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Name: Kylie Shay

Age: 15

God parent: Apollo, Eros, Morpheus

Mortal Parent: Jasmin Shay

Appearance: Kylie has shoulder length blonde hair and Dark blue eyes. She's approximately 5'2 and often wears faded jeans or pants in general.

Personality: Kylie's the type of girl who does things silently and doesn't complain. Most days, she prefers to be alone but can be sociable if she wants to be. She's great at hairstyling but doesn't like to show her talents. She's also very good at accuracy games like basketball and shooting. Kylie has a knack of working behind the scenes and helping others in anyway she can. She also loves listening to music and watching movies.

History: Jasmin Shay was a professional beautician who worked for famous singers. She was in a small cafe near her house when Apollo/Eros/Morpheus, who was posing as a hairstylist named Anthony, approached her. Jasmin was entranced by his beauty and agreed to date Apollo/Eros/Morpheus when he asked her. They ended up having an intimate relationship.

One year later, Jasmin gave birth to Kylie. However, Apollo/Eros/Morpheus had to leave right after Kylie was born. Jasmin tried to raise Kylie with the help of her friendly neighbors in a small subdivision in New York.

Kylie grew up to be a quiet girl since she didn't have that many friends in school. Her ADHD and Dyslexia started showing itself when she was in 4th grade, making it harder for her to study and keep her grades up. Jasmin didn't understand why she had ADHD or Dyslexia since Apollo/Eros/Morpheus never told her the truth.

During her 9th grade, she and her mother went to visit some relatives in the next town. Since she wasn't that comfortable around people, Kylie decided to explore the town while listening to her favorite song "Make You Believe". She returned to their temporary residence after the sun had set. Kylie found her mom sitting on the couch, reading a letter, a few tears escaping her eyes.

Jasmin explained to Kylie what was in the letter and said that they were going somewhere. Kylie didn't complain nor ask any questions despite her curiosity. She took her still packed things and was ready to go in mere minutes. As she passed by the living room, she saw the envelope which contained the letter her mother was reading. It said, "To my dearest Jasmin and Kylie; From: Anthony".

Her mother called her and she quickly got in the car, putting the letter in her coat pocket. That night, Kylie and her mom drove all the way from New Jersey to where camp was located. There, at the foot of the hill was where Kylie and her mom parted. Kylie was then led by another demigod to the Hermes cabin were everything was explained to her.

Over the course of the week, Kylie trained with the Hermes cabin and found out that the best weapons for her were a bow and arrows. During campfire, on that week's Friday, she was claimed.

Weapons: Bow and arrows

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