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Jemma Martin

Name: Jemma Martin

Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Aeolus, Boreas or Notus

Mortal Parent: Clare Martin

Appearance: See right.

Personality: Jemma likes the outdoors and isn't bothered by any sort of weather. She is friendly and will happily converse with anybody as long as they don't ask to many personal questions. She sees things in black and white and will often form an opinion of somebody before really getting to know them.

History: Clare Martin was a high school teacher. She had a liking for astrology, and would often drive to the hill outside town, in order to watch the stars, away from the big city and all of the light pollution. This was a regular occurence, and it gave Clare some much-needed peace and quiet. Now, Aeolus had took note of this mortal woman. He first saw her when he was having an angry spell. He thought she was looking at him. She dared to view the almighty Aeolus. He wanted to pick her up off the ground and drop her in a volcano there and then. Luckily for Clare, Aeolus quickly entered a happy spell and abandoned those thoughts. He instead watched her for a number of days (which was forever in godly terms) before visiting her one night. He surprised her and she almost screamed. But then they started talking and revealed their shared interests (mostly just the sky). Aeolus realised that this mortal woman was not looking for him in the sky, but by this point he had already taken an interest in her. So he flirted with Clare and this resulted in them having sexual intercourse. After the event, Aeolus informed Clare of his true nature. She was initially disbelieving, not truly understanding until Jemma came along.

When Jemma was born, Clare spent a lot of time with her since her maternity leave ended as the school holidays began. What Aeolus said had played on her mind a lot. She went out stargazing even more, taking Jemma along with her. She never got any reply from Aeolus but deep down she knew she wouldn't. Clare Martin cannot have been the only woman in his life. Her search for answers did lead to her acquiring a celestial bronze arrow, though. Clare was unaware of its true origin, only that it was inscribed with ancient greek symbols. Jemma liked the arrow, possibly because she could understand the inscription. The one thing that Clare had begun to notice was that Jemma liked it up on that hill, especially in strong winds. It would even calm her down if she was crying.  As Jemma grew up, her mother took her outside every time she cried. It wasn't long before Clare's co-workers and neighbours saw Clare leave her child outside in the wind and rain every time she cried. Clare told anybody who questioned her parenting method about the night of Jemma's conception and about her godly heritage. Concerns were raised and it wasn't long before social services arrived. Clare told anyone and everyone about Aeolus but they wouldn't listen. So at age 9, Jemma was taken into foster care, whilst Clare was sent to an asylum.

Jemma had a good enough upbringing in the foster home. She had quickly made a friend. A boy named Caine Mckenzie whose mother had died. He was like Jemma in the fact that neither knew their biological father. However, whilst Caine was angry at the world for taking his mother, Jemma just accepted it. The world was cruel. Jemma was never one to hold grudges and a grudge against the world was a big grudge to hold. She did take solace in reading though. She wasn't interested in the story though. Her dyslexia meant that she couldn't read cohesively anyway. She just liked it because she felt clever doing it. She also pursued outdoor activities. At age 11, Jemma had started archery lessons. Possibly influenced by the celestial bronze arrow that she had kept on her person at all times since her mother found it, she also liked how easily the arrows fired and the fluidity of the bow. She was extraordinarily good at it too. It was as if she could judge the wind conditions just right as to make an accurate shot, whatever the weather. Despite her new hobby, she and Caine still remained close. They even dated for a year but it didn't last. Caine was always too focused for her. It was like his mind never wandered. So they broke up, as middle schoolers do.

Jemma's first encounter with a monster was when she was 13. She and Caine, who were still on friendly terms, were sat in a forest near Jemma's archery range. They were talking when a hellhound burst through the trees and charged at them both. They both ran out of the way with surprising speed and the hellhound hit a tree. It then turned around, with murder in mind. Jemma thought that it would charge at her. She had listened to her mother tell her that she was a demigod for nine years so she suspected that she would be enemy number one. Surprisingly however, the hellhound targeted Caine. Unbeknownst to Jemma, Caine was also a demigod. It charged and headbutted him, throwing him deeper into the forest. It was about to go and finish the job when Jemma got its attention. She led it to the archery range, grabbed a bow and arrows from the equipment shelf, and hid. When she heard the hellhound nearby, she stood up and fired a total of three arrows at it, with two hitting it in the chest and a third striking its paw. It only seemed slightly concerned. Jemma, realising that she couldn't fight the hellhound off head on, decided to use some trickery. She got the hellhound to charge at her and, when it hit the wall, she came up from behind and stabbed it through the heart with her celestial bronze arrow, reducing it to dust. After she had recovered from the shock of the monster attack and everything she knew changing, she set off in search of Caine. He couldn't be found though, and Jemma went back to the foster home, more withdrawn than she was before, waiting for someone to tell her it was all alright.

She stayed at the foster home for a further year, more withdrawn than before. She desperately wanted to understand what was happening. Caine was long gone, and the police had interviewed Jemma multiple times about it. She spent more and more time practicing archery. By the end of the year she was getting perfect shots consecutively. This helped her when her second monster attacked. She was on a trip to the beach with the rest of the foster kids in her home. Jemma was taking the opportunity to practice her archery skills away from the other children, feeling strengthened by the summer breeze. It was then that the heat around Jemma intensified as a firebreathing horse came from around the coast and charged her head on. She managed to avoid it and got her bow ready. She had been training for a second monster attack since the one that took Caine a year ago. She stood with her back to the ocean, waiting for the horse to charge. When it did, she shot it in the leg and rolled out of the way. The horse tried to turn around but its injured leg meant that it could not. It ploughed straight into the sea and dissolved. Jemma was exhausted. She knew that she would not be kept safe at the foster home. So she prayed to her father, who she wasn't sure even existed, for some form of help. After a while, a strong gust of wind blew north west. With no other leads to go off, Jemma left in that direction, with only the clothes on her back, bow and the arrows in her quiver.

After travelling for six months, Jemma rested in a small village. She was rooting through a bin for some food when she heard a quiet hissing behind her. She turned around on instinct, bow drawn. She saw a scythian draconae advancing on her, sword out. Quickly, Jemma shot it in its sword arm, forcing it to drop it. However, with its other arm the draconae grabbed Jemma's bow and threw it away, along with a handful of arrows. Jemma kept her celestial bronze arrow in her belt though and brought it out, stabbing the draconae in the gut. It collapsed into a dust pile, and Jemma retrieved her bow. Awaiting another attack, Jemma set off moving again, in the same direction as she had started half a year before.

She pushed on for just under a year before her next monster attack. She had turned 16 the week prior, but didn't think to celebrate it. She had just left a town where she had found some scraps to keep her going. She was in the middle of a field, still following the general direction of the wind, when she heard soft footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw a telkhine running slowly, spear raised. She fired an arrow at it and it struck the telkhine in the hand, forcing it to drop its weapon. She felt exhausted by this point though, and collapsed. Before she passed out, Jemma caught a glimpse of goat legs.

When she awoke, Alexander the Great was staring at her. He told her that, in her sleep, she had been claimed by Aeolus and that her training was to begin at once. With no legal guardian, she was to remain full-time at the camp, where she would be relatively safe from harm.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow. Jemma has one celestial bronze arrow, covered in ancient greek lettering.

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ok before I could claim this please change a few things

  • no ordinary bow and arrow can kill these monster it needs to be made from celestrial bronze soo please change that and add to how she received them

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Explanation of the arrow added. I included the minotaur because Caine is also a demigod, so a medium monster would have arrived as it would have sensed them both. I can change it if you dislike it though. Copicat123 (talk) 20:49, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

Please mention why there's suddenly a bow and arrow even though Clare didn't know where it came from. Did the father leave it there on purpose? Did a demigod leave it there? etc etc

Minotaurs are included in the medium level monsters which means that they won't attack demigods who haven't gone to camp yet and would just appear usually on quests. I know that in the books, minotaurs don't choose who they want to attack but in this wiki, they made certain rules regarding monster attacks :( so Emma actually fighting the monster even though it came for Caine would be difficult for her and could even kill her that instant.

Kindly mention a monster attack for each year that passed, at least one. You forgot to add one when she was 14.

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Corrections added. Copicat123 (talk) 16:37, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

this may be a small manner but may I suggest you change the one bow to a quiver full? it would be more beneficial to you for any fighting rp but other than that its ok

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