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Names: Jaylen and Ash Sykes
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God Parent: Apate, Harmonia and Hebe

Mortal Parent: Elijah Sykes

Owners: Hydro (Jaylen), Ash (IFW)

Appearance: (check pics)

Personality: Jaylen is quite arrogant and disrespectful, He's street smart and clever. He's quick to insult someone. Ash is  nicer, more humble, intelligent, reactive, than his brother. But he is also weaker.

History: Elijah Sykes was an infamous crime lord of Chicago. He ruled the streets with an iron fist. Elijah was cruel and made sure to spread fear everywhere. He had his enemies killed without remorse. He was smart and strategic. He was the perfect godfather. But he had one specific weakness, women. Elijah was known for having many women around him. He had normally brought home a woman or two at least every night.

One day as he was driven around in the streets in his armored car by his shofur. He saw a very elegant woman. He quickly told his chauffeur to stop the car. He quickly walked out and spoke with the woman. He had asked her back to his mansion. But she had refused. Stating with a wink that "it won't be that easy". Elijah had asked her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The woman had quickly agreed. Elijah then realized he never asked her name, he did so and the woman replied "you can call me Marissa". So Elijah had took Marissa to the most elegant restaurant in town. He had charmed her quite often. You could say the date was a success. Because Marissa had agreed to go with Elijah back to his mansion where they made very passionate love. But obviously Elijah was unaware that his new lover was Apate, Greek goddess of fraud, deceit and trickery. 

After this interesting encounter. Apate had left the mansion while Elijah was sleeping. In the morning Elijah thought nothing of it. Since he was used to one night stands with women. Apate was impregnated with Elijah's child (or children). So 9 months later, Apate had left twin boys by the mansion. She decided to allow Elijah to name them. She rung the doorbell and quickly took off. One of the butlers, Richard had answered the door. He saw the twin boys and quickly scooped them up and brought them to Elijah. It was more than obvious he was the father. He had told Richard to just drop them off at an orphanage. But Richard who actually had a heart, unlike his employer, had convinced Elijah to keep the boys. Stating they could run his organization for when he retired. Of course Elijah had liked the idea. So he had kept the two boys, naming them Jaylen and Jacob.

Growing up the boys we're homeschooled and spent most of their time in the mansion, causing trouble and pulling pranks in all their free time. They rarely saw or talked to their father since he was too busy being a godfather. So Richard was put in charge of raising the boys. Spending time with them, playing with them and scolding them whenever they caused the trouble which was quite often. At some point Jacob had adopted the nickname "Ash". Jaylen and Ash had come to think of Richard as a father, rather than Elijah. 

One day when the boys we're 12, there was a raid on the mansion. A raid by a rivaling crime family. It was a bloodbath. Bullet noises everywhere, bloody corpes littered the floor. Elijah was one of these corpses from a bullet to the forehead. The rivaling family had clearly seized victory. But their leader had known of Jaylen and Jacob. He wanted to prevent a rebirth of their father's criminal empire. He wanted them dead. So he sent some of his heavily armed goons to find and kill them. Richard hid Jaylen and Jacob in the basement during all the fighting. He would've taken them far away for their safety, if only. Richard had lead the boys to a small exit through the back. But two of the goons had found them. They had quickly opened fire on the three of them. Richard has jumped in front of the boys and quickly yelled "Boys get out of here!" as he took the bullet fire. He was shot all across the torso. Jacob was mortified at the sight. But Jaylen quickly grabbed his arm as they ran off. They had managed to outrun the goons. Jaylen had led Jacob to a safehouse he had heard his father talk about one day. They went it and got everything they needed. Money, Food and Clothes. They then proceeded to flee the city. Since a whole crime family had still wanted to kill them.

For one year, the boys managed to survive off their father's money. Living quietly as possible. Making sure their money lasted as long as possible. One day when Jaylen and Jacob we're going to the supermarket, a hellhound had attacked them. They couldn't outrun the beast. They would've been eaten for sure but a CB sword had swiftly decapitated  it's head, causing the beast to fade away. The boys looked up to see a blonde girl holding the sword, barely older than them. She had introduced herself as Lauren, daughter of Hades. She had explained the whole concept of demigods, monsters and camp. Jacob had asked them why she wasn't there. Lauren had replied that she had grew bored of camp life. And had decided to explore the world. So the boys we're taken to camp, we're claimed by Apate and begun training and started to develop their powers. Lauren had decided to stay with them for a few weeks. Because she wanted to make sure they settled into camp well and she also thought Jaylen was cute. But she and Jaylen and grew bored of camp life quite quickly. So they had left camp and set off in search of adventure. Jacob had tagged along, wanting to be able to watch out for his brother.

So for 3 years, the three of them had traveled the country. Slaying monsters, pickpocketing mortals for all the money they needed and even saving an untrained demigod from time to time. But one day that had all ended. After a near fatal encounter with a dragon. Lauren had decided it would be best if they stayed at camp. So the three of them had nearly made their way back to camp. But they had encounted Cecilia Levine, daughter of Phlegethon and Lieutenant of the Broken Covenant. She knew they weren't on her side. So she decided to end them. Cecilia's powers had overwhelmed the three of them. Cecilia had fired a stream of fire towards Jaylen. Lauren had pushed him out of the way. She was horribly burned on contact. The attack had ended her life. But Jaylen was mortified at his loss. Lauren was more than a friend to her. They we're dating for a couple months in fact. Before Cecilia could kill Jaylen as well. Jacob created an illusion of a hellhound attacking her. While she was distracted, he took his brother back to the safety of camp Weapons: Jaylen possesses a CB axe and shield with throwing knives, while Jacob uses CB claws

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