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Name: Kathryn Wright

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Godly Parent: 1) Lyssa 2) Athena 3) Eris

Mortal Parent: Nolan Wright

Personality: Kathryn is a prideful fighter. She isn't very social and enjoys being a loner. She's more open with her friends but, it's hard to become friends with her. She's an excellent boxer and gymnast. She hates being in crowds and the public but, when she's nervous she talks in Portuguese, her born language. She hates herself on the inside because she blames her father's death on herself. Because of that she doesn't like getting close to people because she doesn't like to hurt people unless their in a fight.


History: Nolan Wright, a professional boxer, was partying with his friends one night after winning a boxing match when a young woman walked into the bar and that woman was Lyssa. Nolan was extremely drunk and began flirting with Lyssa when she started next to him and she flirted back. As the night went on, Nolan’s friends along with the other people in the bar left until it was just Nolan, Lyssa and the bartender. Around two in the morning the bartender kicked the two out and Nolan took Lyssa back to his apartment and made love.

The next morning, Nolan woke up with a hangover and Lyssa was gone but, there was a note left on his pillow saying that she had fun. He was a bit shocked at first but, put it at the back of his mind and quickly forgot about it.

Nine months later, Nolan was walking up his apartment from boxing practice when he notice a small basket with an Irish wolf hound sitting next to it as if guarding it. He walked slowly up to the dog and basket when the dog stood up and ran down the street, disappearing down a nearby alley. Nolan sighed and was about to kick the basket over to the garbage can when a quiet cry came from the basket. Nolan bent over the basket and moved the blankets away from the basket to find a small baby looking up at him with little grey eyes.

He saw a note hooked to the blanket and he read it. The note explained that it was his baby from Lyssa. Even though he didn’t fully believe the child was his, he silently agreed to keep the child because he didn’t have the heart to leave her. He picked up the basket with the baby in it and took it inside. He named her Kathryn after his grandmother.

Nolan raised Kathryn the best he could, changing his boxing schedule so he could take care of her. While Kathryn was at school, Nolan would be at boxing practice. Kathryn believed that her dad tried his best to take care of her but she never really believed he loved her. At school, Kathryn was one of the school loners because she was never good at being social with the other students.

During the summer, Kathryn went with her dad to his boxing practices and when his coach wasn’t there, Nolan taught Kathryn how to box along with self-defense.  She enjoyed her time with her dad even if it was only for a short while. At night while Nolan was at his boxing matches, Kathryn stayed home alone, doing her homework, making dinner and cleaning the house.

When Kathryn turned seven, she asked her dad if she could join the gymnastics team at the gym by her school. At first, Nolan didn’t know if he had the money but, after a couple of days of begging from Kathryn, he finally agreed to let her join. After school instead of going home, she went to the gym to take her class then after class; her dad would pick her up and drop her off at home.

When Kathryn was ten, her dad began to date a woman named Nora. Kathryn hated Nora but, never told her dad because he seemed happy for once in his life. Nora treated Kathryn like crap whenever Nolan wasn’t around till a year and a half later; Kathryn was lying in bed when she heard the door open and the sound of giggling. Kathryn knew her dad wasn’t going to be home till late the next morning so she crawled out of bed and snuck down the hallway.

She peeked into the living room to find a very drunk Nora making out on the couch with man. Kathryn was shocked and quickly pulled her phone out, taking a few pictures before sneaking back to her bedroom. By the next morning, the man was gone and Nora was passed out on the couch. Kathryn waited in her bedroom until her dad got home before telling him about the night before and showing him the pictures.

Nolan was furious about it and later, Kathryn heard Nolan and Nora fighting about it. The next morning, Nolan told Kathryn that he had broken up with Nora. Kathryn was happy but, felt bad for her dad. Nolan started spending more of his evenings at the bar with his friends, sometimes hoping that he would see Lyssa would come back.

One day when she was fourteen, Kathryn was walking home after hanging out with some of her friends when a woman began following her. At first, Kathryn wasn't bothered by it but, after a couple of minutes, she began to get nervous. She turned down an alley and when the looked behind her, the woman had changed into a vampire/donkey thing and lunge at Kathryn. She shriek and dive out of the way before leaping up and running down the alley. The creature chased after her but, when Kathryn passed by a couple of dogs, they began to foam out the mouth and attack it, distracting it. When Kathryn got home she didn't tell her dad because she knew he would believe her so she keep it to herself.

After a couple of years, Nolan was heading home one night so drunk he could barely walk. He remembered a short cut through a dark alley so he decided to take it. He was passing through the ally when a group of men jumped him. He stumbled and fell before hitting his head of the cement. The men who jumped him didn’t know if he was dead or not so they grabbed his stuff and ran.

The next morning, an older woman was walking past the alley when she saw his body. She quickly called the police and when they checked his body, they found him dead. One of the officers recognized him from one of Nolan’s boxing matches and went to his apartment to find a tired Kathryn sitting on the couch. The officer explained why they were there and that her dad was dead.

Kathryn didn’t believe them, telling them that they had the wrong guy and that her dad was most likely passed out at the bar. He tried convincing her but, in the end they had to drag her down to the police department. After a couple of hours of arguing, Kathryn finally gave up, grief-stricken. The police took her back to the apartment to let her pack her things then took her to a foster home outside of Porto Alegre to stay for a few days before sending her to live with her aunt.

The whole time Kathryn was staying in the foster home she was silent. When the social service worker picked her up to take her to Aunt’s apartment, Kathryn was a wreck. She didn’t talk, didn’t eat much and blamed herself for her dad’s death. The social worker felt bad for her and on the plane ride to New York, she tried to get Kathryn to open up but, it didn’t work. They soon arrived at her aunt’s apartment and Kathryn’s aunt Diane, a fashion model, welcomed Kathryn in with open arms.

Living with Diane was Kathryn’s 1 year old niece, Grace. At first, Kathryn hid away in her bedroom but, after about a month, Diane asked Kathryn to babysit Grace while she ran to the store. Kathryn agreed, and took Grace to the living room. Kathryn bonded with Grace quickly and started to become more open and happier than before.

Just a few weeks after Kathryn turned seventeen, she was getting home from school when she heard a loud crash from the kitchen and Grace's babysitter ran out of the apartment screaming. She paused for a moment wondering what was going on before heading into the kitchen to find a teenage girl stab a bird like human, making it turn to dust.

Kathryn stood there shocked then the girl noticed Kathryn and asked her if she was the demigod. Kathryn just stood there before Grace walked into the kitchen after finishing her nap. Kathryn picked her up while the girl explained that she was a demigod and that her name was Meaghan Woods. When Kathryn's aunt walked into the house, and Meaghan told her that she had to take Kathryn back to camp. At first, her aunt didn't want her to go but, decided for the safety of Kathryn she agreed to let her go. So Kathryn packed her stuff and Meaghan took her to camp. Possessions: 

Taste the Rainbow! Never stop ❤ Skittles ~ ♬Shady♬Yellow-hair-girl-emoticon-21 22:09, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

How did she survive up to 17 without a monster attack? If the monster was a harpy, it couldn’t have fallen to its death since harpies have the ability to fly. Also, wouldn’t she have freaked out upon seeing the body of the babysitter? Also, did they give her a proper burial? Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Changed it Taste the Rainbow! Never stop ❤ Skittles ~ ♬Shady♬Yellow-hair-girl-emoticon-21 03:15, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

If Meaghan saw the harpy, why didn't she kill it on sight? Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

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Again, how was she able to survive up to 17 years of age without being attacked once prior to the harpy attack. Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

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Everything looks in order.

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