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Name: Krystal Calex

Gender: Female

Species: Fire Nymph

God Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Alex Calex

Appearance: Reddish, brown hair. Dark blue eyes.


Krystal Calex

Personality: Krystal is a bold kid. She’s willing to do about anything for justice. Krystal is also ADHD and dyslexic. Krystal is quick, smart, brave, loyal, and friendly.

History: Alex was a young, hardworking woman. In her yearly twenties she bought a small workshop in Casper, Wyoming where she met Hephaestus. They spent some timing together but, soon after Hephaestus left without warning. Later that year Alex had Krystal. Krystal grew up in the small warehouse with her mother. When she was five she started school but, soon after learned she was dyslexic. She hated school. Everyone made fun of her even though she was smarter than them. They called her names, gossiped about her, and tortured her but, when they made fun of her mom that was the last straw. If anyone spoke on evil word about her mother she would get into a fight and almost always win. When she wasn’t at school she was back at the warehouse helping her mom. When Krystal turned eight her mom started dating again. She met this man named Jake Haden. At first she liked Jake until he started abusing her. After that she hated his guts but, soon after they got married. Jake didn’t like Krystal so she sent her to a boarding school in Chicago. She stayed there for three months before getting herself kicked out for punching their prized student. Jake then sent her to another boarding school in Virginia but, after six months got kicked out for bad grades. When she returned home at the age of thirteen she founded out that her mother had two year old named Kim. Krystal was worried about little Kim so she tried to stay on Jake’s good side. A year later Alex and Jake got a divorce after Jake had cheated on her. There soon was a big court battle on who would get Kim but, Alex won with the help of Krystal. One day she had gone out to hang with some of her friends when she was cornered by a large hellhound. She soon died but, Hephaestus pitied her and turned her into a Fire Nymph . Soon after a satyr was sent to get her and take her to camp.

Weapons: Metal bow and arrows.

ShadowGoddess 14:30, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

Okay story seems solid except for the fact that if she was 15 when she died (I asked in chat) how come a satyr didn't come and get her when she turned 13 or why wasn't she claimed at that age. "When I was alive, I was a rather cautious man thank you very much."-Ghost the Zombie 14:37, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

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