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Name: Kamilla Sankt

Gender: Female

God Parent: Apollo, Persephone, Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: Bruno/Anna Sankt

Appearance: She has dirty blonde hair that ends at her waist. She has dark brown eyes and slightly pale skin. She stands at 5'6 and has a skinny figure.

Personality: She has a peaceful personality. She doesn't get involved with fights, or drama, as she is much too shy for that stuff. She is calm, and never really outgoing. So, when she starts to like a boy, she throws herself into something. Writing, reading, working and all that stuff. She loves all that's involved with music, as well.

History: Kamilla was born to Bruno/Anna Sankt and [God(dess)] on October Ninth, 1997. Her mortal parent was visiting America from Germany. S/he had gone to a little tea restaurant, and the Olympian and s/he had ordered the same dish but, there was only one left. They ended up sharing and one thing led to another, and they ended up at Anna/Bruno's hotel.

However, the next day, Bruno/Anna had to go back to Germany. S/he didn't realise that a child had come from the little affair. The parent was ecstatic. They had a proven memory of one of the greatest experiences of their life. She got named Kamilla after the tea, Camomile. However, a locket appeared in a black velvet box on the porch with a letter.

"For our little baby, It might be needed. -Your Little Lover"

Kamilla grew up like a normal German girl. She had friends. She had crushes. She went to boring classes. However, little unusual things started happening. Strange people following her, mean dogs (who definitely looked way bigger and more gruesome than a regular dog), and, a few times, she swore she saw real monsters coming after her, causing her to run and hide.

She did, however, keep a precises 3.6 GPA average and learned English. Her parent thought she was overworking herself, so they decided on a trip. To NYC. Kamilla loved the hussle and bustle of the crowded streets, the Big Apple.

As they got there, Kamilla noticed weird things. As she looked out her hotel room's window. She noticed lion like creatures. Like the one she studied in Geography, the Sphinx in Egypt. She also saw snake women. And they were all gathering around the hotel.

She decided to go out for fresh air, thinking she was going crazy. As she stepped out, the snake women turned to her and went after her. She was chased 5 and a half miles before she slammed into a boy. All thoughts of the snake people flew out of the window. She helped the boy up as the snake ladies caught up.

The boy noticed but, also noticed her necklace. He told her to ask her mother/father for help. Kamilla decided to try it, thinking things couldn't do anymore harm. As she asked for help, her necklace changed. The locket became a shield with the same symbol in the center as it did when it was a regular necklace. The chain became a celestial bronze sword. She swung randomly, and ended up cutting one of the leading snake woman in half. The other's backed off in fright.

She stared at the shield and sword as they transformed back into her locket. The boy explained that the symbol was the name, in Greek, of [God(dess)] and that she was most likely a child of theirs. She was also told that he wasn't ordinary, he was actually half-goat and looking for demi-gods. He wrote down directions to Camp.

She went back to her hotel room, and packed. She told her parent that she was going to a year round boarding school for the Arts. S/he cried a lot but, eventually let Kamilla go. She made her way to Camp, where she stays to this day.

Weapons: A locket on a chain. The locket turns into a shield with the sign of her God parent. The chain turns into a celestial bronze sword.

--Little Unusual Me 03:01, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

I don't know if Apollo has a "symbol" per se, or any of the other gods. Unless you mean like, an animal symbol etc. So, after the god/goddess and mortal parent met at the restaurant, they conceived Kamilla and that's it? "Please don't try so hard to say goodbye." 04:04, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

I fixed it to their name in Greek. And, I added a few words more to the History. Now, they don't just have Kamilla like a freak weird situation with no physical contact to them actually going to a hotel room. --Little Unusual Me 11:46, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

How old is she now?

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16 turning 17. If you want me to make her younger, then fine. --Little Unusual Me 23:22, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

Well you could make her younger, or explain how she got to be that old with no monster attacks earlier

Bach23Buch-0117CutepinkclockTardis pixel my first dd by aqua spirit22-d69l8fwBig Bouncy Aristocrat by LeoLeonardo

Eh, I'll make her a bit younger. And slightly explain. --Little Unusual Me 12:46, July 8, 2012 (UTC)

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