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NOTE: This character is a flower nymph

Name: Joli (Formerly Angelique Smith)

Gender: Female

Parents: Mortals

Age: 17 (permanently)


Personality: Joli is the type of girl who love nature.She loves flowers and she objects against people cutting down forests.You could say that she is a hippe sometimes, but Joli just loves nature and everything about it.She also loves music and she's very cautious of people and their actions.Joli's favorite flower is also the rose and you will see her wear a lot of outfits involving roses, or even a rose in her hair.

History: I was born as Angelique Smith, daughter of two mortals who were very rich and famous moviestars and I was a mortal who could see through the mist.I loved my life.I knew about the monsters, the demigods, the gods, and everything.I was also friends with a demigod.Me and him had started a relationship, and me and him loved each other very, very much.His name was Finn Parkers, and he was the love of my life.

Of course though, Finn had to leave every summer, since he wasn't a year-rounder at camp.He did write letters to me, but eventually, he stopped writing letters to me and you could say I became...worried.The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months.When it was time for him to leave, he never came back home.I was worried naturally like any other girlfriend would be.So, I decided to go to Camp Half-Blood to see if I could find him.

Finn had a satyr friend and I asked him to take me to camp, and he did.When we got there, I was in for a surprise.I found out Finn had left camp two weeks after his arrival, and not only that, but he joined the Broken Covenant.I was upset and I cried.I couldn't believe Finn had betrayed camp like that.And not only that, but he-okay sorry.Getting ahead of myself there.

I was let into camp and me and the satyr walked into the forest.He comforted me while I was still crying over Finn leaving me.Just then, Finn emerged from the shadows, with a sword pointed at me.I soon was angry.I knew all about celestial bronze, but it didn't look like celestial bronze to me.I then saw that it wasn't a sword, but a dagger.A silver one.Finn then gutted me and he left me there to die.He also killed the satyr too.I was dying and Finn's parent, Persephone, felt pity on me for her son doing that.She turned me into a flower nymph and she tied me to my favorite flower: to a rose bush to be exact.So I guess you could say I'm a rose nymph sort of.

Anyways, I decided to stay at Camp Half-Blood and so now, I live in the Camp Half-Blood Forest.I also decided to change my name to Joli, so that way, no one ever knew who I was.

Weapons: None

OOC: BTW, Finn joined the Broken Covenant because he always hated life at Camp Half-Blood and he hated the gods.He wanted revenge on them and so, he decided to join the Broken Covenant If you can dodge a wrench, then you can dodge a ball!!!! 21:13, February 17, 2012 (UTC)

You have to make sure you fill out an actual character for this Finn character. You can't just decide a character is in the BC. Windsword7HoggyhoggyLet the magic begin

Yeah, I'm going to make Finn.WisdomShowsTruth 13:15, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

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