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  1. Name: Kirby Cassandra Reed
  2. Gender: Female
  3. God Parent: Apollo, Eros, or Ares
  4. Current Age: 14
  5. Mortal Parent: Laurel Reed
  6. Appearance:
  7. Personality:  Kirby is a sweet charming girly girl, who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She is a cool, collected, laid back girl from California.
  8. History:  Laurel Reed was a beautiful musician in Hollywood, determined to get a career of being a professional singer. She tried many places in Hollywood, and she eventually settled found her break through. She starred in a musical play called Glinda and she had the main role. Eros, being the God of Love, saw Laurel and immediately fell in love with her. He manipulated the Mist and made everyone believe he was a Music Producer. When the play was over, Apollo went backstage and asked Laurel out to dinner so they could talk about her career. A month later, she came out with her own album. Rejoyced she thanked Apollo and kissed him. After that they started to develop a closer relationship, and eventually had Kirby. After Kiby's birth, Apollo faked his own death. Laurel was devastated and dropped out of the music career.

Kirby, growing up, was an amazing musician, archer, an expert model, and athlete. She went to a Hollywood Arts Elementary school for singing and acting, when she was little. At the age of eight, her mother died of a car crash visiting Kirby's Nonna(Grandmother). Kirby lived with her Grandmother, even when she was diagnosed with cancer. When her grandmother almost died of cancer, Kirby grabbed her Nonna's hand and prayed for a miracle. Eros asked for a favor of Apollo, and Apollo answered Kirby and Nonna was healed. When Kirby turned fourteen, that's when the monsters started attacking. A gorgon attacked Kirby at her home, when Nonna was out at the store. Kirby grabbed her Bow and Arrows, that she got from her Archery Class, and shot the gorgon in between the eyes, but the gorgon didn't disengrate because it wasn't Clestial Bronze. She freaked out and ran out her home, and kept running. By the time she reached the edge of Hollywood a satyr and a few demigods collected her and took her to Camp Half-Blood on a charriot. When she reached Camp it was dawn. By the time the Sun came up, Kirby was claimed by Eros

  1. Possessions/Weapons: Bow and Arrows

Wonder Girl1 (talk) 06:16, March 23, 2013 (UTC)

Kindly sign this with four tildes (~). Where did she get her weapons? Also, were they made of Celestial Bronze?

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It all looks fine.

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