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1. Character Name

Kata Riverstone

2. 1 God parent choice


3. Species


4. Current Age


5. Mortal parent name

Timothy Riverstone

6. Personality

Kata is a passionate girl who stands up for her beliefs. She tends to be a humble, modest girl who commonly sacrifices her needs for those of others. She is noted for being extremely hard-working, continuously aiding those who need it. She has always been helping out teachers, and even centaurs. Such acts show her good-willed conscience, tenacity, and compassion. She was also emphasis on logic but is open-minded to new ideas and is creative. Kata is quite responsible and a perfectionist when it comes to getting things done. On the contrary to this, she still has a fun and ridiculous sense of humor. She also tends to be very true to herself, never trying to change her personality for anybody, at the expense of her popularity, and takes pride in her originality. Kata is also very passionate about everything, for the good or bad, especially egalitarianism and having all be accepted by society, including nymphs, centaurs, satyrs and so forth. Being altruistic, Kata always tries to do her best in everything and have a meaning.

Kata is also very individual and introverted, despite liking to help people, prefers to work alone and do her own thing and keep to herself instead of working in groups. Kata is also noted for being very intelligent, coming out in the top 5 of all of her classes. She tends to leaner quickly in that sense. Kata is adventurous and strong willed, always a mystery on the move. Kata is a very deep person... she gets lost in her thoughts and tends to have a poetic view on everything. She rambles in her head about feeling disconnected and out of touch with reality, yet still manages to find beauty in everything. Particularly, she finds everybody both physically and mentally beautiful.

Despite all the good in her, Kata does have much character flaw. Kata tends to be very stubborn, and follows whatever her heart tells her to go. She will do whatever she wants and refuse to do as others tell her to do if she senses it is even the slightest bit against her will. She is also VERY defensive of what she likes and believes in... from a book she read to LGBT rights, she will be quick to snap and be irritated with anybody who tries to insult or mock these things. Being creative and open-minded, Kata, will also constantly get carried away in her mind, distracted from what is around her. Her constantly moving mind also tends to always look for different outcomes, including the bad ones. This anxious behavior leads to her falling into a pessimistic attitude where she can't help but look on the negative side of things.

Kata also feels the constant need to be perfect. This internal self-consciousness and hatred of judgment leads her to not try and stand out, because what if she did and failed horribly? Her fatal flaw is being overly sensitive. Kata reacts largely to small things, and takes everything personally. Her fragile ego is easily shattered, and she can completely lose happiness very quickly. She is also very mysterious, not opening herself up to many people and tending to withdraw from those of which she does. Her mysterious behavior makes it hard for her to be read, for she is always doing what she wants, and with her large imagination, she over thinks.

7. History

Her parents met when the mortal Timothy Riverstone, a paranormal explorer, was lost in the woods, unable to find his way out. He had left on an adventure to see if he could kind any ghosts in the woods, but instead got lost for days. At night, he fell upon a road leading in four different directions. he knew he had walked far, and didn't know how far each road was until the next town. Afraid and hungry, he couldn't choose which path to take. Aphrodite , deciding to help this reckless mortal, appeared at the road, offering him assistance on his way home. After bringing him home, Tim found she was real proof of what he had been studying. Aphrodite found his love for ghosts adorable. This seems unlikely, due to her adoration for happy things, but she found his love for the unknown beautiful.. She came back the next night to see him and listen to his observations of the ghost world. And then the night after, and after that, and the id after that... Soon enough Kata Riverstone was born on September 18th. Aphrodite insisted he leave the paranormal business for his own safety. She told him of camp half blood, and to bring her there when monsters began to attack. Afraid, she left him. Tim married his childhood friend and ex girlfriend two years later, having children a year after.

Kata was born and raised in a suburb in northern new york. Kata, growing up with her parents, younger twin half-brothers Peter and Murray (by three years) , her grandmother and not to mention the many domestic animals, Kata was raised in a very busy home. Dedicated to her studies, she balances friends, family, school, extra curricular activities, and sports with stress, so her busy home takes a toll on her mood when all she wants is time alone. Nonetheless, she manages.

Kata was raised in a very kind, loving family, one that always taught her to be herself and accept others, which had a major impact on her personality, causing her to always do so and to never attempt or think otherwise. Her entire elementary school life , she didn’t have many friends do to her introverted ways and originality. She never was part of any social group, and because of so, never hung out with one. Kata was, and still is, a wallflower, watching and observing everybody else but refusing to join them because she simply doesn’t want to be another blur in the crowd. During her life in middle school +, she made friends with a couple of other kids in her grade. Although still not popular, she knows her 5 friends and very loyal and friendly.

Kata began showing signs of being a daughter of Aphrodite towards the age of 11. When she got extremely angry, she always seemed to make the other person feel worthless without even saying anything. She could always persuade people into doing what she wanted with little effort, and she always seemed to have doves following her. When she was 13, a new boy joined Kata's ballet class. He was very awkward and couldn't walk very well, so Kata had no idea why he had even bothered to show up in the first place, considering he never participated. The two formed a quick bond. While hanging out after school, a hellhound attacked them. Jonathan (who revealed he was a satyr) distracted the beast and instructed Kata to go hide and call her dad, and to request to go to 'the special camp'. When he did arrive, Tim brought a sword Aphrodite had given him as protection, but inexperienced, he dropped in soon into the fight. Kata's instincts kicked in and she managed to kill the hellhound with Jonathan's help. She took the fallen blade and managed to hurt the hellhound, with Jonathan's help confusing it, and ran up to the top building, where she tricked it into falling off the roof to its death. Timothy decided it was for Kata's best to send her to camp, but she refused, not wanting to leave her family. After a month (which went over her birthday), Jonathan talked to her and beged it was for her best. Angry that Jonathan didn’t believe Timothy could protect Kata, he switched her into a different school, and transferred her out of that particular ballet program. After little under a year, Jonathan managed to swap into her new school, and have a serious discussion with her dad. He realized he was being selfish, and let her go to camp. Before heading to her cabin, she chose her weapon; two small daggers (one for each hand) that would transform into a necklace of the daggers at her will.

8. Appearance

Kata has shoulder length curly brown hair, many freckles, and large eyes that always seem to change colours from green to gray to blue. She is petite and small, with (as she puts it) a child like body despite her avergae height. She has glasses, but typically wears contacts. She looks like Natalia Dyer.

9. Signature

Beforewonderland (talk) 03:09, November 22, 2016 (UTC)


This has to have the longest personality I've ever seen in any claim I've read. Anyway, let's get down to business.

  • I'd advise either put a picture of your char, either real life or anime, or write something about how they look. You don't have to but like I said I advise you to
  • the Aphrodite powers can't light things on fire, heal faster I think or make things fly off shelves so please change that to what the powers say children of Aphrodite can do.
  • What age was Kata attacked cause you never mentioned and if she got attacked at 15, that is a little late for a monster attack.

That is all I see right now so hope your claim gets claimed.

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Thanks!!! I didn't even notice any of those mistakes lol. I edited it and hopefully this is okay! tysm...

Beforewonderland (talk) 15:03, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

One last thing, we have a rule here that the demigod can only be at camp for 2 weeks, so could you please either change her age or add extra monster attacks from the age of 13.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Thanks! Hopefuly this one was okay!

Beforewonderland 22:32, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

Hello there, hope you're having an amazing morning, afternoon, or evening today wherever you are!

  • Aphrodite being a cheerful goddesses who loves mesmerizing and beautiful things, why was she interested in the paranormal? It made sense when you had Hecate as the god parent, but it's a bit odd to me for Aphrodite to be interested in something that's grim and dark in nature. Of course, you can make this plausible, so I'm not telling you to scrap it, in case it seem like I'm trying to do that. c:
  • How old was Kata when she started using her powers? A demigod's power doesn't begin to develop until their early teen years and they may faint the first times they use their powers (especially the first time).
  • The first monster attack needs to expanded on (such as how she killed the hellhound) since it's her first.
  • An empousai may be a bit difficult for an untrained demigod, a light monster may be more manageable.
  • Aside from their attack being later, a child of a non-big three gods' scent is treated the same as a child of a big three god's.
  • Since Jonathan is a satyr, why did he wait a year until he brought Kata to camp? Keep in mind that it's a satyr's main priority to do so as soon as possible.
  • How long has Kata been at camp? Please keep what James said in mind.

That's all for now, sorry if this seems overwhelming, but good luck!

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Hopefully these changes will be okay!!! Thanks! lol a lot of what you said was common sense idk how i didn't notice it before. Beforewonderland 19:51, November 27, 2016 (UTC)

Heyoooo its me a random stranger giving you advice .... hi! Still before I start I just want to say seeing how you wrote almost 3 paragraph for personality shows how dedicated you are so with that I hope to give you the same dedication... (if not more cause your a newb and I'm an oldie it would be a bad example if I'm not trying right?) anyhow enough chit chat lets start!

  • I'm a full on advocate for people wanting independence and all but a 10 year old kid working Starbucks... I think I should be concern about the child labor act of that country... cause come on when I was ten i was still struggling to write 3 page essays but if this kid can work at Starbucks when she was ten then I'm waaaay below standards (although there is this one exception to the rule where the kid can't work which is family business cause then the kid would be paid under the counter but even then... would you go to a place where they use child labor? and what worries me even more its not an issue for other claim checkers >.< like come on guys!)
  • sooo is Jonathan still a satyr? or is he a mortal with the "sights" if so you can then make a story about him becoming a priest to join Kata in camp (...totally not giving you ideas *innocent*)
  • I'm sorry but we have a 2 weeks rule where a character is not allowed for more than 2 weeks in camp cause then it would be metagaming knowing stuff that the char shouldn't so the max she can stay in camp is 2 weeks HOWEVER you can just say "she refused to go to camp till *insert someones name* begged her" or someone almost died protecting her so that would give you a few years gap (but remember each year she doesn't leave for camp she needs to be attacked by a monster)

welll thats all the wrong I see I hope I didn't scare you away >.< anyhow good luck :)

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omggg i completely forgot I wrote she had a job lmaoooooo... thanks for pointing that out because that would have been very strange lol... Beforewonderland 18:13, November 28, 2016 (UTC)

Hi! Sorry for the lots of notes we have been giving you. However, I have only one thing left for you to fix. A demigod is attacked between 10-13 years of age. Older than that requires a valid reason. And since Kata seems to have honed her powers a bit, getting attacked at 14 is not really appurtenant. Thank you for your patience!

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Considering you fixed Summer one problem and i see no other ones i think this is done

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