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Name: Lance Astaire

Gender: Male

God Parent: Eros (extremely preferred), Morpheus, Dionysus

Mortal Parent: Tanya Astaire



He's 17 years old with features of an average Caucasian guy. He's 6'1 tall. He also has a remarkable birthmark on his right temple and almost everyone has said that his eyes are to-die-for.


Lance is a very cool guy and is really charming and charismatic but sometimes, he gets a little too overboard and comes off as vain, and arrogant but it still attracts him some girls. He likes showing off and sometimes a little stuck up but that's how he is. He is also fights with the pride (from self-defense training as a young boy).


Tanya Astaire is very well known in the city for winning Miss Universe two years before she settled to creating her own restaurant business. Tanya has had tons of admirers in her life but only fell in love once but it only lasted for one night, and it was with a man (but in this case, a god) who introduced himself as Bryan McAdams. Bryan and Tanya met in the kissing booth being with the wrong person but felt right. As the nightsky appeared, the more they had themselves right where they wanted each other and they eventually did it in that same night. They made Lance Astaire without Tanya knowing that the man she did it with was a god nor did that the child that she will bear would be a demigod. Months later, Tanya gave birth to a boy and named him Lance and used her last name. She was bitter and depressed, thinking that she has been a stupid woman for getting laid and having this child. She made herself busy with her restaurant just so she could stop thinking about it. And as much as Tanya was busy with their restaurant, she was never really able to take good care of her son or bothered to care about the boy. At an early age, Lance has tried to do everything just to be the perfect son to his mother. He taught himself self-defense and how to play musical instruments. He was even good at school. But after so much trying ever since he was young, he decided to stop when he was thirteen.

In school, he was never also at peace having girls invade his privacy, following around and asking him harassing questions but he could hook them up on a frequent basis. He only had one true friend and it was Jenna Chord, who luckily didn't like him harassingly before and after they met. Jenna Chord was beautiful and a natural singer. Lance likes her but he hides it since he thought she would be scared.

Eros event: In a Christmas Concert held by the school where Lance and Jenna performed, they performed on stage and suddenly, he saw two arrows falling from the sky hitting two different students yet not bleeding and a few moments later, he saw them kissing each other.

Morpheus event: In a day when he accidentally had a papercut, he had to go to the clinic. Looking at the students sitting on the beds, he saw a speech balloon that contained a livestream of which possibly could be their dreams.

Dionysus event: In the cafeteria at lunch, there were two girls pulling each other's and having a fight. Looking at them, he whispered in his mind for them to at least shut up and by that second, they did.

The second time something strange happened was when it was Lance's sixteenth birthday with the whole school around since Tanya has noticed her son's behavior in the past year and thought a large party to spoil him with and thinking it would make her win him back. The birthday party was celebrated it in a club called Late Night. Lance finally had the courage to admit his feelings to Jenna in the basement and she was flirting back. As they made out in the basement, after a few moments, Jenna pulled back and even slapped Lance. "Oh my. I'm so sorry, Lance, I didn't mean to. I do like you but I had no intention to kiss you just yet. I know, it's not your fault that (you're the son of Eros which made you bit more seductive than anybody) or (you're the son of Morpheus which made you have me dreaming of you) or (you're the son of Dionysus which possibly made it easier for you to let me get drunk)" Jenna was sweating so badly.

Lance was surprised. "My father is _____?" Jenna nodded and didn't say a single word realizing that she has said it and she had to explain everything what he was to him. Explaining was hard for her to do since Lance was very annoying at some point since he kept on asking questions and so she had to say what she really was too, she was as a matter of fact, a nymph. Knowing that Jenna was a nymph and that he was a demigod and it was also a fact stated by Jenna that they weren't sure if they'd take him, it was hard for him to fit it all in his mind.

"You see, Lance, you were born without your mother's knowledge of your father being a god and with you being a demigod. Nobody wanted to simply take you away from your mother but I thought you would want to leave since I have been observing outside demigods and that's a different story, and so I did become your guardian," Jenna clarified but Lance still didn't have it composed in his mind.

"I guess, bringing you to Camp Half-Blood would help you understand?" Jenna asked him. It was something she explained as well.

Knowing that he had to run away, he left with Jenna.

Weapons: Lance (upon Jenna's suggestion)

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Why didn't a satyr find him, why was Jenna there? RubyRose (I'll tell you no lies) 14:33, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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