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Lana Easton if the 13-year-old daughter of Aglaea.  She has black hair and brown eyes.  Her skin is tan, and she has a slim figure with a model like gait.  

Lana can sometimes be a diva, queen, but her bright and extrovert personality makes up for the negative opinions some may have against her. She is bright, cheerful, although can also be the exact opposite. She easily makes friends, which means she has a lot of friends yet most of them are not as close as some. Lana keeps a tight circle of close friends with her, and she trusts them with literally everything. When she believes she can trust someone, she will have their back and fight for them forever, but after someone betrays her trust, they are strictly enemies. Lana tries to be friendly to most, but the ones who get on her bad side will never be allies with her again. She has prejudices and sometimes unpopular opinions, however, she is the life of the party. There is never a dull moment with Lana around.

Lana was born in 2001, her mother being a goddess and her father being an actor(and also a demigod, son of Ares). They met at a previous met gala, although no one knew who the mysterious woman was. Among the costumes and elegance of the evening, no one bothered to think twice about her, as she looked the part. Her makeup, hair, and dress were crafted to her body, in a true glamour of beauty. Mr. Easton, being a demigod himself saw a sort of farmiliar ambiance in the mysterious woman.  He explored her and eventually approached her, then realized she was the goddes, Aglaea, through their brief interchange.  They hooked up that night after the gala, months later, Lana was delivered to the Easton Residence, with a choker and a set of earrings, all were bronze.

Lana grew up in a first class home because of her father, Jake Easton's, action hero A-list movie star status. Lana doesn't have a great relationship with her father, as he is always working, and doesn't have time for her. 

The first time she was attacked by a monster was while she was still living with her dad, at his home in Miami a few months before she turned thirteen.  While alone, Lana was bathing in the pool in her backyard. She was laying on an inflatable tube and tanning in the sun when shriek like chirping sounded from all around her. She got out of the pool, wearing a bikini. Suddenly there was complete silence. Lana looked around, it was eerie. Lana started heading inside, as a bird about the size of the pigeon swooped down at her. Lana shrieked and ran inside her house. More birds swooped out of trees, and all around the backyard, chasing Lana and trying to get into the house. Lana had closed and locked the doors. She was panicking. She headed down a hall towards her room, when a window in a skylight shattered, as glass shards fell, breaking into a thousand pieces, the birds began diving inside through the opening. Lana shrieked and ran to barricade herself in her room, along the way she grabbed a bronze mace-like contraption from along her father's display wall, which had a collection of weapons from his previous films and projects.  The mace had actually been her father's choice weapon before he left the mythological world behind.  While occasionally he had to fight a monster, he abandoned the regular behavior and expectations of a demigod.  He specifically referred to his collection as his 'spoils of war', and had collected them miseleniously over the years, some he bought online, others were given by friends.  The mace, in particular, had been granted to him by the Greek Prime-minister after he had 'wrapped' a film set in Greece about the Trojan War. The collection consisted of rare mysterious weaponry, from all different time periods.  Some were greek, others Egyptian, among the entire collection was swords, maces, guns, ect.   The Stymphalian Birds flew at her. Using the mace, she began swirling it around herself, trying to hit the birds away from her body. She was nicked and pricked a few different times, yet for the most part, the mace was working. Some birds were impaled, others were smashed, but there were so many of them that it seemed like she wasn't doing anything to stop them. She started growing weak and limp. She retreated back to her room, and slammed the door closed after her, she locked the door and waited. Once again there was an eerie quietness. Finally, after waiting what seemed like hours, Lana unlocked the door and peeked into the hall. No birds remained, while the damage they had caused still lay throughout the house.

After the incident with the Stymphalian Birds, Lana began in-depth researching about what they possibly could have been. She discovered that they were greek monsters. She was reluctant to tell her father the whole story, because 1) she wasn't sure if he would care, 2) she didn't think he would even believe her. 

That night after the incident with the Stymphalian Birds, Lara was alert, the same eerie noise from the attack had begun again.  Lara was waiting in her room when a flash of light in a oval-like shape appeared.  Staring through the oval image was a woman of impeccable beauty, she reached her hand out in front of her, almost becoming Lana to come closer.  Lana silently shifted closer, but still appalled and slightly terrified, this was the second 'supernatural' occurrence of the day.  The woman spoke, "It isn't safe for you anymore, find your refuge, there are many there who are like you.  You will find it in New York, Long Island Sound, Camp Half-Blood, they will accept you and meet you there.  I will find you, and you will know me, we have been apart and separate for too long."  The image vanished, and Lara stood there in shock. Everything was back to normal, again like nothing had ever happened.  Lara, got her father to buy a plane ticket for her, to New York from there, she found Camp Half-Blood.  


Okay... huh, alright then...

  • While the format you got going here is uh... interesting, I'd appreciate it if you put it in the normal format, so I can figure out where like... everything is
  • Once reaching camp, demigods get claimed automatically, so... Lana would've claimed a long time ago
  • What age was she at the first monster attack?
  • Why did Lana's father have a random Celestial Bronze mace is in his house?
  • Camp Half-Blood has... a website? Um, where did you get this information? If it's from a claiming admin or just an admin in general, then I don't have an issue with it but if it's random... I'm pretty sure a secret camp for demigods would not be on the internet, whether or not it was "hidden"

I think this is all the major issues to be honest.

Pusheen I don't spill tea or throw shade, I just state facts. ~Jinae

Hey there, thanks for checking my claim.

  1. Just wondering, what format you're talking about, my past claim's page looked exactly like this, so not sure what you want to me do.  Just let me know what kind of format you're talking about.
  2. The mace is in the house because her father is like an action hero acter person or whatever, it was part of his collection from past projects, i clarify that in the paragraph.
  3. The whole website thing was a long shot.  The whole thing was like she didn't find the website, like almost a divine intervention thing, the computer screen like shut down then a notice about the camp happened.  I needed to come up with a way to get her to the camp without the father because he isn't supposed to be that involved in her life, and he doesn't even know that she is a demi-god.  So it like isn't necessarily a website like in public circulation, but it was a one-time divine intervention type thing.

-London (talk) 01:58, January 18, 2018 (UTC)

  • See, I wasn't the one who looked at your first claim, so I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. The format I'm talking about is this (under Info Needed for Claim) by the way. It shows up on the claiming page. It shows up on all the claiming pages.
  • No, no, let me rephrase that. Why is there a Celestial Bronze mace in a mortal's house? That makes legitimately no sense. You wouldn't just randomly receive a Celestial Bronze mace from past movie projects. Even in movies, they use props and it's unlikely for them to have weapons in the first place. Therefore having a mace by itself, especially a Celestial Bronze mace that's limited to mythical creatures, gods, and demigods alike, without having being given to him... is just something I can't really believe without a good explanation. Did a demigod who was working on set or something give it to him? That's something I believe. However, randomly collecting a mythical item from a movie set... doesn't really work. Sorry for typing a whole paragraph here. Got a little overboard.
  • Honestly, I appreciate the creativity, but I feel like a simple Iris message or a dream would've worked just fine.
  • Also... rereading this... It doesn't really look like you changed everything. My points about being claimed immediately haven't seemed to be acknowledged nor the question about what age she was attacked at. Please fix those :3

Hey there, again.

Ok, first off it seems like your a little aggressive, just so you know, that is how it is coming across on this side.  I'm sure you're not, but just so you know. I'm probably totally misunderstanding, but it truly seems that way, just fyi :D

  1. So again about the format, nowhere is there a direct format, there are just point about what information MUST be included, never does it say anywhere that there is a specific format, and i understand that you didn't process my other claim, but all i'm saying is that 'finding a format that doesn't exist and then rewriting the whole page to fit that style so you can read it better' is kinda is a large request and there is no 'set-format' to even conform too. Everything is included that the guidelines say to include.
  2. Mr. Easton's collection is not just stuff from movie sets, he is a renowned action actor, and stunt person, so he has accumulated stuff over the years, the mace being one of them.  Neither of them (Lana or her father) actually figure out that the mace is celestial all.  Lana just grabs something to defend her. I can elaborate about the collection here, i guess if that is what your asking. 
  3. the claiming immediately thing i totally forgot about, so, sorry. same with the age of attack.

Ok thanks for your help, ill make those corrections and leave a message on your wall when they are done.

-London (talk) 03:56, January 18, 2018 (UTC)

Pusheen I don't spill tea or throw shade, I just state facts. ~Jinae

Why, hello there! I'm another claimer here, and despite what's happening above ^^^ I'll still give you some points to work on (though they're not all that complicated, don't worry!) and then you can be claimed as soon as possible :)

  • What the first claimer was probably trying to tell you about the format is that maybe you should, like, put the happenings in chronological order, so that it'd be easy to follow. So, first, how the parents met, her childhood, her first monster attack, how she got to Camp, and so on. Y'know, the usual.
    • Also regarding the order, it's better if you put the appearance and personality before the history. (I'm sorry I don't know how your first claim was, I wasn't the one who checked it \\.//)
  • Okiiii, now her age. Based on what I understand in the history, she came to Camp at 13, right? And now she's 16 (and she's been in and out of Camp during those times, yes?) If I got that right, then I'd like you to change it. The day (or week) she arrived in Camp is also the day (or week) she was claimed (claimed, like, here, by me or some other claimer).
    • She can only stay in Camp for two weeks max prior to being claimed. (so being in and out of Camp for 3 years is not allowed)
  • Next, the monsters. How come after the Stymphalian bird attack everything was reverted back to normal? I mean, they do cause damage that even mortals could see. 
  • Does her father have the Sight (which could explain why he could touch CB stuff)? The how-did-it-get-there story and questions about the mace could be really long if we were to tackle that considering its story above (cuz it's also important). I might nitpick you more on this. Just an if, don't worry :)
  • Lastly, that's Becky G, right? I'm not sure if she's allowed to be a model, since she's famous and all, but I'll check.

And that is all for now (because those are the only things I've seen), and looking forward to rping with you, too!

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'Tis me again!

  • I think you haven't answered my third point about the attack of the Stymphalian birds.
  • The model's fine; no prob with her.
  • And it also seems you haven't responded to the next point either, about her dad.

That's just it, seriously. See ya! :D

Mochi peque by 0 dolunay 0-d9lkv1x (2) B L I M E Y.Mochi peque by 0 dolunay 0-d9lkv1x

Hey there, sorry, I didn't have time to finish those other points, I was going to message you when it was done, sorry abou that.  I'll fix it now.

Thanks for checking on the model, I assumed she would work becasue she is a lowerclass celeb and also she wasn't uncluded on the restricted model page. thanks -London (talk) 22:00, January 19, 2018 (UTC)

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