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Name: Keira West

Age: 16, soon to be 17

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hermes/Apollo/Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Joanna West

Appearance: Keira has long-ish brown hair, that she usually keeps down. She has brown eyes and a clear face. She has an athletic build, the one of a surfer and stands at 5'8". She has tanned skin, due to all the hours she spends on the beach daily. She doesn't care about the way she looks, and usually wears simple t-shirts and shorts or jeans.

Personality: Keira is carefree and fun to be with. She loves music, photography, and of course surfing. She loves to prank people, and has a great sense of humor. She loves her friends and considers most of them family. She spents most of her time on the beach, and hates being alone.

History: Joanna West was a professional surfer. She met Hermes in 1995, while visiting some old friends in Hawaii. She fell in love with him, and they started dating. A month later, Jo found out that she was pregnant.

Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Hermes left a day later. Jo became brokenhearted, but loved her daughter, and decided to raise her on her own. And so, Keira grew. She had a good childhood in general lines, spending the majority of her time on the beach, surfing. She was never good at school, but she didn't really care. She was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at the age of 7.

Keira always felt lonely. Until one day when she was 8 she met a boy named Sam O'Connor. They became very good friends and would always spent time on the beach together, surfing. Keira developed a huge crush on him, but was too scared to tell him.

When Keira was 11, she met a strange girl named Danielle May. At first the two didn't like each other. More than that, they used to hate each other. But when Danielle stood up for Keira while she was being bullied by a group of mean girls at school, they became good friends.

A few years later, when Keira was 13, she met Danny Nimoy, nicknamed "Nemo". Nemo was a year older than Keira and her friends, and a great surfer. He was a fun guy, and he managed to gain her trust. He was always like an older brother for her.

Now, with Sam, Dani and Nemo around, Keira was really happy. They would always spent time at the beach, surfing, and just having fun. They called themselves "Ohana", which means "family" in Hawaiian.

A few months later, Sam introduced Keira and the rest of his friends to Drake Kingston. Drake had just moved to California from New York, and Sam didn't want him to be alone. Ohana didn't hesitate to befriend him.

One day, when Keira was 14, she and her friends were just chilling on the beach, when she saw a girl sitting a few meters away from them, doing homework and looking at her and the rest of the Ohana. The girl seemed sad, and Keira didn't like that. She approached them, and invited her to sit next to them. The girl agreed happily. Her name was Aubrey.

A few weeks later, Aubrey Taylor joined Keira's Ohana. Keira always tried to protect her, she was like her little sister.

Nothing interesting happened the next couple of years. Until one day, Aubrey "disappeared". All the members of Ohana tried to search for her, but most of all Keira. She was very worried about her friend, and while the rest of her friends searched for Aub together, she was alone. That didn't turn out good.

One day while still trying to find Aubrey, Keira was attacked by Lamia. She was surprised, and of course didn't know what to do. She would be dead by now if Austin Taylor didn't show up.

He was visiting a few friends in Malibu, when he saw the Lamia about to kill Keira. He quickly took his sword out and a few minutes later, the monster was dead. He helped Keira calm down, and explained what had just happen. He told her that she was probably a demigod like him, and talked to her about Camp.

At first, Keira didn't want to leave California and her friends, but after Austin told her that new monsters would come and try to kill her again, she agreed to go. The two rushed to Keira's house. She packed a few of her belongings, including her quitar and favorite surfboard, Austin summoned the Gray Sisters' Taxi and they soon were at Camp.

Keira was claimed by Hermes a few moments later. Weapons: A BC sword that turns to a necklace. She found it on her bunk, and she assumes that it's a gift from her father.

“It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.” -Marilyn Monroe 19:26, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

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