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Name: Kaito Shinichi (真 海翔)

Age: Demigod; 16

Parents: Aoi Shinichi; Thanatos

Chiba 3

Personality: Kai is somehow a shy person, but as lot would be, he is totally all fun once you get to know him. Apparently, his mood changes time by time, from the point of great happiness to suddenly getting so miserable. His travels have helped him a lot in understanding different people and easily getting used to different customs and traditions. He likes a bit rock and a bit acoustic music, which he always hears with his earphones stuck in his ears. Reading has been a hobby since he got over his dyslexia. Despite his looks, he can be pretty aggressive in a fight.



Aoi Shinichi was professional instructor in mountaineering. Being a daughter raised in a family who lived near the high lands in Japan, she learned to trek up them safely and memorize the tracks.She started easy and slow, like guiding tourists up the wondrous Mount Fuji and the Kumano Kodo of Kii Peninsula. It was fun and she got used to it, so she tried the harder trails. Until finally she reached one of her goals - to guide mountaineers up Mount Tsurugi, one of the mountains to climb in Japan. This had her called to an international company who hires sports instructor. She agreed, and she was sent to different parts of the world to help mountaineers in their goal of climbing really tall mountains.

When she was assigned to instruct for climbing Mount McKinley in America, she met another mountaineer who was one of the people she would be guiding. During the hike, he seemed to talk a lot, yet the stories he told her were fun. He then introduced himself as Neo. They got together and helped each other on helping the other climbers. After that moment, they got to know each other and had dates. They traveled the world and climbed the highest places on Earth together, even though Neo told her he wasn't much into it, he just tried the first time. They dated for a few months, and before the day he left, he told everything to Aoi. She didn't believe him at first, but after showing things that proved his claim, she finally gave in and accepted him.

Aoi went back to Japan. Six months through her pregnancy, she received a letter from Neo, now knowing he was Thanatos. It said that he was busy, but that he was always watching her and will always help her though the hardships. Aoi was thankful. Her manager told her she'd rest and he'd taker her again once she's fine. Then, three days after giving birth to a baby boy whom she named Kaito, Thanatos payed a short visit. He gave his last goodbyes as someone they wouldn't see anymore. He left her a chain link with a small metal rod hanging from it and told Aoi to give it to Kaito soon.

Kaito's Childhood

Kaito wasn't so much of an outgoing guy, but he loved watching his mother teach amateur mountaineers before really going on a trail. He always wanted to try what his mother does, but she told him it was too dangerous. As Aoi jumped from place to place, so did Kai. Each stay in each city or country averagely takes 2 or 3 months. Aoi would hire some nannies to take care of him for a while. She would also either teach him at home when she doesn't have anything to do, or hire a homeschooling teacher for him. Sometimes, she had had him attend summer camps. But Kai also loved training with a bo, which was also offered in some camps he attended to. He didn't have that many friends, considering his life as a suitcase. Yet he wondered a lot who his dad was.

When he turned eight, Aoi gave him the chain bracelet with a small metal rod attached to it. She hired instructors of arts of some weapons such as a sword and martial arts. She saw the Kai had fun. They returned to Japan for a rest when he turned ten. There, Kai decided to try school. Aoi agreed, and he also had some English tutors at home. He also continually attended Japanese art of war classes, training with wooden weapons at first then having real yet light ones next. Those additional lessons didn't interrupt his school hours, though. It was tiring, yet he found it helpful.

Kai sometimes trained by himself at home. But accidentally, he had his chain bracelet's little rod get larger and grow a long, sharp blade. He was shocked, then tried swinging and slashing with it. He hid this from his mother, and found other weapons it could transform into. Twelve years old, he was a top student in his level of the arts. He became good at the weapons that his bracelet could transform into, such as a katana, the bo, the haladie, or a bit of the kusarigama. Kai decided he wanted to train more.

Monster attacks

Aoi was still sent to different places, but she had her sister take care of Kaito. Before his twelfth birthday, he came face to face with a dracanae as he was walking home. Kai was surprised and even forgot what was happening when it pounced on him. He got a bit of a deep scratch, yet he took his bracelet as the rod grew on either side a long stick with spikes on either end. He held it carefully and tried driving the dracanae away with it. The spikes worked as it wounded and scratched it. When it was in the right distance away from him, he swung the bo, willing it to transform to a kusarigama. The sickle cleanly made its way through the monster's body, cleaving it in half. It burst in golden dust, and Kai took his weapon back to normal. He went home immediately, cleaning his bruises and wounds up before his aunt came home. He never told anyone about it.

More years passed. Aoi visited every nine months, he got better in fighting, yet more monsters came. He still didn't tell anyone about them, even though his sudden bruises caused his aunt to be suspicious. Luckily for him, he had attacks when he was away from home. Kai once wanted to tell his mother, but he thought it would be best to shut up. He made crazy conclusions about whatever was happening home, and even connected it to why his dad wasn't with him. That gave him suspicions. He searched up on the monsters - on the Net or in libraries, and only found answers that directed him to mythological monsters. He thought it was crazy, but after many times of encountering them and different kinds of it, he got more suspicious.

A few weeks after his fifteenth birthday, Aoi and him went on a vacation to Italy. They visited every landmark they could find in the tourist map they had. But that visit destroyed Kai's plan of not spilling anything to his mother. They were out for visiting Venice and ride a gondola when a pair of large hellhounds greeted them in a park. Aoi, having the Sight, went silent and frozen in horror, but as Kaito was used to them, he immediately lashed out his weapon handle and called for a haladie. He twirled the double-bladed weapon in his hand and positioned in a fighting stance. The first hellhound charged. Kai swiftly turned and knelt, slashing the blade at the dog's feet then jabbing the other blade on its hide near the neck. It howled, and the other came.

Someone shouted at him. Kaito had a second to take a look and the man threw at him a long bronze stick. A spear. He caught it and immediately blocked the hellhound with it. He was forced to the ground, yet jabbed it again with his blade. The dog had the spear in its mouth and threw it away. Kai's weapon transformed into the bo and used it to block the monster's mouth from him. It was so near to him when it suddenly burst into dust. His mother stood beside him, the spear in her hand. Her eyes were wild with fear.

Camp Half-Blood

The man introduced himself as Ryle, a son of Eris. He told Aoi to bring Kaito to Camp Half-Blood, and that was what Aoi decided after seeing a monster. Ryle then gave the spear to the boy as a parting gift. Yet Kai pleaded to his mom to let him stay for a while and finish the school year. Aoi hesitated,but agreed with his wishes.

A year passed, with two more monster coming but was defeated, Aoi brought Kai to New York. During the travel, she told everything to him - about his father, what he was, where exactly he was going, why she had to do it. Kai understood, and he hugged his mother one last time before he stepped inside the camp.

He has been at Camp for three days now.

Weapons: A golden metallic rod that could be the handle of a katana, a haladie larger than its normal size, a spiked bo or a kusarigama. Blades come out of the rod by will, and they are all made of Celestial bronze metal except for the haladie and katana, which are of Stygian iron. He also has a spear made of Celestial bronze.

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  • Gods are busy beings so they basically don't date a mortal for a year. A few months would be enough.
  • How was he taken care of during her moms instructing when in other countries?
  • How long has he been in Camp since arrival?

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