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Name:Kristy Ariosto


God Parent:Lyssa, Melinoe, Persephone

Mortal Parent:Craig Ariosto

Appearance:Kristy has long brunette hair, with piercing blue eyes. However she usually wears red contacts. Her red lips stand out against her pale complection. She usually draws two 'X's on the backs of her hands with eyeliner.

Personality:Kristy holds no mercy for anyone or anything. She's cold, spiteful and quite a little bitch at times. She has a short temper and when she is angry it's probably best to hide all sharp things, though probably she'll find another way to kill the person she is angry at. She can sometimes be nice, but that's only when she's with someone she truly trusts with her feelings, so far, that is no one.

History:There was once a man named Craig Ariosto, he was a handsome man in his mid-30s. He lived in a small village with his daughter, Kristy. Now, Kristy wasn't any ordinary girl, hell no, she was a demigod, daughter of Lyssa to be exact, but one night she disappeared but let's start at the beginning.....

Craig Ariosto was working on his house designs when he spotted Lyssa, she was the most beautiful girl he'd easily ever saw. He decided to approach her. The two talked for hours and soon decided to be friends. The two met every couple of days until the two decided to be in a romantic relationship. A couple of weeks later Lyssa found out she was pregnant and of course had to leave. Craig was heartbroken so her vowed to never love another. Nine months later he heard the doorbell ring and so got up to answer it. He looked down and saw a baby girl on the doorstep, confused, he took her in and lifted her out of her out of her basket, then he saw a note at the bottom, it told him everything, from how Lyssa was a goddess from how his daughter, who he later named Kristy, was a demigod. He didn't believe the whole god and demigod thing, but he did believe that Kristy was his daughter.

Nothing really exciting happened during Kristy's childhood, probably the most interesting thing was that one time she cut her hand after shattering a glass with it. The first monster attacks didn't start until her 13th birthday, when a harpy attacked her house. Craig's friend which was over, could see through the mist and saw the harpy and tried to protect Kristy from them by becoming a shield, but the harpy easily swatted her away, throwing her into a bookshelf, instantly killing her. It looked back at Kristy but she was no longer there so in rage it broke through the window instead of coming in the door. Craig heard this and came downstairs only to see Laura (his friend), on the floor, most likely dead. He instantly blamed Kristy and vowed to never let her in his house again.

Kristy was running through the forest until she fell on top of someone. She quickly apologized. The person she ran into apologized back for being in the way. They both introduced themselves, the man she had bumped into called himself Christopher, obviously it was a weird name in Kristy's eyes, but what happened next was even weirder. Birch's shoe fell off and where his foot should be was a hoof. Confused, Kristy asked him why he had a hoof. He sighed and told her everything, unlike her father, she totally believed it. Christopher told her that he was here to take her to camp, she allowed him to do so and around an hour later the reached camp and have resided there ever since.

Weapons:A Switchblade

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