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Name: Katherine “Sparrow” Combs

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aeolus, Asteria, Iris

Current Age: 18

Mortal Parent: Aurora Combs (will rewrite if Astoria or Iris)

Appearance: Katherine has brown hair, coppery brown eyes, and a smattering of freckles on her face. She is of Middle Eastern descent, and is fair-skinned.


Katherine "Sparrow" Combs

Personality: Katherine is generally very blunt when it comes to confrontation. In addition, she is cautious and very wary to trust people, and this makes her appear cold to those not close to her. Katherine likes to joke around, but can be very serious when the time arises. She can be seen as a “motherly” figure. Katherine has a very good ability of reading people’s feelings, and often uses it to either manipulate or help others in situations where it is necessary. Katherine can be apologetic at times, sometimes to the point of being irritating, but can also be overly confident of her beliefs.


How Her Parents Met (will rewrite if Astoria or Iris)

Aurora Combs was an average woman, an editor and writer for the local newspaper in the city of Greendale. Aurora, however, was also on the search for a new topic for her article, and her boss had told her to go look around and interview people in the outskirt suburban county of Bluffwood. Bluffwood had been experiencing strong winds that were blowing down trees and buildings, and she was sent to ask people what was going on and if they’d seen anything. When she went down to Bluffwood in her small cherry-red Chevy, she found the city abandoned, flattened to the ground. It was as if Bluffwood never existed. As she was walking, she called out, searching for another soul in the lifeless rubble that was the county. A loud voice responded to her, “Ma’am?”

She searched for the source and saw a man: tall, dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, well built. A short, stubbly beard traced the sides of his jaw, and Aurora couldn’t help but stare as she took him in. Notebook and pen in hand, she stepped closer, “Yes?”

The man said, “Are you alone?”

She ignored his question, and responded, “I’m here from the Greendale City Inquirer. I’m supposed to interview people from Bluffdale. Seeing as you’re the only one here, I suppose I have to interview you.”

The man ignored a majority of her statements, as well. “I think I have information that could be useful for your…interviews.”

“What’s that?” she asked. "I know information about what happened in Bluffdale."

Several months later, Aurora Combs found herself pregnant. Though she had slept with the man, it was only to get more information for the paper. The man seemed to be an endless supply of context about what happened in Bluffdale, and her article was a success thanks to him. But she didn't expect herself to get pregnant.

About a year after Katherine was born, in 1997, the man came back to her, and asked her, "Are you Aurora?" She nodded. "Is that child...mine?" he asked. Aurora nodded again.

"Perhaps there are things we need to discuss," Aurora suggested.

Aurora and the man talked about what had happened, and everything seemed fine. The man was unmarried, and Aurora suggested that they get married so her daughter, Katherine, could have a father figure in her life, too. But, the man refused. He said it wouldn't be right.

Aurora was confused, and asked what that meant. The man said, "I have some...explaining to do."

Then, he explained that Katherine was not a human child, but rather the child of a human and a god. When asked what that meant, the man simply said, "You are the human, and I'm the god. We both caused this child to come into existence as a demigod. She is the daughter of you and I, the daughter of Aurora Combs and of the god Aeolus."

After telling her this information, he said that he had to leave. There was nothing more that he could do. The man stood, a twinkle to his eye and a smile, and left.

Aurora and Katherine never saw him again.

Being Born (will rewrite if Astoria or Iris)

Katherine was born April 13, 1996 in Greendale. The only person present at her birth was her own mother. Her father was kept a secret from her and she never knew him.

Early Childhood (will rewrite if Astoria or Iris)

Katherine was a nice girl, and did her best academically. Eventually, she began slipping in her grades and started caring less about what she got on test scores and more about seeing the world and feeding her insatiable wanderlust. Her mother got angry at her, but Katherine just said that she wanted to be free to make her own decisions. After this, her mother let her go, and began nicknaming her “Sparrow.” Now, Katherine prefers that name over her given one.

Finding out They Are a Demigod (will rewrite if Astoria or Iris)

On her fifteenth birthday, Katherine’s mother called her to the dinner table to blow out her candles. She gave Katherine a small box, and inside it was an envelope. In the envelope was a blue-and-white cardstock rectangle, which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be two train tickets. “Why am I getting a train ticket to,” Katherine squinted at the ticket, “Bluffwood? It was obliterated years ago.”

“We need to go there. It’s…your present.”

Katherine left with her mother. She went to Bluffdale, and an angry wind blew dust and rubble around on the flat expanse where Bluffdale used to be. Her mother led her to the middle of the vacant land, and said, "This is where I met your father."

"In the middle of a destroyed county?"

"That's not what's important. The...important thing is that I explain what your father meant for your birth." Aurora paused for a minute, wistfully thinking back. "You...were not born as a full human, Katherine."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're a partial human because of me. But you're also a partial god because of your father."

"Who's my father?"


First and any subsequent monster attacks before getting to camp

Katherine’s first encounter of a monster was a hellhound when she was twelve. She had been walking through a park when the creature appeared in the dark, long in the distance. Katherine felt an unsettling feeling rush through her, and she turned to look at it. The dog whipped and looked at her, before starting to give chase. The hellhound chased her, and she grappled for something to do. Something deep within Katherine told her that this wasn't a normal dog.

In the shadows, a figure stood and shoved a longbow and three arrows to Katherine. Katherine was still unfamiliar on how to use the longbow, and struggled to use it, only managing under pure adrenaline. She managed to get two of the arrows into the creature, the third missing and skidding on the ground next to it. 

Since then, Katherine does not know who the figure in the shadows was, and has accumulated more arrows for her longbow. She hasn’t run into very many creatures, only the occasional Telekhine. These encounters were hardly threatening to her, due to the training Katherine put herself through to occupy the time that she had now that she didn’t go to school anymore.

Before getting to the camp, she ran into a few Telekhines, one more hellhound, and her most recent one before reaching the camp was a Giant Scorpion. She managed to take these down progressively easier as she got more used to using her longbow, and Katherine found the Scorpion easy to handle because of its vulnerability to arrows and her previous interactions with other creatures. 

How they get to camp

Katherine got to camp on an accident. She had been wandering through the woods and stumbled into a clearing. Here, she found a huddle of buildings in a variety of designs and shapes, and was approached by a satyress. The satyress told her that she had reached a wrong turn, until the creature touched her. Then, the satyress knew that she was a demigod. Katherine was welcomed into the camp, and spoke to a variety of the people until they concluded what cabin she was to stay in and the different things important to her registration. Katherine was then told to go back to her home and get anything she would need to move permanently into the camp and to say goodbye to her mortal parent. The satyress, named Sage, accompanied her there and back so she would not get lost.

Weapons: longbow and arrows.


Hey, so I'll be your claimer today and there are some details you should change:

  • First of all, it's Asteria not Astoria, but that's just fyi :).
  • I don't think anygod would reveal their identification immediately when they met mortals. Maybe when they got together for a long time.
  • What happened between Aeolus said no flatly and Katherine was born? Elaborate more on this (did they got together for a long time or short, etc.)
  • Demigods had first monster attack no later than 13 years old. The scent is really strong at 13 and monsters can find them easily.
  • Gods MUSN'T interact with their children in any way, no exception (not that I'm rude or angry, but that's the policy and I just copied it from another page)
  • Laimiai is considered to be a medium-legel monster, and unless your character is a Big Three child, only Easy monsters attack them (Check Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia)
  • Is this Greendale the Greendale in Wisconsin? If it is then how did she end up in Long Island?

That's all :)

~~Hey, this is the original writer of this claim. I've corrected everything except the last point about Greendale. I intended the Greendale in my character's history to be an ambiguous place with a general name, just to make it easier for everything. If you would like, however, I can change the city to a more specific and "real" place, and work more of my story around that. Please let me know. -Vampgirltish

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hi there your quick with handling this I must admit! but may I ask what happen during the gap? from 12 to 18?

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~~Haha thank you! I didn't really explain what happened because it wasn't very eventful, if that makes sense. She just lived as casually as she could, not really dwelling on her demigod roots and just, I guess pretending that it wasn't real. She didn't make a big deal about it. Do you still think I should write some more in there about this, or can I leave it without? If so, where should I put this information (under what heading)?-Vampgirltish

Ohhh that explains it! but I am sorry to ask but can you explain a bit of it? and mention a few monster attacks? (just a few and you can get them all here Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia/Light Monsters just mention dont need to do more ok?)

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~~Okay. I've added more info about the inbetween of her going to the camp, and included a few of the monster attacks. Hope this is good! -Vampgirltish

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