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Name: Kaitlyn Celeste Knight

Gender: Female

God Parent: Eros (or Athena or Demeter)

Mortal Parent: Cammy Knight

Appearance: Kaitlyn has waist-length, blonde hair, blue eyes, which often seemed to be dreamily distracted, and faint eyebrows. Her fashion sense: She also favors: a lot of skimpy clothes, usually to show off her body and wears "good bras". She normally wears natural colors for her makeup and sometimes displays dark shades. On occasion she will wear pinks and sometimes wear a more dramatic look to her eyes than before.

Personality: Kaitlyn is rebellious and courageous. She's not afraid to try new things. She can also be very restless, impatient and quick-witted. She is often sensitive and compassionate towards others and she gives very sound advice to anyone she's talking to. Kaitlyn has a creative mind and a very good memory. She is street smart, as she can pick locks and pockets, as well as change the tires of a car. She's also fiercely loyal to the people that she loves.

History: Kaitlyn Knight is a demigod. Her parents first meet in a shopping mall in NYC, she was shopping for himself when she meet Eros. He was all glamoured up and looking for a good time. She was too, so after a few months of messing around, Cammy got pregnant. After giving birth, he walked out, leaving Kaitlyn all alone.

Her mother remarried and to a man that Kaitlyn liked. Her mom's job at a bank helped keep the family wealthy. She was born beautiful and constantly praised, making her vain and self-centered as a result. Her parents took pride in her looks, which she enjoyed. She also enjoyed her stepfather's pleasure in buying her beautiful clothes, her girlfriends' envy, and the admiration of every male she passed.

Kaitlyn never thought that her demigod gifts would get her in trobule. One day she did was alone in her house. A knock on the door and when she answered the door, there was a dog-like creature, she was able to get to her room. For an hour the house was silent, so she went to check the house out. The dog-thing was no where to be seen. But her father was on the floor, being eaten. Through a back door, a satyr came and grabbed her before the dog could notice. They managed to get to the Camp. And ever since, that's where she lived. She was 13 at the time.

Weapons: A bronze knife.


okay let's see how did the god parent's meet? how old was she when she got to camp? what was her childhood like?

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