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  1. Name: Judith “Jude” Clark
  2. Gender: female
  3. God Parent: Psyche, then Morpheus or Demeter
  4. Current Age: 16
  5. Mortal Parent: Peter Clark
  6. Appearance: long reddish-brown hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin
  7. Personality: Jude is very intelligent, and very empathetic. She can feel the emotions of others very strongly and sometimes this causes her to be closed off because emotions are powerful and tiresome. She’s very friendly though, and likes to meet and help people. She’s also very close with some of her soul’s past incarnations and often turns to them for advice on her problems. She’s funny and likes to make people laugh, but she’s also very sarcastic and has a fairly short temper. Her temper is definitely one of her weaknesses as she has little control over her abilities when she’s very angry. She’s also very good at holding grudges.
  8. History: Peter Clark was born and raised in Malibu, California, and is a travel writer for a local magazine. Though his job was not the most lucrative, he enjoyed it imensely, and it allowed him to travel to Greece, where he met Psyche. He was there to write about visiting Greece during Carnival season. Psyche was there enjoying the celebrations, and they met at a dance on during the second week of the season. They fell madly in love and had one incredible night together, however in the morning Psyche returned to Olympus for Eros, and left Peter alone in Greece. Peter was dismayed at Psyche's dissappearance, but he never forgot her.

    Once returned to Mount Olympus Psyche discovered she was pregnant. She remained on Olympus for the duration of the pregnancy, and was accompanied only by Eros and her most trusted friends during the birth. The birth, which was unsually difficult, lasted several days. When finally the baby girl was born, Psyche named her Judith, and disappeared off Mount Olympus with her so that none of the more wicked gods (or Eros' spurned lovers) could get to her. Psyche took baby Judith to Peter, who was shocked to learn that Psyche was a goddess, and that he now had a daughter. However, he immediately took to Judith, and Psyche left Judith with Peter, but not before telling him to watch out for her, as she would come to be in great danger as she grew. 

    Judith grew happily and quickly in the California sun. She was a happy, loving child and Peter raised her to be kind, though she was quite the spitfire and grew into a terrible temper that he claimed probably came from her mother. Peter told her from the get go that she was a demi-god, and he told her who her mother was. Judith grew up to be obsessed with Greek mythology and learned everything she could about the subject. Her father was warry of Psyche's warning, and so he took to training her to fight with a sword starting when she was only eight years old. He told her about her mother's warning, and together they trained themselves to fight through whatever means necessary. Judith was good with a sword, and stumbled onto her demi-god abilities when she was twelve, right around puberty. She was very adept with creating telekinetic weaponry, and quickly learned to create a psychic short sword to match her practice short sword. The first monster to find her appeared when she was thirteen. A harpie attacked her and her father while they were hiking in the California mountains. Since her and Peter had been training together, they successfully managed to fight the harpie off, with Judith dealing the killing blow with her telekinetic sword. That night Peter decided they needed to move around to keep Judith safe. He signed off on several coinciding work trips for the travel magazine, and they packed up that night. The next morning, before they were able to leave, they noticed a celestial bronze short sword sitting on their porch adressed to Judith. It was a gift from Psyche. Judith named the blade Fanos, which is the Greek word for lantern, as a reference to her mother's myth, and a reminder to trust those you love. 

    Around this time Judith learned about her soul's past incarnations. During a meditative session she met several of her past lives. She bonded most strongly with the last two to inhabit her body, Penelope Bradbury and Lydia Eddison. The three of them became good friends, and they began to help Judith with complex problems and in times of difficult decision making. Judith constructed a door in her mind behind which the consciousness of Penelope and Jennfier resided in case she ever needed their help. To speak with them she needed only to meditate. 

    Judith and Peter spent the next two and a half years traveling around the world running from various monsters. Peter wrote for the magazine, and Judith learned to use Fanos. Finally, when Judith was sixteen and they were living temporarily in Rome, she decided the strain of their lifestyle was too much for her father, and that she needed to leave him in order to keep him safe. She didn't yet know of Camp Half-Blood, but she prayed to her mother for a way to get away from her father in order to save him. The next day a satyr called Ren appeared on their doorstep. Judith said goodbye to her father, packed her things, and headed to Camp Half-Blood. Judith and Ren had a long journey ahead of them, and made most of it relatively unscathed. When they arrived in New York they were faced with a hellhound. With help from Ren and Fanos, Judith killed the creature and together they made their way, finally, to camp. 
  9. Possessions/Weapons: a celestial bronze short sword called Fanos that she usually pairs with a telekinetic short sword
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