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Name: Formerly Agatha Callis, now Katrine Olivia Vellieux

Gender: Female 

God Parent: Aglaea, Notus, Iris

Mortal Parent: Alexandros Callis, Micah Vellieux



Personality: Katrine is sweet and shy and more or less expresses herself by dancing rather than talking, and is sort of a loner. She is extremely sensitive and easily offended. She hates people who are too blunt or frank in their words. Her flaw is that she's too awkward-once a conversation starts, she won't know how to keep it going. She is somewhat seductive and speaks in a low whisper, and might make you uncomfortable if she gets close. She doesn't do this for the sake of flirting, however-most often it's to intimidate people.

History: Back in Ancient Greece, Aglaea came to the mortal world and disguised herself as a graceful mortal woman. An artisan named Alexandros was selling his wares on the streets of Crete when she came and picked up a lavishly jeweled necklace. He fell in love and offered it to her for free. They began an intimate relationship, and a few months later Agatha was born. She was a beautiful young girl with long black hair and always wore the most fashionable chitons. Every day, people gathered to watch as she stepped into her courtyard and sand and danced, and the gods watched her from Olympus. They were at peace as they watched her graceful twirls and sweet songs.

Agatha lived a long, wonderful life, and grew up to be the most beautiful woman in Crete, and she continued to please the gods. However, she was struck by a deadly disease when she was twenty-one, and died soon after. Her father was heartbroken but he continued his business without an heir. Agatha lived in Elysium in the Underworld, and continued singing and dancing joyfully. However, after the giant Titan and demigod conflict in New York City, Agatha decided to be reborn into a new life. She washed her memories clean in the Lethe and began her descent into a new life.

Micah Vellieux was a simple young man who owned a flower shop in the coast of Ireland. You would think flowers would attract Persephone or Demeter, but instead Aglaea decided to go exploring. She came to Ireland and squealed at the beauty of the flowers-the delicacy of the primroses, the brightness of the roses, the crispness of the irises. She and my father chatted for a long time  and they began to start a beautiful relationship.

A few years later, Katrine was born. Aglaea was shocked-she recognized Katrine's eyes and agile beauty from eons ago. The gods remembered the graceful young lady that had danced for them every day, which is really weird-gods don't have the best memories. Aglaea urged Micah to sign her up for dance lessons before she mysteriously vanished, as all gods do.

Katrine grew up loving dance. She mastered ballet, hip hop, jazz, street jazz, Afro Caribbean, classical, Broadway, and many more. The dance teachers adored her and gave her private lessons. She became very lithe and flexible. When she wasn't dancing, she excersised. She loved going for a run and pushing herself to the limit. She also received martial arts lessons-it seemed fun, and she quickly earned a black belt in everything she did. She even got fencing lessons! Aglaea had asked Micah to give her several lessons like this-he had no idea it was to strengthen her demigod strength.

She constantly got picked on by the local school princesses, aka the popular girls, when middle school began. At the graduation ceremony for middle school, when she was 15, the head cheerleader of the popular clique stepped up to the podium, diploma in hand.

"I'd like to thank Katrine Vellieux." she began, eyes glinting. "I think it's time she recieves something very, very special." And then she sprouted fangs, a bronze leg and donkey leg, and pounced. Her empousa squad followed suit. The ceremony was thrown into pandemonium. Katrine managed to ward them off with her jitsu-skills before a boy her age grabbed her wrist and pulled her away.

He was a demigod that had attented the same school as her to keep an eye on her. He met up with a satyr, and the two boys led Katrine to Camp. She is currently 15 and has just arrived, fresh from her tiny town in Ireland...

Weapons: Katrine fights with a slim-bladed rapier, with a bronze edge and red leather handle. She also has a diamond ring that, with a flick of the wrist, will expand into a designed shield. 

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