasons for the decors would be coincidental and she might take the melodies as some kind of hallucination, right? Honestly, I find it quite hard to believe Apollo would find time to be able to do that at all (with all the busy shizz gods tend to attend) and yet he was able to do that for one mortal and his kid?

And one more thing: add your character's current age and your sig with four tildes please (~~~~)

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  • Please elaborate her early childhood, from the ages she was born up to her first monster attack, in more detail.
  • Is Todd, Jayde's former boyfriend and/or her best friend too? The way you have written it, it makes it seem like Todd (Jayde's best friend) and her former boyfriend are two separate person.
  • By "vampire", I assume that you mean an empousai; however, empousai are solely female, if it was her former boyfriend, the monster attack can't be an empousai.
    • For suitable difficulty, please choose a monster from those categorized as light.
  • SInce Jayde was 12 when she got to camp and she's current 15, what has she been doing at camp for the past 2 to 3 years. As she wasn't roleplayed, you can't assume that she's been through the events that took place at camp nor that she has been interacting with other characters.
  • A dagger is great secondary weapon, but it generally should not be used as a primary weapon. While you may keep a dagger as a weapon, you'd need to add a primary weapon.
    • Please specify that the weapon is made of Celestial Bronze as it is the only type of metal fatal to monsters and are generally used by demigods.

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  • She can't have been at camp for the past 2 to 3 years. You can't just "assume" that she has been interacting with other characters or that she has been participating in events that took place at camp as she was never roleplayed.
  • Vrykolakas are not categorized in our Monster Encyclopedia so therefore we are unsure of its difficulty and whether it is suitable for a demigod's first monster attack.
    • So please choose a monster from those categorized under light monsters as they are at a suitable diificulty.
    • Aside from Lycanthropes and their vulnerability being silver, Celestial Bronze is the only type of metal fatal to monsters. So wood would not be fatal nor efficient against monsters.

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  • Please look back at my previous comment and make any changes necessary for the bolded points.
  • 15 is too late for a child of a non-big three god to have her first monster attack. They generally encounter their first monster between the ages of 10 to 13.
    • For each year, after her first monster attack, that she doesn't go to camp, please add and elaborate on another monster attack.

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  • As she's not a child of a big-three god nor does she know that she's a demigod, Jayde's scent most likely won't be strong enough to attract five stymphian birds (as stymphalian birds stay in a group, two should be reasonable).
    • Each stymphalian bird requires a demigod to kill, so with five, generally give demigods is required to kill them. So it's unlikely for Jayde to be able to kill five stymphalian birds single-handedly with such ease.
  • If the fire-breathing horse's mane is on fire, it should burn Annaleise when she rides on it. The mist twists a mortal's scent but it doesn't prevent a monster from affecting a mortal.
  • Is Annaleise a clear sighted mortal, if she's not, the mist will twist her sight and the fire-breathing horse will appear as a regular creature.

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Just some minor issues and your claim shouldn't be too far away from approval.

  • Stymphalian birds can fly very quickly, I doubt that Jayce would be "lucky" enough to kill it with un-strategized attack.
    • Even if Jayde had patched her own wounds, her mother could still have noticed the bandages, bruises and/or scratches. How come Annaleise did not notice and question Jayde about what had happen to her?
  • For this: "Things were going smoothly, it was just over a year before the last attack on Jayde but she was still weary of everything.", do you mean "after"?
  • If Jayde was to come close to the fire-breathing horse, it would probably defend itself by kicking her with its hooves. It wouldn't just let Jayde stab it and kill it with her Celestial Bronze dagger.
  • Was Jayde attacked on the way to camp? I would suggest you add a monster encounter while they head for camp, monsters tend to try and stop demigods from getting to the safety of camp.

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