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Name: Jennie, or Gyuri, Chang. (this character is based off my BFF. yay!)

Gender: Female

God Parent: Number one choice is Asteria, but if not, I'd like Iris or Apollo.

Mortal Parent: Her dad is Kyung-Suk Chang, a businessman that currently lives in Califoirna.

Appearance: Jennie's natural hair shade is dark brown, but sometimes she dyes it a caramel tint. She has fair, on the verge of pale, skin that seems illuminated from within. She has wide brown eyes, which generally look huge since she emphasizes it with eyeliner. She often dresses comfortably, yet fashionably. She loves jewelry and is almost always seen wearing earrings or a necklace.


What Jennie generally looks like.

Personality: Jennie is mostly quiet and doesn't talk a lot, and likes to read books. She also has a passion for writing, and has notebooks full of her old stories. She can sometimes be friendly, but most of the time she seems as if she is sulking, lost in her own world. She can have a scathing tongue when she is annoyed or irritated, or if she's talking to someone she dislikes. Jennie also seems to have a grudge against boys-when she went to school, the boys there were quite immature and cruel. That doesn't mean she hates them, however-if she is approached by a boy, she will be cautious at first but will warm up if they can prove they're not like that. She, surprisingly, also seems to be cut-off from girls-she doesn't share her thoughts with anyone, really, unless they're close. She loves listening and telling stories, even if they're silly.

History: The story begins in the cold, windy town of Quebec, Canada. Chang Kyun-Suk was having a meeting with the rest of his business when the stars emerged from the dark sky. 

This was the night he met Asteria.

He only intended to stay in Quebec for a week. But he ended up staying there for months, as he grew closer with the wonder woman that was Asteria. Why her, of all goddesses? Perhaps it was her simple power-stars-and just the uniqueness and simplicity of her that Kyung-Suk loved. But one day, on the first day of December, Asteria vanished. Forever. No note, no phone call.

Just gone like that.

Chang Kyung-Suk was a heartbroken man, but he was raised with discipline, to overcome anything with an iron heart. And so he slid barriers of steel around his heart and refused to ever feel sadness, grief, sorrow, joy, the human things we feel. All he would allow himself to feel is pride.

He returned to Seoul and thought he would move on, maybe marry someone. Then one day, on one starry night, Kyang-Suk opened the door to go out for a drink with friends, when he found a bundle wrapped in black blankets on his doorstep. 

It was maybe by accident, maybe by design. But he thought he had heard a whisper, "Take care of our daughter."

And so he raised the girl, naming her Gyuri after his deceased sister, with the same iron will and rough discipline. But instead of growing up as a tough and enduring daughter he had hoped for, she shyed away from his fearsome discipline and instead was raised to be soft and gentle. She was interested in writing stories instead of learning business like her father, and liked nothing more than curling up with a book listening to music. They got along on some terms. But eventually, his patience ran out with his soft daughter and often exploded in violent fights. He got his wish-these arguments would shake poor Gyuri, but her heart became steel-from the sneering faces of her classmates, from her fearsome father. 

But instead of becoming tough and obedient, she became tough and free-sprited. 

Her father was angered and often punished her with his "discipline stick", AKA for his golf club. Gyuri would write every night on a novel, about how she would fight every second of her life until she could break away from the life she was in.

One faithful day, while she was on vacation with her father at New York, she met a strange  girl. The girl was rather twitchy, and wore sneakers and a baseball cap, with long, thick jeans and  sweater, even though it was almost ninety degrees. The girl was nibbling an empty Coke can as she introduced herself to Gyuri. She had a sense of knowing in her eyes. Or maybe it was just another twitch.

They sat together at a cafe, Gyuri now being a teenager. The waitress approached them, her eyes boring into Gyuri's. As soon as Gyuri began ordering a latte, the waitress' legs lengthened into snake trunks, her skin green and horrible, and her pen lengthening into a spear. Gyuri screamed, thinking she was just seeing things.

It all happened in a blur.

A couple of people her age rushed out, wielding-swords and shields?-taking on the monster as she bared her teeth. The twitchy girl threw off her sneakers, exposing hooves, and grabbed Gyuri's wrist, pulling her away.

That's when she fainted.

When she awoke, she was in an infirmary, far away from New York City. She was updated on her status-a demigod. It took months to sink in, but by then, she had learned kick-ass combat skills. That night, an image appeared above her head-a quail. She was the daughter of Asteria.

Today, she is 16, and a camper at Half-Blood Hill. Her father moved to Califoirna, and she never speaks to him anymore, or cares to mention him. One thing's certain-she's never been the same since.

Weapons: Gyuri, who now calls herself Jennie, is most skilled with a knife, but favors a bow and arrow as well. 

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