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Name: Lane Marvin

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hermes, Apollo, Hephaestus.

Mortal Parent:Aria Marvin

Appearance: 5'8" Blonde-ish, brown-ish hair, blue eyes, scar on chest from gunshot wound, strong, but thin build

Personality: Lane is a very bright and happy person. Since he grew up with a mother from the south, Lane tries to be as appreciative of others as possible. He tries to be funny, but can be a very serious person if the situation demands it. He also falls into love quite easily.

History: Aria was walking along the cold stones of a quiet Bourbon St., in New Orleans, when she was mugged. Her assailant held a gun to the back of her temple and said if she moved, he had no conflicts with ending her. After handing over the meager purse and her phone, the mugger wrapped his arms around her( but kept the gun nuzzled in her chest) and whispered in her ear, with a soft tone,"Maybe I should take you home and have some fun with you." His breath smelt like alcohol, she realized. This man has no intention of leaving me alone, she thought, I'm going to die tonight.

Right as she decided to turn and kick the guy where it'd hurt, a shadow appeared out of no where, and kicked the gun from the man's hand. Without even a word, he floored the attacker, and helped Aria to her feet. Her  savior introduced himself as Jacobi, and the two eventually formed a relationship. This relationship, however, ended pretty much right after Aria fell pregnant with Jacobi's child. Jacobi didn't leave out of the blue, though. After he heard that Aria was pregnant, he left her a note saying he was Hermes/Hephaestus/Apollo, and that she should send his child to a camp in New York, lest he be killed by monsters. Aria thought Jacobi was just messing around, and never really bought into the idea of herself being involved with a god.

Lane was smothered by love from a young age. Although, he had no father, but he didn't care, mum was all he needed. He chose to hang with the wrong crowd, who were several years older than Lane.. When he was 14 years old, his "Friends", Alan and Ash, tried to convince him to mug a couple of elderly tourists so they could buy new skateboards. When Lane refused to do such a horrible act, Alan and Ash beat him half to death. Then Alan aimed to shoot him in the chest, but Lane moved at the last second to take the bullet in the shoulder, which Alan and Ash hadn't noticed.

As he lay there, bleeding out, he heard shouts. After a few moments a young kid with goat legs and an older looking girl with a gleaming bow were kneeling over him, holding out a square of something that looked like food. Feeling like it was going to be his last meal, Lane took and bite of the square, and was overwhelmed with the taste of his mother's fresh catfish gumbo. His pain subsided, and felt well enough to stand after only a few bites of this miracle food.

The young lady, who later introduced herself as Cynthia, and the satyr decided to help Lane get back on his feet, but quickly left after he made it to the hospitol. In the hospitol, while being tended to by the staff, a woman wearing a thick trenchcoat slunked in to Lane's chambers. The woman had a small snake slithering around on her left arm. Slowly, she approached Lane, and when she was at his bedside, she leaned in and whispered in his ear, "I am Lamia, child. I am here to eat you."

Terrified, Lane screams. He screams as loudly as he possibly could before Lamia covered his mouth. Luckily, Cynthia and the Satyr rushed in and confronted the demon. After a brutal fight, Cynthia and the Satyr defeated Lamia, causing her to be blown into a pile of golden dust. Hoping to save Lane from further harm, Cynthia took the satyr and Lane and sent them with a bronzen dagger to start a voyage to a place he called Camp Half-blood.

The journey itself was horrifying for Lane. It took them a week travelling on foot to reach camp, and every few days, they would get attacked by a monster. Thrice he had to hide in a hole, whilst the satyr used the bronze dagger to kill a giant lady with snakes for legs (Scythian Drakne). Some monsters he still doesn't know the names of.

Eventually though, they made it to Camp on the day Lane turned 15. With all the fighting and screaming, Lane passed out immediately after crossing the border, but awoke wile they were carrying him to the Infirmary. Although Lane is surrounded by new things and people, he feels like he's going to like it here.

Weapons: None as of yet.

Two years just to reach Camp on foot even if you're on the same country is way too out of place. Other than that, its good.

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I think he would bleed out if he was shot in the chest even if he didn't he would be in no condition to walk to campJoker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 23:32, May 7, 2013 (UTC)

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