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Name: Kernel Korson Uyguangco
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Godparent: Harmonia
Mortal Parent: Efren Uyguangco

Appearance:Short, Not very good-looking, fair skin SEE PHOTO

Personality: Kernel is usually peaceful. He avoids fights and would rather end one. He hates war but he is a fierce fighter.
History: Efren Uyguangco was a famous Filipino doctor who lives in New York, Manhattan. A lot of people check in to his clinic for a special treatment. He is really nice to his patients and consults them peacefully and sometimes, even without payment.

One day, a beautiful lady came in to his office. She introduced herself to him and informed him that she will temporarily be her assistant for a week since his real assistant is going on vacation. Not knowing that that beautiful lady was the goddess, Harmonia disguised as a lady named Julia.

She observed Efren as he worked. It wasn't long when she realized that she had been attracted to him not only because of his great looks but also because of his peacefulness and kindness. When it was time for a break, Efren invited Harmonia for lunch. They peacefully talked about themselves. Immediately, Efren was also attracted to Julia. They went into lunch breaks and coffee breaks and became a couple. One night, they went to a party and slept together.

The next day, Julia found out she was pregnant and told Efren. She explained to him everything and told him she has to go. Then she disappeared, leaving him alone. A few months later, a baby was delivered at Efren's doorstep with a letter and a weird looking watch. He took it inside and red the letter:

Dear Efren,

Remember that time I told you who I really am and that I'm pregnant? This baby is our child. I hope you didn't spread the truth about me. Please take care of our child. When he is old enough, he will go to camp half blood. This watch can turn into a weapon at his touch.

Love always, Julia or Harmonia

Efren took good care of their child. Even though their child was short, he still think he's well. He taught him the good manners and right conduct. He enrolled him to a private school. When he was 10 years old, he got trouble reading and since his dad is a doctor, Efren knew he has ADHD and Dyslexia. Efren gave kernel the watch and explained everything to it.

Two years later, Kernel was twelve years old. He found a friend in clutches named Emman, not knowing he's a satyr. He protects Kernel from big bullies even though she is also being bullied. One day, they were on their war for detention, when they got to the classroom, the teacher closed the doors and turned into a hideous empousa. Kernel knew what to do. He activated his watch and it turned into a CB dagger. Emman had pulled out a sword and started slashing the empousa. Kernel stabbed it in the chest and it vaporized to dust. They quickly went home and told Efren.

Efren believed them and told Kernel the truth about his mom. Emman xplained that he is a satyr and Kernel neeads to got to camp. Efren agreed and let them borrow the motorcycle and went to camp. No monsters attacked on their way and at campfire, Kernel was being claimed by Harmonia.

Weapons:A watch that turns into a CB dagger

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