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Kyra Jean
Daughter of Cybele
The Rebel

Name: Kyra "Minhee Chang" Jean

Age: 16

Gender: Female


  • Cybele-Mother
  • Chang Dong-sun-Late Father
  • Kimmy Jean-Adoptive Mother

Weapons: Quarterstaff


Model: Park Sun-Young (Luna)
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Chang Dong-sun was a first-generation Korean-American, a fresh immigrant from South Korea. A young 29 year old, he was hoping to start fresh and begin a family with his wife, Su-bin. When they arrived, Dong-sun got a job as the cashier at a deli. His job was grueling, over twelve hours of work a day with little pay. Sick and tired of living a frugal, poor life, Su-bin packed her things and fled when Dong-sun was away at work. When he returned, there was no note, no remainder that she had ever lived there. She had just left.
Dong-sun fell into despair and searched desperately for her, but he never found her. He lost his job after being absent for too many days, just laying in his bed, thinking about all the things he could have done to make her stay. Many months later, he was taking a small walk in the park when a lovely, bright woman strolled up to him, looking for a chat. At first, Dong-sun brushed her off, unable to comprehend her pace of English words when he had barely learned, but he eventually warmed up to her, and by the time he realized he had been in the park for almost two hours, he was just starting a conversation about a new topic with this woman. She begin teaching him English, ad introduced herself as Lily.
Dong-sun typically fell in love with this woman, who had walked up to him just to talk, because she had noticed his gloomy nature and wanted to cheer him up. But the woman grew to be extremely affectionate of him, and Dong-sun managed to learn fluent English thanks to her lessons. The two fell in love and often spent the lonely nights together. A year later, he took his chance and proposed to her, back in the park where they met. But Lily suddenly turned reluctant, and Dong-sun became discouraged and heartbroken when she refused, saying she couldn't marry him. When he asked why, she didn't answer. He begged her to marry him, not wanting to be alone again. Lily was saddened but put her foot down-she couldn't marry him.
After that, she vanished. Dong-sun spent many lonely months by himself, and after ages of sorrow and loneliness, angrily decided that love only destroyed you and swore never to fall in love again. Never to marry. It only ended up hurting you.
However, just a little less than a year after Dong-sun lost Lily, he opened the door to his rundown motel room, too poor to even afford a real house anymore, and there was a baby girl in a wicker basket decorated with holly leaves. In the basket was a note and a roll of money, almost $500 worth. In the basket was also a ring, too big for the baby's tiny fingers. It was a simple wooden band with something that looked like a piece of bronze set in the middle.
Shocked and surprised, Dong-sun's sorrow was refreshed when he saw the note was from Lily-or so he thought. It was her same scribble, but it turned out,her name wasn't Lily.
It was Cybele.
Cybele desperately tried to explain the situation to him-about Greek mythology, how their daughter would be in danger, but Dong-sun was now furious and dismissed her words as crazy rubbish. However, he grudgingly decided to keep the baby girl and the money. He named the girl Minhee after his mother and promised to give her a good, easy life. But, he didn't wish to have a personal relationship with his daughter-he would never forget Lily, aka Cybele. He couldn't.
Dong-sun, now fluent in English, used the meager amount of money to provide while he looked for a job. He soon found one at a media company, who admired his fluent English and his brains, and hired him. Dong-sun later legally changed his name to Ryan and quickly climbed the ranks of the media company, earning more and more money for the household.
Ryan never told his daughter about her mother-only telling her short, angry stories about how she had abandoned them for her own selfish needs whenever she asked. Minhee soon lost curiousity about her mother.

Minhee grew up living a pampered life as her father soon became CEO of the media company, and had no connection with nature in her childhood, despite her mother-she lived in a penthouse suite in NYC. He was paid handsomely but worked 24/7. He was a workaholic, often opting to send the housemaid to go to Minhee's school events. He paid for everything-Minhee's ballet, violin, piano, and tae-kwon-do lessons, her numerous tutors, and allowed her to do anything she wanted and quit as she pleased. Minhee jumped from several extracurricular activities, from cheer-leading to math squad, in her early years of school, and passed her courses with flying colors. At first, she seemed like a perfect child, and Ryan could comfortably watch from afar and have a detached, cool pride of his perfect daughter.
But Minhee soon became rebellious, sick and tired of always being a goody-two-shoes-and the lack of her only parent's love. Although Kimmy, the housemaid, acted as her parent figure, Kimmy never showed any true love to Minhee, just some affection here and there. Her grades quickly began dropping around fourth grade as she refused to hand in homework on time, always coming in late to classes, becoming a school bully. Anything to get her father's attention. But the result was always the same-it was always Kimmy, the housemaid, coming to parent-teacher meetings and meetings with the principal, and a short, scolding note from her father. Still nothing.
But when Minhee was in seventh grade, on her 13th birthday, she invited her only friend-June. Kimmy was at hand, but was busy preparing Minhee's birthday dinner. While she was distracted, June giggled and told Minhee to meet up in the bathroom-probably to spill a secret. So Minhee followed June into the bathroom and watched as June closed the door-and locked it.
Before Minhee could react, June sprouted fangs and claws, and her blue eyes turned blood-red as she pounced, hoping for an easy demigod kill. But Minhee reacted instantly-she grabbed the bathroom mirror and whacked the empousa right across the face, knocking her aside. The empousa got up, hissing, and Minhee cried out in fear, clutching the wooden ring around her finger. Immediately, the wood lengthened into a long quarterstaff with a Celestial bronze tip. Without thinking, Minhee whacked the empousa on the head, and the monster disintegrated with a howl.
Minhee thought she was going crazy as the staff shrank back down into a little ring on her finger. She rushed into her father's bedroom, looking for his room phone, when she saw a basket tucked into his closet. She almost missed it. On closer investigation, it was her birth basket, and she read the letter incredulously.
She called her father and rambled on, saying she thought she was going nuts and asking about the letter. At the mention of the letter, her father grew angry and was convinced his daughter truly was insane. When he got home that night, he beat her, shouting how she was sputtering nonsense. He also shouted how he was ashamed of her rebellious ways, how she had dishonored the family. When she retaliated with equal venom, Ryan declared her disowned and slammed the door on her. Sobbing, Minhee ran out into the hallway-only to be caught by Kimmy. Kimmy said she would take care of Minhee now, knowing Ryan never wanted a daughter anyway, especially one that was imperfect. After some talking, Kimmy took full responsibility for Minhee, other than the fact that Ryan still paid for her insurance and education.
Kimmy renamed Minhee Kyra Jean, after her grandmother. Kyra thought it suited her much better than Minhee, and thought she would start a new life with Kimmy-happy and finally loved. The next year, while Kyra was walking home from school, a hellhound emerged from the shadows of an alley and pounced at her. In a state of panic, Kyra remembered her wooden band, and instantly it turned back into the quarterstaff, and she whacked the hellhound into golden dust. Kyra as frightened, not sure what was happening to her. She remembered the mention of monsters in the letter, and driven by curiosity, instantly went to research on Greek mythology. She never told Kimmy, for fear that Kimmy would think she was insane, but, although it took a while for Kyra to wrap her head around it, she concluded that somehow, what she once thought was fantasy and myth was real.
Kyra studied up on Greek monsters and asked Kimmy for fighting lessons. When Kimmy asked why, Kyra only shrugged and said she wanted to. So Kimmy just went along with it and signed Kyra up for fencing and martial arts. Through these lessons Kyra figured out how to use her quarterstaff efficiently, trying to prepare herself if she was attacked again. Even though she was only attacked once or twice a year, Kyra never let her guard down. She was always ambushed when she was alone. For three years since the first attack, Kyra managed well, only being attacked by minor monsters like hellhounds and empousae. She never told a soul.
When she was 16 and she and her new friend Leika, a shy girl but three inches taller than Kyra and had a habit of chewing her empty Coke cans, whom she met in school, were having a camp-out on Cumberland Island in Geogria for Kyra's sixteenth birthday, free of Kimmy's supervision (as Leika was a senior and promised everything was under control). However, as they lay on their sleeping bags, watching the stars, a small flock of 3 harpies descended onto the two, scratching with their sharp talons. Kyra screamed as she leaped up, her quarterstaff ready, but the harpies dodged her panicked swings easily with their speed. Leika whipped out what looked like reed pipes and began to play. The grass around them began to grow rapidly, wrapping the harpies' claws. It seemed useless, but without knowing, a vortex of wind and grass blades whipped around Kyra and she released it, sweeping up the harpies. As the harpies were caught in the tornado, Kyra cried out, and surrounding hawks and eagles suddenly stopped mid-flight and swooped at the harpies, and Kyra's powers made quick work of the beasts. Kyra was shocked, as she had never figured out how to use her powers before. Leika revealed herself to be a satyr, and after Kyra explained how she was attacked every year, decided to take Kyra to Camp. Leika promised to explain everything to Kimmy and her father, and brought Kyra to Long Island, where Kyra could finally be safe.


Kyra is independent, used to fending for herself and never knowing any love or affection growing up. She grew up without a parent's love or any true friends, so she is unfamiliar with the concept of opening up to people and trust. She's always been self-reliant and looking out for herself, never having any concern for other people, so she thinks only for and about herself and can somewhat be classified as conceited or self-absorbed. She's always lived a pampered life and although she is a rebel at heart, she's still a little spoiled. She's reckless and happily throws herself into any situation, no matter how dangerous, without thinking up a plan or tactic, thus she takes unnecessary risks. She always goes against the rules and loves it when she ticks off or frustrates people, since she knows she's got your attention. She loves being in the spotlight and will stamp out anyone who rivals her in sharing the attention.


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