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Name: Jenna March

Age: 17

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aeolus, Boreas, Zeus

Mortal Parent: Kara March

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Personality: Jenna is considered by most a wild spirit. She is an open book and very trustworthy. She is fun, carefree, and "different". It is very easy to become her friend, and when you are she will protect to until the day she dies.

History: Jenna's parents met when Kara, her mother, left to her high school reunion in Paris, France where she used to live. After a couple hours of laughing and drinking white wine, she left to go to the large windy hillside a couple blocks away from the party. While she was calmly relaxing under a shady tree, she saw a handsome man appear in front of her. After the strange man calmed her down from her panic attack, they talked all evening as if they'd known eachother forever.

Jenna's birth didn't go as smoothly as planned. Kara ended up having to have a C-Section birth. While the surgery was going on in a different room then before, the winds were picking up and blowing wildly. Gusts of wind bursted throughout the Hospital even when the windows and doors were closed tight. Once Jenna finally came into the world, the windstorm calmed and relaxed. Her mother held her tightly to her chest once she woke up from the anethesia. Kara vowed to love her daughter until the end of time.

Jenna's early childhood consisted of traveling to the windy hills of Paris during summer vacation, and going to Chuck-E-Cheese on weekends. She would always ask her mother why her father was never around to go to her birthday parties, or to go to Yogurtland after seeing a movie. Her mother would always say the same thing, That's a conversation for later, Sweetie. In short, Jenna's childhood was nice.

Jenna found out she was a demigod right when she finished her track meet. Not only did she not even stop for a breath while running, but when she left with her mother to a celebratory camping trip in the mountains, she suddenly started to float. Once it stoppped, Jenna felt drained and empty. That's when her mother told her who her father was and why he was never around. He was a god.

When Jenna was 14 she had her first monster attack. According to her mother, it was late in her life because she always kept Jenna away from the world. She was hanging out with her long time friend, Cassandra at her beach house in Florida. When they went on a walk in the private beach, a larger than most scorpion scuttled quickly towards them. While Jenna stood shocked, surprised, and scared, Cassandra grabbed Jenna's hand and ran quickly to get back to the beach house. Whilst Jenna was being dragged away from the monster, she turned around and lifted her hand up out infront of her and concentrated. Suddenly the large scorpion stopped in its tracks and was sliced in two. Jenna made Cassandra promise that she wouldn't tell anyone about what happened that day on the windy beach.

Her second attack was a couple months after she turned 15. Jenna was in Paris with her mother on vacation. While her mother was out shopping, Jenna stayed behind on the windy hill drawing the scenery. Suddenly a really big dog charged at her. Her eyes widened in fear as she dropped the notepad and ran. Jenna remembered what happened last time when she was attacked by a large scorpion and how she "defeated" it. She turned around swiftly, eyes closed tightly, and sliced her hand across the air. When she opened her eyes the large hound was lying on the grass dead. She found her 

Jenna's third monster encounter was at the age of 16. Since she didn't really like the rule that her mom set about her not being able to be out alone by herself, she normally defied it. Nothing really happened to her until this one day. She snuck out into the large park that people normally didn't go to that time of day. She sat directly underneath a maple tree drawing the swingset and trees. Out of nowhere, a weird mixture of a woman and a bird flew full speed towards her. Jenna tried to remain as calm as possible, but it didn't really work. She thrust her hands fowards quickly towards the woman bird, and it went flying backwards far away from Jenna and the park. After she did that, she felt completely drained and weak. The last thing she saw before she passed out was her mother running towards her. Once Jenna woke up she said that she would follow the rule to her best ablilities.

When Jenna got to Camp Half-Blood with Cassandra, the satyr who was there for Jenna's first monster attack, who also disguised herself as a normal person, she was 17. Before they left together, Jenna wrote a letter to her mother, Kara that said what she was doing and where she was going. Once they were ready, Cassandra called in a favor from a friend to get them a ride. They didn't recieve any monster attacks while traveling to camp. Jenna and Cassandra got there save and sound without any injuries. Once Cassandra made sure Jenna was going to be okay at camp. She left to continue her job of finding and rescuing other demigods.

Weapons: Medium Sized Celestial Bronze Sword she got from her mother who kept it in the safe in her room, saying it was a gift from her father.

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how did she received the weapon? and also how old is she??

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17 is too old for the first monster attack soo please change that and remember after the first attack monster would attack her once a year...(you can pick one here

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 18:29, December 20, 2014 (UTC)

  • For children of the minor gods, if I am not mistaken, their first monster encounters are usually in the age range of 11-14. 14 is even considered already late but still acceptable if the circumstances mentioned are right.
  • Knives, daggers and the like aren't allowed to be used for primary weapons in the wiki so you will have to change her weapon preference.
  • Mention at least one monster attack each year since the beginning of her first monster encounter.

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Why did her first monster encounter start at 14? As what I've mentioned above, 14 is still an acceptable age however, you must provide a good reason why it began that late.

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Is Cassandra an existing char? If not, you would have problems with your claim saying this satyr exists when the wiki does not have such a character. Perhaps it is safer to say that the satyr went away to continue her job, looking for demigods, saving them and etc. Of course, this is just a suggestion.

Also, how was her mother able to obtain such a weapon and then give it to her?

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