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Name: Kai Miyazaki 

Gender: Male

God Parent: Poseidon, Palaemon, Notus

Mortal Parent: Kalla Miyazaki

Age: 15

Appearance: He is Hawaiian, but has Japanese ancestry. He is tan in skin and wears his hear mid length. He always smells like the beach, which is his natural sent. He is always wearing a silver ring around his neck that once belonged to Layla.

Kai Miyazaki

Personality: His a very cheerful person, with a cool temper. He has a saying that goes, " Let it drift away like wood in the ocean." He is very polite and kind.  He is one for true love, so he like to take things slow with friendship and entiment relationships. When it comes to relation ship he like to say; "Don't take it like a waterfall, theres no rush."


How They Met

Kalla and Lucas fell in love, meeting at the shack her father owned. He ordered a pina colada smoothie, her favorite. Her father liked him, because he was strong, smart, and polite; meaning he was a great person to leave the shack to. They began dating and  six months later after meeting he had to leave suddenly. He claimed that his mother had died and that he would come back in  ten months. After he left she descovered she was pregnant.  Kalla, only being nineteen was worried that Lucas would be upset, and it didn't help that her father was furious.

Ten months past and Kalla had a one month old baby boy named Kai. She awaited Lucas' return in vain,  having no way to contact him. When it was close to eleven months, she got a letter from Lucas. It explained that he was a Greek god and wished he could go back to her. He explained that Kai was a demi-god and would face great obstacles when he got older. Not wanting her to be worried he made her aware that he would send one of his nymphs to take Kai away to a safe place when the time was right.

Growing Up

Kai lived a peacful life with his mother Kalla in Paia, Hawaii. His mother now owned the beach shack which has brought in many tourist. He would work behind the counter serving food, making coconut hawaiin coffee in the winter, and  banana mango smoothie in the summer. He also ran the surf board waxing shop  behind the beach shack. That is where he met Layla, a mysterious and beautiful girl, that reminded him of an exotic sea creature. She had the type of face where you couldn't tell how old she was. He never asked her where she was from, or who her parents were, or her age. They became very close and slowly he fell in love with her. 

Grandfather's death

Before Kai's love for Layla grew into just that, love he was attacked by a hell hound unknowingly. He and Layla were making a sand castle when it came up to them looking like a cute doggy. But, before he could show his true form Layla pushed Kai's face into the sand and killed the monster easily and quickly. She didn't want to ruin Kai's mundane life until the time was right, like his father had instructed. Unfortunately Kai's grandfather was on the beach when the attack happened and apparently he could see through the mist. The sight of the monster caused a mass heart attack that killed him. This was the start of Kai's new life.

Monster Attack (five years later)

A few months after Kai realizing he loved layla they went on their first date and he was attacked by another hellhound.  They had been on the beach heading to the shack when it happened. Layla saved him once again this time revealing the secret that made her mysterious. She was a sea nymph.  After saving Kai's life they began to walk to his house, on the way she explained who he was, who his father is, and what she was. When they arrived to his mother's house Layla began to explain, but Kalla had already known. She was expecting someone to come, she explained the letter she received from Kai's father to Kai. She had already a bag packed for him and she dedcided that she would fly him to camp herself accompinied by Layla. 

Traveling and Arriving to Camp

While traveling Layla told Kai how she had never been to camp half blood, and would love to live there. She told him about how beautiful the other nymphs said it was and also how peaceful. They would both be in a place where they fit in andcould always  be together. Right before they landed she confessed her love for him.

They made it to New York with no problems, but on their way to the gates of camp half blood they were attacked by a minotaur. Layla, who made a  promise to Kai's father swearing to protect Kai and Kalla with her life, did just that. She killed the meinotaur, just  before dying herself. 

Kalla tried to comfort Kai, but he insisted that she went back home for her own safety, along with his. Now he awaits to be claimed, morning his first loves death.



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How old was he when he was attacked?

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He's 15 now and all of this stuff happened when he was 15 RAAAAWR! I'm a mighty kitten! Oops! No I'm not, I'm just Astrid 07:03, January 12, 2013 (UTC) Being a child of the big three, this would happen so much earlier. He'd be attacked as early as 9 or 10

"long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

Fixed itoh and if I didn't make it clear he was ten when his grandapa died.RAAAAWR! I'm a mighty kitten! Oops! No I'm not, I'm just Astrid 08:10, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

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