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Name:Lallaine Daniels, demigod                          Age: 15


God Parent:Athena/Iris/Nike

Mortal Parent:Stephen Daniels

Appearance:Wavy dark brown hair, amber green eyes, elegant face, tall and slim and , loves wearing vests/jackets and denim pants

Personality:Intelligent and clever, kind but ferocious when angry, helpful, loyal, will save anyone good, especiall friends, even if it means dooming herself, loves music, certainly loves victory in games or contests

History:Lallaine's parents met in a particular museum, where her dad, who was a professor in a certain school, was searching for facts on history. Stephen accidentally saw Lallaine's to-be-mom when she was looking at an antique showcase chariot. He absolutely fell in love and introduced himself to her. She saw that he seemed friendly and kind, causing them to be friends. After weeks and months, they grew closer to each other and trust each other.

One day, Stephen noticed that she didn't showed up for maybe about three days and got worried. Going out of his house to find her, he saw a child wrapped in cloth on his doorstep with a note attached to it. Reading the note nad learning it was his child and that the woman she loved never left anything that would give him clue where she is. No choice, he took care of the child as his own daughter, naming her Lallaine.

Lallaine lived a normal life with her dad, who was always by her side. She always does good in school and was loved by everyone. Her dad never told anything about her mom, so she never asked, even though she was curious. One time, she heard her dad crying in his room. She peeped in, and saw her dad with a picture in his hand, then put it back in a drawer. Very curious, she went in and found the image after her father left that day for work. In the picture was her dad and a pretty woman just as young as her dad was in the image. She guessed that the woman was her mom.

But then, her father married another woman who disliked her. Lallaine started to live in envy to her stepsister and stepbrother, who was always cared and thought about their mom, even her dad. But she kept in mind the picture where her dad was with another girl, and was determined to find her. At school, strange things started to happen. One time, a flock of black birds(which wre called the Stymphalian Birds) started to circle near the backyard of the school, but no one seemed to notice. She neared it, curious, but the birds started to attack her. Taking from her bag a sword(owned by her dad which was hung in his office at home and was never used, so she borrowed it-weel, never asked her dad actually-for showing off in school) and slashed one bird when it threw arrow like feathers at her and was surprised when it burst into gold dust. She passed dozens of them until a schoolmate who was crippled told her to run, and she did. Which was strange to her beaceuse the crippled guy can run.

Riding a cab, the guy led her to a camp hidden in the forest, and told her about it - Camp Half-Blood, and learned teh guy was a satyr. She understood, but had certain doubts about gods and godesses. But meeting demigods who had powers, she believed it and the demigod world became a part of her own world.

Weapons:celestial bronze sword(given to Lallaine's dad by her mom), a dagger, or sometimes a bow and arrow Summer June (talk) 11:53, March 12, 2015 (UTC)


Hey ill be your claim checker today and there are a few things id like you to fix before this claim can be accepted. 

1)when was her first monster attack was it at the age of 15? because if so that is to late for a first monster attacks. For children born to gods that aren't the big three (Aka Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) The first monster attack should be between the ages 10-13 and with the right explanation 14 can be accepted.

Music notes clipart.gif"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words" ~MusicianMusic notes clipart.gif

Summer June: Sorry, haven't placed any age. Actually, she's 14 when she was attacked. It tookk a liitle too long for the first monster attack because of her stepmom(and stepsiblings), who were really mundane. So she seems protected, for a while. But she kept staying away from them, so some Stymphalian bords aroused in her school and somehow sensed her.

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