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Name: Lausanne (aka Anne)

Species: Sea Nymph

Creator: Amphitrite

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal

Personality: Because of her curse, she'll tend to try not to speak as much but even if she tries really hard, she'll repeat the last few words a person said anyways. Lausanne is very shy because of this and she'd rather not be around anybody and likes being by herself.


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Lausanne was created by Amphitrite to help her son Triton. Lausanne soon became Triton's helper. (She kind of became Triton's hand maiden and helped with small tasks like sending messages, cleaning up his palace etc...) During the time as Triton's helper, Lausanne soon fell in love with Triton and (later on) Triton fell in love with Lausanne. Since she was dating a god, she thought she was the fairest nymph of them all and bragged how she was the best nymph in the ocean. Hearing this, Aphrodite was outraged at Lausanne's bragging and placed a curse on her. The curse was the very same curse that was put on Echo, the mountain nymph. Lausanne now could only repeat the last few words what others said and thus Triton got very annoyed by this. Triton then asked Aphrodite if she can remove the curse but Aprhodite refused to since Lausanne basically insulted her. Triton then thought of alternating the curse to make her mute, but thought that's even worse than repeating what one has said already, so he ended up doing nothing about the curse even though he really wanted to do something about it. After a couple weeks when the curse took effect, Triton got annoyed once again and he decided it was best for Lausanne to go to camp half-blood so she can take sometime off and enjoy her life there instead of as a servant. Lausanne wanted to refuse but because of the curse, she just repeated the last few words Triton said to her which was: "Go to camp half-blood." She was then sent to camp half-blood where she lives now.


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Why didn't Triton simply remove the curse from her or even try to communicate? Why would Aphrodite want to destroy Lausanne's life, knowing she is Triton's lover. Her move might cause Triton to be enraged at Aphrodite.Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

okay so i fixed them all. is it better now?

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Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

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