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Name: Kathryn 'Kat' Taylor

Gender: Female

God Parent: Iris, Tyche or Demeter

Mortal Parent: Edward Taylor

Appearance: Dark brown wavy hair with matching dark brown eyes, creamy skin, 5'8"

Personality: Fun loving, outgoing, likes to take risks, never back up in a dare

History: Kathryn was raised by her father and her stepmother. Her stepmoter hated her for being the child of the woman Edward really loved and made her life hell when her dad wasn't looking. She never told her father because her loved her stepmother too much and she was afraid he would side with her. One day when she was 16, she came back from school to find her house burned to ashes. The firefighters said her father was there and that he didn't survive. Her stepmother was enraged and disowned Kathryn. Kat's aunt took her in but her house was burned a few months later. The rest of the family called her a cursed child and no one wanted her. She didn't want to go to a foster home so the children counselor (OOC: is that how it is in English? I have no idea) said she could go to a special camp. She asked what was that camp and he told her it was for special people like her. The guy gave her the address and told her to be careful because the thing that burned her fathers and her aunts house was still looking for her. She didn't understand but went anyway. When she got to Long Island she was attacked by a huge Chimera that tried to burn her. She ran away, thinking she went crazy when the guy from children council (seriously I have no idea how this is written) came and explained to her she was a demigod and that was a chimera. He gave her a hairpin that when she touched turned into a sword with a thin blade and a curved crossguard. She tried her best fighting the chimera off while the guy (a centaur disguised) called reinforcements from camp. They arrived just when she was about to loose consciousness. They defeated the monster and took her to camp.

Weapons: The sword the centaur gave her καμπύλη (curve) that turns into a hairpin --BloomOfFairyTailMessages? 01:08, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

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