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Name:Klarissa Marika Dormer


God Parent: Hecate, Eris, Nyx

Mortal Parent: William Marik Dormer

Appearance: Black hair and dark brown eyes. She has straight hair and is 5'2 in height. She usually wears casual clothes in pastel colors. She's also very stylish.

Personality: Klarisse is very, very mean to people who are mean to her. She' s skilled in painting and she's quite mysterious. She pranks other people but hates it when someone pranks her.When you do, you better sleep with one eye open then. Klarisse is smart enough, in dsylexic standards. She loves painting historical buildings. She speaks Greek, French and Spanish fluently. Klarisse is an excellent soccer player.

History: William Marik Dormer is a distinguished historian from Athens, Greece. One day, he was giving a lecture in a small college about the Greek Gods and Goddesses when a beautiful woman caught his eye. The woman was sitting near the back and she had lustorus dark hair and green eyes. After the lecture, the woman walked up to him and introduced herself as Aikatherine Witchcraft. They went to get a coffee and they formed a good friendship which turned into love. After a few weeks of dating, Aikaterine told William that she was a Greek Goddess. Of course, William didn't believe it but Aikaterine was persuasive and was able to convince William slowly but surely. A week after Aikaterine confessed, she disappeared. William moved on quickly and was dating a girl, Alicia Michelle, when one night, he returned to his house, he found a cradle in his room with a short letter:


Our daughter Klarisse Marika. Take care of her well. When the right time comes, she will be taken to a safer place.


William kept Klarisse and treated her as a child but they had a rather strained relationship. William hired a nanny to take care of her and bought a house for them to live in outside Athens. When Klarisse was four, her Dad married Alicia Michelle, who proved to be a cold step mother. When Klarisse was six, her father found out she was dyslexic and was diagnosed with ADHD. With Alicia's prodding, Klarisse's nanny was fired and Klarisse was sent to America to be with her great aunt, Lucy, who was a therapist and unknowingly, a half-blood, the daughter of Apollo. Great Aunt Lucy proved to be much more a parental figure in Klarisse's life. When Klarisse was eleven, her aunt sent her to a new school, Lincoln's Private Academy, where in fact, a satyr named Casey was stationed. They became good friends but Klarisse always thought that Casey was a bit odd but ignored it. When Klarisse was twelve, a hellhound attacked the school because it scented Klarisse. With a bunch of scuffling, Casey found a bow and arrows and gave them to Klarisse. After a few horrible shots, Klarisse was able to aim a lucky shot at the hellhound and it hit it right in the heart, it was followed by another arrow and the hellhound disintegrated.

The school expelled Klarisse after and on the walk home, Casey explained everything to Klarisse which Klarisse didn't believe it. As soon as they went to Klarisse 's home, Casey explained everything to Great Aunt Lucy. Who confessed that she herself was a half-blood, the daughter of Apollo and told Klarisse that she knew Casey before and that he was a satyr and that she was a half-blood, or a demi-god, the daughter of a Greek Goddess. Klarisse doubted both of them but agreed to be sent to Camp Half Blood as it was what her mother wanted for her, as her great aunt said.

Now Klarisse is waiting to be claimed by her mother....

Weapons: A Bow and a set pf Arrows that Casey gave her.

Direcitoner 12 (talk) 08:10, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

Just double checking, so she's 12 now?

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Yes :)

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