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Name: Kylie                                                                     


Creator: Apollo

Species: Healing Nymph

Appearance: 5'2, Image

Personality: She is a very calm and serene person. She is not interested in a relationship and resents those who obsess over them. She is a vegetarian and spends time in the forest. She warms up fairly quickly to people she finds to be a good friend. Kylie refuses to fight people, but she is a talented healer to have in battles. She has seen war and death, so she respects the mortiads in particular. She always chooses to negotiation as a tactic.

History: Apollo recently felt like the violence in both the demigod world and the mortal world was too much. It led to unnecessary deaths and suffering to innocent people. He created Kylie in April 2013 to protect those in danger. After a year of healing and seeing horrible sights of war, Apollo decided to give Kylie a break to go to Camp Half Blood. Kylie was to help out there and keep a close eye on his children.

Weapons/Possessions: Kylie refuses to own fighting weapons, but she has a staff that helps her heal people. 

Note: This character is a tribute to a good friend of mine I met in a show where I got my first lead role. She is a good friend of mine that I'm going to miss when she graduates soon. T_T

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama


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ApricotI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie 


ApricotI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie 

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