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Name: Kathryn Melton

Gender: Female

God Parent: Persephone, Demeter, or anyone

Mortal Parent: Tom Melton



Personality: Kathryn is a very sarcastic and mean when it comes to people she doesn't like which is almost… everyone! She only comes to terms with her own father and the rest is treated recklessly. She hates being disturbed but gets a little bit better seasonally.

History: Tom was a demi-god son of Koios. He was the mysterious guy of the camp and always had been. He was only at camp for seven years, from age 16 to 23. At age 23, he was only helping around along with some other elder demi-gods but one day, Koios asked Tom to go to the underworld and ask Persephone/Demeter for a new type of flower that Phoebe has wanted as a gift since she had been ranting and Hermes wasn't around.

Tom headed to the underworld and even bought a cake for the cerebrus. As he was there, he met Persephone/Demeter (if Demeter, she was only visiting Persephone). (Hades wasn't there at the time.) They were able to talk in the dungeons and there he was asking for beauty. Persephone/Demeter was glad to give thew new seed to Phoebe since they were fairly good friends and because Tom was very handsome himself for rejection and just before he left in that winter night of January, she seduced him and they did it and she promised to see him again.

She bore a child. (Her pregnancy wasn't obvious in its first two months spent in the Underworld and Hades hasn't noticed since he also had his own affairs with humans.) Tom, in the other hand, was regretting what he did with the goddess. (He was very much afraid of what Hades would do to him but he was never sought and never killed and never attacked.)

As she set out on Earth (at March 21st,) the first thing she did was look for Tom. She easily tracked Tom after asking Koios where his son lived which was in Dallas, Texas. She immediately knocked on the door with a bump on her stomach. Tom knew it was his and accepted her inside. They spent more months together and she delivered her child after seven months, (a month before returning to the underworld). Before leaving, Persephone gave Tom a delicate bracelet made with vines with an actual rose as its only decoration. The rose turned into a shield at times of need. The child was named Kathryn.

Tom raised her well as he worked as an archaeologist. He worked around the world (as one to avoid Hades by any chance) and travelled a lot. Tom and Kathryn had a close bond. Kathryn learned different languages but was only fluent in English; and she was only home schooled by her father. Growing up, Kathryn was never told about what she was until she turned 12 where they got attacked by harpies while they were packing food when they stayed in Greece.

Tom decided that he would have to bring Kathryn to Camp Half-Blood already and get her safe. From Greece, they arrived in New York. On the way to camp, they were attacked by a minotaur. Tom, being fairly one of the best fighters in camp, in his own time was able to kill the minotaur and told Kathryn to go to camp and that he will only be in their home the whole time.

Kathryn arrived at camp safe and sound and was given the bracelet by her father before leaving.

Weapons: Rose Bracelet (Shield)

P.S. All phrases/sentences enclosed with parentheses are only applicable with Persephone unless stated that it's for Demeter. c:

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Why would Demeter be in the Underworld? Why ask either of them for a gift of beauty? As it's not in either of their scopes.

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