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Name: Julie Breeze

Godly Parent: Ares

Species: Demi-God/Human

Current Age: 15

Mortal Parent Name: Kimberly Breeze

Appearance: Julie has violet/purple eyes with long dyed black hair. Her skin is slightly pale, but more tan than Daniel's. She typically wears a skirt with a t-shirt underneath a light jacket.

Personality: Julie is very cheery and happy. She is also impulsive at times. When angry though, it's a completely different story: She's vengeful, violent and filled with hate at her enemies. She has an intense fear of reptiles, Snakes being an exception.

History: Kimberly Breeze was on a cruise ship, and as she was walking along, she accidentally bumped into Ares who was going by the name James. Kimberly apologized and offered to buy the man a drink as an apology. He accepted, later, at the bar, Ares and Kimberly got drunk out of their minds. Kimberly constantly flirted with him. Kimberly, then, invited James to her room on the cruise ship, he, still drunk, accepted. Kimberly wanted to just get to know Ares, but he ended up raping her after she slapped him screaming "NO"

Ares left, without a trace, so Kimberly asked the workers where James' room was. They informed her that there is no James on this cruise ship, she, was confused, naturally. She learned that she was pregnant, from the rape, and decided to give the child up for adoption. It turned out that she had twins, a boy and a girl. A few years later in New York, Julie and her twin brother Daniel, grew up healthy and happy with their adoptive parents Sarah and Timmy and their Adoptive siblings, Jenny, Zane, Kai, Olivia, Karen and Steve.

Unlike her siblings, Julie was rather popular. She often went out with her best friends, Emily and Jane, to parties or just hanged out. Julie and Daniel always went to the same school, but slowly started to drift apart due to 'social standings' as Jane put it. Thanks to her friend Emily, who told a story about reptiles, she has an intense phobia of reptiles, especially Frogs. Although she doesn't seem to mind snakes, she is reluctant to touch them, wheras if someones mentions other reptiles she will start muttering about Zombies and Reptilian People, as well as stiffen.

When Julie was 9 she had her first monster attack. The family was out, at a park, and a group of monsters showed up. Each kid except for herself, Olivia, Daniel and Karen all died. Timmy and Sarah didn't die, though. They almost died because they tried to help the Demi-God's, and due to their clear sighted nature, they ended up being capable of seeing the monsters. Then, in a rage, she, Olivia, Daniel and Karen all fought against that group. Daniel and Julie accidentally tapped into their violent abilities and managed to stab some monsters with swords a Satyr(who noticed the fight and grabbed the swords) gave them. Olivia somehow shot beams of energy that burnt the Stymphalian Birds to death. Karen, however, she went on the blitz, which is strange due to her timid nature, and she drowned a lot of them. However, all of them except for Daniel and Julie were quickly killed by a a Scythian Dracne, which, being preoccupied with the others, did not see that Julie and Daniel were sneeking up, and they beheaded the creature.

The Satyr requested to bring Daniel and Julie to camp, but Sarah and Timmy refused. They kept the kids for several years, in which monsters DID attack, but not enough for the parents to send them off. Eventually, it got so bad that they had no choice but to call the Satyr and the Satyr brought them to camp.

Preferred Weapons: A Bow and Arrow, although she is proficient with a Sword and it's her second choice

--I am The Eternal One. You cannot ever stop me. (talk) 00:26, October 8, 2015 (UTC)


Hey shadow please add in an earlier history please. Like schooling, friends, problem small thing like that. It should go between the 2 and 3 paragraph. thanks

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As you wish. Is it okay, now?--I am The Eternal One. You cannot ever stop me. (talk) 20:53, October 14, 2015 (UTC)

How many monsters attack the four demigods? I sounds like a lot of monsters and i doubt that 4 untrained demigods would be able to defeat that many monsters. Please specific how many monsters there were and which monster were they.

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I believe I stated that, and if I didn't, it would be in the Daniel claim. 4 untrained Demi-Gods did fight them, but 2 were murdered. The other two survived. I already stated that. Also, check the Daniel claim for reference.--I am The Eternal One. You cannot ever stop me. (talk) 22:27, October 20, 2015 (UTC)

In both claims all you state is the Stymphalian birds and the dracne. were those the only monster that attacked them? sorry if i misunderstood i just wanted to be sure

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Pretty much.

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