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Name: Kim Chinho

Age: 16

Mortal parent: Kang Woobin (biological father); Kim Hyorin(adoptive mum)

God parent: Mnemosyne

Personally: Chinho is a very polite young man that tends to put others before himself, but not if it puts him at risk. He's a very bookish young man, that would rather have his favorite book in front of him instead of friends. All things considered Chinho is a very straight forward young man that will say the things on his mind rather than spare another's feelings. He also has a bad temper when someone angers him and has been known to go on do mean things when angered.

Appearance: (((I'm using Kevin Woo as a model, but my phone won't let me upload me photo rip. XD)))


Parents meeting:

Woobin was a young man sucked into the wrong world. The world of Kkangpae and violence as it’s what he was used to; it's what he grew up in. He was one of those people that always went back to what he was familiar with whether it was violent or not. After all his whole family was part of the gangpae in Mokpo. These people mostly dealt in human trafficking, drugs, and arms trafficking.

There was a particular job Woobin took that would lead him to meeting Seoyoon, Mnemosyne. Woobin was sent to pick up the shipment records, because even the mafia needs to keep records. The person he was supposed to be meeting was a young man but instead he ended up meeting a really beautiful young woman. Her name was Seoyoon and she'd apparently been sent by her father to deliver the record book. Woobin ended up getting the girls number. After much contemplation he finally decided to call her and ask her out.

After that started dating, and mere months later they ended up doing the dirty. The next morning Seoyoon was gone. No note nothing it was like she disappeared, until a few months later.

He arrived at his home to hearing the sound of a child crying. It alarmed him considering he had no children. He search the house for the source of the crying until came upon a bassinet. a A small child was inside with a note taped to the side of the bassinet. He read the note and it explained that the child was his, the child was also a demigod, and that she was in fact the goddess Mnemosyne. It shocked him, to say the least. As he read on it told him of a place in America called camp half-blood. It explained that the child had to go there when he was old enough.

As he stared at the later he decided to keep the child, and name him Ryuk Chinho.

Early Childhood:

At the age of 5 Chinho started going with his father to work. Considering he was just a child he had no idea that his father was part of the Kkangpae. He only knew that all the people his father worked for were dangerous people. Therefore he always spoke to them with the utmost respect, never once speaking out of turn. It was also that same year he started primary school, and people didn't really interact with him much. Some people had known who his father was and they knew never to mess with someone whose father is part of the Kkangpae.

All of these being considered he was also pulled into the group of kids that were his father's co-workers children. they were more aggressive than he was, but none the less they were all friends. Some were older and some were younger, but that didn't matter than they were just kids.

As they grew up around one another, chinho became more distant considering he was rather straight laced. He was more of the type that would rather follow the rules and get amazing grades rather than pine after the attention of others. So not more than two years later it wasn't uncommon to find the boy alone doing his work rather than playing with the other kids. His father took notice of this, and he supported his decision. After all not all kids are the same and therefore he wasn't going to force his son to do things he didn't wanna do.

Two years later and he'd started staying home by himself more often than not. His father started doing more work and he wasn't complaining, as people didn't really bother him while he was home. Though that day something weird happened. His father hadn't come home, and he was extremely worried. He started calling people asking them if they'd seen his father the answer that had been given was the same thing: they hadn't seen his father in hours.

He was scared out of his mind, because he knew Mokpo was a very dangerous place. What with all the violence involving the Kkangpae and other smaller gangs. He stayed up all night and he didn't even attend school the next day. It was the first time he'd skipped school just to skip in a long time.

Later on that day he'd gotten the news. Apparently his father had been murdered. He was in complete and utter shock at this point. He didn't know whether to scream and cry or just become silent. He just decided to do the more level headed of the two.

“Where am I going?”

Those were the first words out of his mouth as he stared at the uniformed man. He knew he was probably going to end up in an orphanage, because he knew his father's family wasn’t going to take him in. He didn't wanna go to the orphanage, but if that's where he was going to go, than he had to go.

“We'll be taking you to the orphanage in downtown Mokpo. You can take some clothes with you and whatever you can fit into a book bag.”

He ran to his room and very slowly started putting things in his book bag as tears started falling from his eyes. His dad had been fine the day before, so what had gone wrong? Chinho would never know the answer, as he never wanted to know what happened as he'd rather not ever go down that road. It would lead him into seeing His dad in a completely different light, which he didn't want to do. After a while of contemplation he decided to take his clothes, a favorite book, and his stuffed monkey named purple.

Chinho spent 3 years in the orphanage, and he didn't get along too well with some of the kids. Most of the kids saw him as a weak softie and they stayed away from him. He didn't really mind considering that it gave him more time to be by himself. At this point the only thing he had was his studies, so that's what all his attention went to. He constantly got amazing grades and he eventually rose to the top of his class. People started taking notice, because apparently an orphaned kid couldn't possibly focus like that. He proved them wrong.

A few days after his 12th birthday he was told that he was going to be adopted by a nice woman in Busan. He didn't wanna go, but it wasn't his choice. No one ever took what he wanted into account, but that seemed to happen when you're only a child. He packed the minimal belongs he'd accumulated over his stay in the orphanage. He still has his stuffed monkey and there was no way he'd ever leave it behind.

A few days later and the woman from Busan showed up to take him to his new home. The woman's name was Hyorin, and she reminded Chinho a little of his father. He instantly let his guard down, but he would regret doing so.

As they traveled to Busan the woman started to tell him of the people and the town. She did not once mention she had a son, but she did mention that most of the citizens in Busan were fairly nice. It took them awhile to get to busan, but eventually they made it. It took about 20 minutes, after they arrived within the town limits, to arrive at the house, and man it was a beautiful house.

He walked in behind Hyorin to hear the sound of moving feet. Was there someone in the house? Was this woman married? She hadn't mentioned anyone else living there, so when he walked into the living to see a boy a little older than him he was in shock. Was this boy her son?

“This is Jungkyu, and he'll help you with your bags and show you to your room while I prepare dinner.”

The boy on the couch stared at him in utter shock and disbelief. As if his how world had come crashing down around him, and Chinho was wondering what was going on. He didn't question it, but he did nod and remain silent. As he looked at the older boy he bowed respectfully and introduced himself with his new last name. The boy looked rather pissed, and hurt, but he did listen to his mum.

Chinho was wondering what was going on, because the woman seemed really cold towards the boy, he later found out was Jungkyu, and she seemed to actually strongly dislike him, but why? She seemed like a loving woman, but then Chinho was terrible at reading people.

A few months after he'd been adopted the boy who was supposed to be his older brother treated him like utter crap. After all it wasn't Chinhos fault that he ended up actually getting adopted or that he was showered with the affection of Jungkyu’s mum. Chinho had taken notice that Hyorin actually didn't like her real son too much. He didn't understand why, but he didn't seem to care much as he didn't really like Jungkyu. One day when Hyorin had gone off shopping she'd left Chinho with Jungkyu. 

Normally the two would just leave each other alone, but Jungkyu felt the need to start a fight.

"Studying again? Lord, no wonder everyone kinda avoids you, it's because you're straight-laced.”

Chinho tried ignoring the other, but he wouldn't stop talking, so Chinho put his foot down and spoke.

“I'm trying to work. Something that normal people do to get a good education.”

The next thing Jungyku said really pissed him, but he didn't wanna show his anger to the other.

“Just smoke with me once in awhile.”

“No, that's what degenerates do. Like you.”

The next words the other spoke really made chinho laugh, because hardships? Really? The was the dumbest thing he'd ever heard him say.

“Well, excuse me for trying to fight for myself through the hardships of being a disappointment.”

“You know what, Jungkyu? Maybe if you studied and got good grades, maybe then you wouldn't have to be such a jerk and maybe then, your mom will love you.”

Chinho hadn't realized he crossed line, but at this point he wouldn't take it back. he was so pissed off with his brother that he didn't care anymore. “Take that back!”

“No, because, you know what?! I'm not scared to say it! You think you're all that but you're actually a puny sick son of a bitch who's mother will never love him because he's such a failure!”

A few seconds went by until his brother tackled him to he ground and started choking him.

“take that back, you motherf*cker! I swear to god I'll choke you until your throat is destroyed!”

“Your mother would never love a disappointment.”

At this point Jungkyus grip was tight around his throat, and his face was starting to red, as tears fell from his eyes as he tried to catch his breath.

“Take it back! Take it back, take it back, TAKE IT BACK, YOU BASTARD! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU! I AM NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT, HYORIN LOVES ME, SHE- she loves me! Mom. Loves me. “

Jungkyu Finally got off of him, but when.he looked at chinho his face was covered in tears. He tries to catch his breathe, because he wants to apologize as he hadn't known it was that bad.

"You don't know anything about me, but mom loves me! She does! And YOU go and ruin everything! Damn you to hell!”

After that Chinho attempted to be a little nicer to the boy, even though that seemed exceedingly hard.

Monster attack:

A year had gone by since he'd been living with Hyorin and Jungkyu, and the day was exceedingly normal. Or as normal as it gets when you don't really get along with people. That day it was another time where Jungkyu was, yet again, forced to watch Chinho. Though it was a little different as his brother wasn't going straight home from school, but instead to hang out with his friends.

Chinho had no choice but to go with him considering Jungkyu would probably get into a lot of trouble for leaving him home alone again. So instead he tagged along, as he was kind of interested in meeting Jungkyu’s friends. So far he'd only met Kevin & Danny, and Kevin had been really nice to him. Danny not so much.

Upon arriving the place looked like any normal house, but when they walked inside it reeked of marijuana causing chinho to cover his nose. The oldest person there looked like he was about 20 years old, and the youngest the same age as him. He was introduced to each person, considering even Jungkyu was at least decent enough to do that.

Kevin & Danny where there, along with a few new faces, and even one he recognized from school. Nam-Seon, Sung-hyun, Tonghyon, and Seo-jun

The one he assumed as the eldest had offered him drugs, until Jungkyu stepped in, but it wasn't like he was actually going to take the drugs. Jungkyu should've known that. After that incident he went and sat down with, who he assumed, the people who were closer to his age.

He decided to strike up a conversation with Sung-hyun & Nam-Seon. After a little while he just shut his mouth considering Sung-hyun kind of acted like a diva which really annoyed him, but he also find it kind of cute. Nam-Seon was just annoying him altogether.

After a few hours the other boy finally decided it was time to leave. Though as they left. Neither noticed two women following them. It was a little after dark and the surrounding city was merely pitch black except for the street lights which were set at random intervals. As they walked Chinho turned his head to the sound of a bird screeching, but in fact it was 2 women with the body of a bird and the head of a woman. It scared the crap out of Chinho, but when he turned back to his brother the boy was already running.

“Everyone for themselves.”

As the over spoke it was enough for one of the creatures to actually attack Chinho scratching his back, slicing open the shirt and leaving angry red marks that started to seep blood. He fell to the ground hissing in pain as he heard the sound of metal slicing through flesh, and when he turned around just a normal looking man was standing there staring at him. He helped him up and of course helped him find Jungkyu.

We he found the other he was on the steps of the house waiting for him. Too bad Jungkyu was more than likely going to get in trouble with Hyorin. Just as the stranger was about leave he handed the boy a ring and told him to keep it on him, and that it might help him if something like that happened again. He never used the ring once, and he wouldn't figure out the ring was actually a weapon until after he arrived at camp.

When they got into the house Chinho collapsed on the couch and waited for their mum to get home, and when she did she was beyond pissed. She rushed Chinho to the emergency room where he ended up having to get a little over 100 stitches.

In Between stuff:

Mere months after the harpie incident Chinho’s brother, Jungkyu, had left home to pursue his dreams of becoming an idol, though with the performance he showed at the talent show was enough to know he had an amazing voice, and a 100% shot of getting where he wanted to be.

June 5, 2014, started off like any normal day for Chinho. He went about his usual routine of getting ready for school eating breakfast and obviously going to school. The few days before he'd been having trouble breathing and a sharp pain in his chest not that he complained about it, because he hadn't. He'd been too busy with his studies to pay attention to the pain until today. He had started coughing and people had told him to stop wheezing. He hadn't been wheezing, had he? The pain was intense today and it felt like his chest was going to cave in, but of course it hadn't.

Considering that he couldn't concentrate well he decided getting some air might of been a good idea, so during lunch he went to the roof. It took all of his energy to reach the top and by than he realized he was in fact wheezing. He attempted to catch his breathe, but as soon as he closed to the door he was on the ground; his vision going black due to lack of oxygen.

It was as a good thing he'd at least told someone where he’d been going, or he may not have been found in time. It had been in fact one of his brothers friends who found him; Danny to be exact. One of Chinho’s friends had told him where he'd been headed considering he had something to tell the younger about his brother debuting later on that day. He'd also been the one to notify a teacher and even tell Jungkyu what had happened. That his brother was off to the hospital because he'd passed out. It wasn't like Hyorin would tell her real son about Chinho, after all everyone knew that she absolutely hated Jungkyu. Chinho was taken to the hospital in an ambulance that afternoon, his mum notified less than an hour later of her son. She rushed to the hospital that day as if her life depended on it. 

A few hours later he woke up to people crowding around his bed as if he were an anomaly. All he remembered was walking up the steps that led to the roof. after that everything went black. What happened? He asked his mum, but all she did was yell for the nurse. The nurse came in and took his vitals before asking him questions about how he was feeling before he passed out. He told them he'd been feeling a terrible pain in his chest for days, and that he'd also been having trouble breathing. Upon his mother hearing this she gave him the eye. The one that said: Why didn't you tell me?

An hour or two later he was taken in for x-rays. After the x-rays were done he started coughing again. This time blood came out with the harsh coughs that wracked his body. After his breathing returned to normal he started crying, because what was going on with his body? He got the answer a little while later.

The doctor told him he had stage 2 Small-cell carcinoma, small-cell lung cancer, and a metastatic tumor, spinal tumor, due to the cancer spreading. He was in complete shock at this point he couldn't register the words the doctor spoke. He just stared at the door, completely blanking everything out. His mum was in a complete broken state; sobbing and saying it wasn't true. He was tired and he wanted to sleep so that's what he did. He turned his head away from the doctor and his mum and just closed his eyes.

A few weeks went by and he’d been in and out of the hospital. Barely even attending school as he was getting ready to start his first round of chemotherapy. It required him to stay in the hospital for 30 days during the treatment. He would be allowed to have visitors so long as they didn't bring in plants, weren't dirty, and didn't bring unprocessed food, as it was bad for the people in the ward; considering their immune systems were very weak. He put his mum, a few friends, and even his brother on the list of visitors. Though he wasn't actually expecting him to show up. He assumed the other was extremely busy, but much to astonishment, ten days into his hospital stay the other actually came to visit him. He was luck his mum wasn't there when he visited or she would of started yelling for him to get out.

Jungkyu looked rather surprised when he saw Chinho laying there in the hospital bed, but it didn't last long as the other just went back to being his usual cold self. They had an awkward conversation that went on for a few minutes until a random girl walked in. Chinho didn't know who she was nor did Junkyu. The girl uttered a few creepy words before launching herself at Jungkyu.


As soon as the girl uttered the words Chinho started yelling for the nurse and even threw something at the nutcase. How had the girl even gotten in? She wasn’t on the list. As he pondered this Jungkyu attempted to pry the fan of off him.

"get out"

He waited for the nurse to come and take the creepy girl away, but it seemed like forever and he had started coughing again. Blood splattering the inside of his hand, which finally got someone's attention. He managed to wheeze out a few words in between coughs.

“Get the nurse, please.”

This was just the distraction Jungkyu needed to shove the girl away. With that he went to get the nurse and someone from security to escort the girl out of the hospital. He left a few minutes later after saying goodbye to chinho.

Getting to camp:

Two years and two monster attacks later and chinho was on a plane heading to the United States of America. His mum had apparently found a specialist that was willing to look at Chinho. He was starting to loathe Hyorin for the way she'd become. All she cared about was keeping him alive and keeping his perfect image as a star student; he rarely ever attended school these days. He was almost always tired and sick, so there was no reason for him to go. He stopped caring so much about his grades and instead he started counting the days he was still alive. Within 2 years he'd lost so much weight it wasn't hard to figure out that he was in fact sick. He wasn't going chemotherapy any longer either; considering it hadn't really done anything to stop the spread of the cancer.

They landed in New York 14 ½ hours later. Chinho wasn't feeling very well that day either, but that didn't stop him from doing what he did next. He decided to leave the hotel room when his mum had taken a nap. It was just as the sun was setting over the city that he noticed something. Was it a dog? He didn't know, and if it was a dog it had to be harmless therefore it set him at ease, just a little. He continued walking seeing all the people around him who were having there own internal problems, they were like him in a way. It was a change from the usual feeling of being locked inside and he quite enjoyed the feeling of freedom, though that feeling was short lived.

As he walked he came upon an alley with a tiny kitten sitting next to a trash can. He wasn't actually allowed to even touch anything that had outside germs, but he did it anyways. Or at least he tried to. As soon as he bent down the cat hissed and ran in the opposite direction. He wondered why the small animal had hissed, but when he turned around the site was rather horrific. A dog with 2 heads was at the end of the alley, the boy was terrified, but he couldn't run. He just stood there, hands covering his face, as the creature was about to run at him. He was completely defenses and hopeless. He was expecting the creature to already be on him, but when he looked there was a pile of dust and a goat creature standing there. The person had the top half of a teenager and the bottom half of a goat, so he determined the goat man was in fact a satyr.

Those creatures didn't exist, right? After all Greek myths are just myths. As the creature spoke he told Chinho about a place called Camp Half blood. Chinho was confused, because he'd assumed all of it to be a myth, but the way the satyr spoke was enough to eventually convince him. They ended up driving to camp half blood, though upon arrival Chinho was immediately taken to the infirmary as he was starting to feel really sick again. He's been at camp for a few days now.

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